April 24th, 2013

Attel and Black

Pet Peeves

Inspired by just now finding the sponge floating in the kitchen sink. >:/

What are some of your pet peeves? What are some of the little things in life that get your dander up and make you grit your teeth?

My answer in comments.

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I found a picture or a post on livejournal once and one of the little parts, had a long word and it said something like it was the word to describe the feeling when you look at someone and they're already looking at you, or not looking at someone because you think they may already be looking at you? It's a LONG word, like the type of word that describes a phobia. But I just can't think of the word and I can't quite think of the actual meaning and I am hoping someone has any idea what I'm talking about..

Do you have any idea what I'm talking about?
I AM Adam Young


So, my friend has an iPhone 4 and the other day we were just chilling, and it had like 65% battery left and everything, and when she turned it back on to do something, it just shut off. She tried to do the home+sleep restart thing but to no avail. She tried plugging it in her computer, a mac, etc. And then she tried to restore it to factory settings. She only got so far before the screen would jut stay at the silver apple.
Has this every happened to anyone? Do you know how to fix it? Any ideas? 

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What's the last thing you lost that infuriated you?

TWO of my bras have gone missing. TWO. And one of them was a really nice one my bf just bought me a few weeks ago for like $60. And the other one was just on top of the dryer two days ago! I think someone is hoarding them >:(
she blinded me with science!

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Is Facebook screwed up for anyone else? I get to the bottom of my wall and it doesn't load more posts automatically. When I click the link to load more, it keeps loading the same five or six stories over and over.

Were you one of those people who wanted G+ to be the Facebook killer? I was so disappointed when Google botched the job.