April 25th, 2013

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Have you ever just dropped everything and up and moved to somewhere completely different?

I've been really depressed the last few years and it isn't getting any better. Ever since I went to visit my grandma in Port Saint Lucie, Florida last month, I've been considering quitting my job here in Illinois and moving down there where she is. I'd be able to stay with her until I got a job and a place of my own...

The only thing holding me back right now is the situation with my kids and getting their dad to sign off on them going with me..

idk...any remedies for the seriously depressed?
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10.10 On Saturday...

How good are you at remembering things that you're going to do or appointments?

I've been known to go to another room, or just across one room and then completely forget wha I'm going to do.

I booked an appointment a week ago for this weekend and I swear I'm going to forget it on the day.

Anyone else have similar problems? What's the worst thing you've forgotten?

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Inspired by a question below:

I don't want to have dancing at my wedding reception (not that I am planning on getting married anytime soon). What are some other fun things I can have at the reception for my guests?

ETA: what are some other activities I can provide for those who do not wish to dance?
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What shows are you watching these days? Any recommendations? (I'll try anything at least once as long as it's good.)

Related to this: What's good on Netflix streaming? I'm getting bored with the selection I'm seeing and either I don't know where to look or I don't know what to look for. I wanted to stream Veronica Mars but they've apparently rotated that out to the DVDs-only pile, which sucks because I'm just not that patient.

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what's a job you think everyone should try at least once?

what kind of work would you recommend I look into?
given no background whatsoever, so they don't have to be serious recommendations.

how does your family treat you?

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Will you tell me if I'm being unreasonable?

My husband's job pays a significant amount less than the industry standard and the company isn't doing well. They just cut almost everyone's hours and took away all PTO. He also didn't receive a raise this year, obviously. Because of this, I've asked him to start looking for a new job.

He doesn't want to because his work environment is very nice, he likes his coworkers, and he doesn't want to learn a new job. I understand this but we are barely making ends meet and will have to cancel our vacation (already bought $4000 plane tickets) if he has to take the time off unpaid, plus I'm worried that he'll be laid off if the company does worse.

Am I unreasonable for asking him to leave the job he likes? I'm so frustrated with him and worried sick about finances. I had to harangue him for months to get a job in the first place and I can't handle doing that again.

ETA: Oh, and for the record, I'm looking for a better-paying job as well. I signed up with five staffing agencies and apply for at least three jobs a day, so it's not as if I'm asking him to do something I'm not also willing to do.
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Would you rather...?

Would you rather...?

Lick clean (tongue bath all over) Johnny Depp after 5 days of not bathing in the summer
Have an orgy with the Situation, Snooki and Pauly D (Jersey Shore) in a sleazy Motel 8. They've been here 3 days and the sheets haven't been changed once. You'll end up having sex with all of them

Would you rather...?

Drink a 4 ounce glass of wasabi
Take a 10 minute bath (naked) in a tub of heated armpit and ball sweat from NBA players

Would you rather wear a ...?

Three cornered hat everywhere you go (for a month)
Mink stole (with the mink's head still attached at the end) everywhere you go (for a month)

Would you rather use as a pillow each night...?

A live possum
Several used diapers duct taped together

Would you rather...?

Go to an Amish hospital for your next emergency
Have to live an amish lifestyle for a month (no electricity, up at dawn, working all day, no alcohol)

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Why do people ask for free pets that normally cost a lot of money? Are there actually people who believe these moochers who promise they'll take care of an animal?

This post was inspired by my local Kijiji, where somebody asked for free turtles and tank set up (I looked into this a few months ago when my son asked for a turtle [translation: sure, I wouldn't mind having a pet turtle and letting the kid think it's his] and these started at about $250 just for a basic kit) with a LOL and promise to take good care of the turtles, and somebody else who was asking for a teacup chihuahua (which I've seen sold for at least $800 - and, no, please don't get me started on the whole teacup thing. Argh), also with the promise that the dog would be loved and taken care of.

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I just mopped my kitchen floor with bleach water, and as it was drying, my younger cat went in there and started pawing at the floor and rolling around on it like it was catnip. I googled and apparently it is a semi-rare thing that some cats do.

So TQC, is your cat addicted to bleach?

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I listen to Dr. Jenn on Cosmo Radio. She often says that relationships, especially marriage is hard work to keep going. On a scale from 1-10 (10 being hard work daily) how much do you have to work hard to keep your relationship together, to compromise and to keep both partners happy? How long have you been together?
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What's your opinion on members of jury in a criminal trial, or any trial, being allowed to ask questions of witnesses? Good idea? Bad idea? Should all states allow this or should the few states that do allow it stop?

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So this going on in a city near me: http://www.abc15.com/dpp/news/region_southeast_valley/gilbert/gilbert-mental-hospital-seeks-new-location-after-parents-speak-out#

Basically, there were plans to build a mental hospital within close proximity to an elementary school and ~moms everywhere~ demanded the hospital be put elsewhere because of possible risks they saw having people with mental illnesses that close to children.

What are your thoughts/feelings about this? Because something isn't sitting well with me.

Cake and booze!

TQC, my good friend/neighbor/might as well be third roommate is graduating with his MFA in lighting design on May 5. My roommate and I want to get him a nice bottle of liquor as a gift, and we want to bake him a cake. So my questions are:

What kind of booze we get him? We're thinking a nice whiskey or maybe gin, since that's what he usually drinks, but neither of us know anything about "good" liquor. We're splitting the cost and we are willing to spend a bit of money on it.

What kind of cake should we bake? He's not picky. I can't think of anything he doesn't like, to be honest.
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So a Facebook friend said, "I wish I was as thin as I was in high school when I thought I was fat!"

I've had the same though! I though I was huge in high school, now I'm older think man if only I could be that thin.

So I wonder....is this just something all girls thinks?

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anyone work in customer service?

how do you deal with complete idiots?
I had to deal with this woman on the phone who literally did not know how to use Google.com
I'm not saying she's an idiot for not knowing Google, but I even tried explaining it to her and she STILL didnt understand. It was mind boggling.
I REALLY have been trying to hold my attitude back and be calm, I swear, but she still finally says "are you trying to help me? ARE YOU? because you're really condescending"

I seriously do not mean to be, any tips on how to keep my cool and keep my tone of speaking right?