April 20th, 2013


What word am I thinking of when I try to use "nonplussed?"

Nonplussed is one of those words that doesn't get used too often, so just based off of how it sounds, a lot of people mis-guess its tone and meaning. It's like "mirth." Mirth means happiness? Whaa?

So anyway, sometimes I'm trying to think of a word to express myself and "nonplussed" comes into my head and then I remember "Oh hey, 9th grade vocab test. 'Surprised and confused so much that they are unsure how to react. Unperturbed.' Nah can't use that."

So...can you help me think of what word I'm thinking of? Nonplussed makes me think non-enthused. Disappointed. Chagrined?...irritated.

I realize I might not be giving you enough to go on. I want you to read my mind. Ahh what do I mean? Has anything like this happened to you? Can you tell me about your weird relationships with words?
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when you get hungry, how does your body react? (nausea, pains, growling, etc.)

when's the last time you were sick?

what do you like to eat when you're sick?
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I was just asked to house/dog sit for two weeks in June. Normally in a situation like this, the person asking says they'll be gone from x dates and pay $x...but this time I was asked how much I charge and I have no idea what to say! They want me to stay there every night during those two weeks. The dog is super low maintenance--food and water and run around in the yard as much as possible.

How much would you ask for in this situation? Or do you have any handy resources for where I could look up going rates for that kind of thing in my area?

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Hair question

I recently got my hair dyed (pic below), Im wanting to bleach out a section and add in some SE Fishbowl which is a really bright turquoise.

I used to do this all the time on my natural hair, would the process be the same for salon dyed hair?

I bought a box of color lifter instead of bleach, is this the right move?

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Do you have any plans for summer?

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Do you have a device that has a touchscreen? (phone, ereader, tablet, etc.)
Do you like it?

I hate touchscreens but I find it's almost impossible to avoid them these days! I can't be the only one that pines for the days of buttons and keyboards. Who else hates touchscreens?

Please use this post to gripe about new technology features and to pine for the old days of simplicity.
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My dad always tells me a story about my grandmother and I sort of want to look it up because he exaggerates a lot.

He claims that my grandmother was shot by a "sniper" who had shot several other people in the area. She was the only one of his victims who lived. Supposedly she was driving and he pulled up next to her and shot her in the head.

My dad says he was 19-ish, so this would have been around 1968-1970. My grandmother lived in Buena Park, CA and this took place nearby, but I'm not sure what city exactly. I thought I remembered my dad calling him the Yorba Linda Sniper, but that doesn't come up when I google. My grandmother's name is Dorothy "Dotty" Fergusen, but she was married like eight times so I'm not 100% certain what her last name at the time was.

I've been googling for awhile but can't seem to find anything about this. Does anyone else have better google-fu than me?

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I recently had a class where we talked about innovative library collections- libraries that have developed and circulate collections of tools, seeds, or baking equipment. What kinds of things would you like to see in a lending library format? Realistic, unrealistic, whatever butters your toast!