April 27th, 2013


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For those of us attracted to men: do you prefer men with or without facial hair?

I absolutely love facial hair.  I require it.  I pout if my boyfriend trims his beard down too close and it doesn't look full enough.  If a man I never found particularly attractive before grows a beard, I will find him far more attractive.  If a bearded man loses his beard, I find him significantly less attractive.

I haven't met too many other people in my life that have such a strong preference for facial hair, so I'm curious as to what you all have to say.  Lay it on me!


When writing the date (month, day, year) or (day, month, year) as numbers- what do you use to separate the numbers? I use / , but this morning at the bank the woman helping me used -. Which got me thinking about a potential question for here.

I do it this way: 4/27/13.

How about you?
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New kitty 'welcome to the family' are package?

My husband's cousin just adopted a new older kitten, very shortly after the death of her elderly cat whom I know she is still mourning. I'd like to send them a present, to show her I'm thinking of her and her loss, but to also welcome the new kitten, which she's very excited about, to the family (I don't want to upset her... just going to have a separate card regarding her old cat addressed to her and have the fun stuff, and a car, addressed to the new cat).

Anyway... any ideas? So far I have hand-knit mice and catnip, perhaps a kitty sweater or hand-knit cuddle tube, on my list, and I'll probably pock up a few of my cats' favorite store-bought toys. I'm sure she's already bought a lot for this cat, so 'm trying to keep it somewhat interesting and unique.


Because my internet connection sucks:

What is your current opinion of George W Bush??

What is you current opinion of George

He did his best
mediocre Pres
Good on some things not so bad on others
not my Pres so I don't care
Decent guy
I'd vote for him again
ticky Haj....rllly

Yummy AND good for you?

I noticed Whole-Grain Beefaroni at the supermarket today. Evidently it's been around for a while, but I never noticed it. I was trying to wrap my mind around this concept: it's...Beefaroni, which is not exactly a health food. And it's whole grain? Who is this meant to appeal to, I wondered.

Are you interested in trying this Beefaroni? If you already have, would you share your review with TQC?
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barista by day

how long are job interviews, usually?

i've only ever been on one, at starbucks. i would say it was an hour at the most, probably not even that. now i'm interviewing to work at the starbucks in target. i got an email about it, and they said that the interview will take around 2 hours. isn't that long for somewhere like that?

have you ever interviewed at target, or at least somewhere similar? why is it a 2 hour long process? any guesses?

dk/dc: i'm kind of nervous about the interview! do you have any funny interview stories that might make me feel better?

what is something childish/juvenile that you still do?
i play neopets

making beds

When i wake up in the morning i let the covers fall where they may and call it a day. My friend always makes her bed and says it is for shame that i do not. I live in a dorm room with my roommate. Who is right? do you make your bed every day? and what is the benefit?
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When you moved out on your own, what did you do with all your momentos from childhood? Answers from self-professed pack rats would be particularly helpful :)

Not necessarily childhood toys, but more like the papers and awards and programs from events (you accumulate a lot of those when you're super involved in school). I'd feel odd getting rid of them, but at the same time, I don't want boxes upon boxes taking up space in my home.