April 28th, 2013


Time between wedding ceremony and cocktail hour


I'm a little confused about etiquette in regards to the time in between the wedding ceremony ending to when the cocktail hour starts.

If the ceremony starts at 4 and ends by 4:30, people seeing us off by 4:45, would it be unreasonable to have the cocktail hour start at 6? It's probably 15 minutes (with traffic) to the cocktail hour from the church.

Or should I start the ceremony a little later?


For those of you that have taken or are planning a honeymoon, where did/will you go?   Why did you choose that location?

For everyone else, what/where is your dream vacation spot and why?

My fiance and I are planning to go on our honeymoon the second week in February of next year.  We most likely want to leave the country and go somewhere with a good mixture of stuff to do (e.g., sites to see, mixture of restaurants & bars, fun activities, etc.) but that also has a relaxing vibe.  Major bonus points if there are affordable flights from San Francisco, and if the place is affordable overall. Note: we are not the "clubbing" types and we don't do well with extreme heat.  If this were you, where would you choose to go?

Our actual wedding will be in October and we'd like to take a mini/local honeymoon for a few days immediately after the wedding.  We'd like to stay within 3-4 hours of San Francisco; any recommendations for relaxing & romantic spots?
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Inspired by this post.

Contact and eye glass wearers of TQC: What do you do when you go swimming? Go in with blurry vision, swim with contacts anyway, wear goggles, something else? How bad is your vision?

Bikini wearers who shave/wax/something their legs: Do you shave/wax/etc your stomach too?

I just bought my first bikini ever, guys!
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Oldest and most loved

Brought by a spring cleaning - I am packing away winter things and bringing out summer ones, and keep finding old but good ones that I am not ready to throw out.

But that brought me to a question: what are your oldest things that you still use? Anything from clothes and shoes to cookware and furniture or family treasures. Are there any stories behind them?

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Whoever asked the question about the commercial with the Newfoundland, it was for Bank of America.
What's the last thing that you remembered/discovered the answer too after the fact or too little too late?

Dk/dc/na what would you do if you had a few days off with no other plans and $100 to spend?
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I'm eligible for an upgrade on my phone in a few weeks. I currently have a Droid, but I would like to go back to having an iPhone. How much better is the iPhone 5 vs the 4s? Is it worth the $100 difference in price? Any different recommendations?
What phone do you have? How do you like it?
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I've got my birthday coupon for $30 for Benihana. Problem is, none of my friends want to go since it's overpriced, mediocre food (which I totally understand). Would you go by yourself?

Where is my cat?

Where is my cat, TQC? I acquired her Friday from a friend who had to find her a new home. She has spent the entirety of the last two days under one of two couches. She is now nowhere to be found. I have looked in all cat-appropriate hiding spots (under all furniture, in boxes and closets, etc.) and also many cat-inappropriate hiding spots (the oven, my childrens' closed dresser drawers, etc.) and have found no trace. I am growing concerned because she hasn't eaten much since she's been here and I want to know where she is. :-(

TQC, where could she be? Serious and non-srs answers accepted.

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If you suddenly found yourself with $50,000, what would you do with the money?

What if it was $500,000?

Do you get annoyed if someone you're not actually close to comments on every single one of your Facebook posts? Cos I do and then I feel bad about it.

Department of Crazy Exes Dept.

She got her phone wet, and the mic doesn't work, so she uses a bluetooth headset for all her calls, which is fine, until she puts the headset in her pocket and then it keeps pocket dialing our landline, because (she says) when it pocket dials it redials the last number it connected to, and our son calls her frequently, and she him. (He lives with me.)

It is good that she is available to talk to him on the phone, and I am fine with him calling her whenever he wants to. I am NOT fine with our phone ringing ten calls in a row, after midnight, and nothing to hear on the other end except distant voices mumbling to each other.

Yeah, I can turn the ringers off on our phone (actually, I would disconnect the Ooma output to the phones) but then I wouldn't know when legitimate calls were coming in. And I would constantly forget to plug it back in in the morning.

I don't want to block her because she has shared legal custody and a complete right to phone him up, and he would be unhappy if she couldn't. Also, our home is in a cell-phone dead zone, so we can't use our cells at home to get/make calls. He does have a cell of his own, as do I.

What would you do?


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Anyone want to predict when my baby will be born?

She's due in ten days... May 8th. My first daughter came two days before her due date at 6:30 in the morning or so. I'm feeling pretty good, no obvious signs that I'm going into labor soon, in fact I'm kinda hoping to stay pregnant at least another week so I can go to my friend's wedding on the 4th but she's understanding that the odds aren't perfect :)

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For those of you who got school lunch regularly, what was your favorite thing to eat from the cafeteria? What grossed you out?

In college I was hooked on the quesadillas with queso and chicken strips. In high school they made these calzones that were basically just cheese, pepperoni, and grease inside a pastry thing- when you tore them open grease just POURED out. It was so vile I couldn't even look at them but everyone else seemed to love them.
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I paid off a credit card today, and I will be phoning to cancel the card tomorrow/whenever the payment's processed.  However, I accidentally paid too much, and MasterCard will actually owe me $300.  As I want to cancel the card, and not carry a credit on it, what is the best thing to ask for - a refund back to the account I paid it from, or a cheque when they close the account?  Anyone have any experience with this situation?  I'm expecting that they're going to try very hard to talk me out of cancelling the card, and I don't want to wind up having to keep it because they won't refund my overpayment.
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When was the last time you committed some act of self-sabotage?

I'm late most days to work because I hate it and its obvious and I can't even pretend anymore but I feel stuck and unsure of what else to do. FYI, I'm an accountant and a former type A personality/high achiever.

ETA: The economy is tough and I feel as though I should be grateful for what I have. And I am. But it's increasingly not enough. Am I being unreasonable/over-privileged?
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tech help

sorry for posting so much

i'm trying to burn a cd for a school project, and it's just not working for me. it's so frustrating! i've burned through itunes plenty of times, but this time, it's just not working. the one time i actually NEED it of course :(

i pop the blank disc in, and then i select the play list i'm trying to burn. i click the 'burn playlist to disc' option from the scroll down. then my computer has an aneurysm, violently ejects the disc, and itunes tells me that "this disc is not blank."

will somebody help me before i throw my computer at a wall? i neeeeed to burn this disc, the project is due tomorrow

dk/dc: what is the last thing that made you angry?