April 19th, 2013

I'm almost afraid to ask this...

I thought I read something about Maya Angelou that made me see her in a completely different light--like that she approved of some horrible human rights abuse or something. But I've tried Google and everything, and I cannot find it. I'm wondering if I'm getting her mixed up with someone else, or if I'm completely off my rocker.

Googling her name with "criticism" only gets literary criticism, and Googling her name with "scandal" just got results for some guy who was pretending to be her on Twitter. Adding things like "human rights" and "abuse" were equally futile.

It's not like I want to think that Maya Angelou is a horrible person. I just want to stop obsessing about this thing that supposedly makes her horrible. And I won't stop obsessing until I have answers.

Does anyone remember anything about this? Some issue that's horribly important, but maybe wasn't really in the spotlight until recently? I have this feeling that it is from the past, but it wasn't really focused on until recently. Or anything, really.


(no subject)

My camera was stolen out of my car so I need to get a new one.

I need a (point and shoot) camera that takes high quality pictures quickly as I have kids and they move a lot so it's hard to get a nice picture of them. Any recommendations?

Also if your SO surprised you with something expensive how would you react? All finances and incomes are pooled together.
How much money would be too much for them to spend from a joint account to surprise you?

I spent $500 to book a cabin for my husbands 30th birthday party and I'm not sure what he'll think about it financially as we're saving for a house (That said I know he'll be excited to get out and have a party with his friends at a nice cabin and he'll appreciate that I planned something special for his birthday). 

Kind of like typecasting

Hello TQC.
I'm having a hard time articulating what I'm trying to describe but here goes. What are your thoughts on someone who refers to people like categories? For example, in conversation she'll say "my gay friend" or "my Brazilian friend" ... "my Asian friend." Do you do this as well?

I feel that the person is relying on stereotypes and preconceived ideas too much. I mean, what does it really communicate to me when she says "Hispanic friend". I think when you get to know someone, you usually see distinctive things about their personality, behavior, or interests ... things beyond accidental qualities so to speak.

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Okay, so, sometimes I like reading sad stories, as long as they're not too long, or pretending that they're going to end happily.

I remember a long time I read an Archie comic called "Sad's Not Bad" in which Betty Cooper gets depressed after reading these "Pam Pittmore" novels. Now, for those who are unfamiliar with Archie comics, they often slightly change the titles and names of real-life phenomena. For example, "Janson" instead of "Hanson" and "Medusa" instead of "Madonna."

So I'm wondering there's a similarly sad series with a name that's similar to "Pam Pittmore." Does anyone know what this might be?

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If you were locked down in your home and DANGEROUS killers were on the loose, what would you do?

rethink my position on having a gun
have a cell phone on 911 speed dial
eat what ever I wanted
surf the internet
cook a steak on the grill with a loaded .45 on my hip
load every gun and wait
watch TV
other in comments
barracade all the doors and windows
nervously look out the windows
lock myself in the bathroom
get jiggy with the SO

Medical issue

I understand that I shouldn't really use the Internet to diagnose things, and I'm going to see a doctor on Monday about this anyway, but I just wanted some advice.

For a couple of years I've had sciatica in my right leg. Doctor was concerned, did a back scan and found out that I've got disc damage on just one disc. But he also said that the disc is too far up my spine to cause nerve irritation in my legs, and that the nerves affected would probably be in my arms. I do also get nerve problems in my right arm (an electric shock sensation, tingling, numbness).

Anyway, just recently the sciatica in my leg has gotten considerably worse. Progressively slow, over the course of a few weeks. Before this, I was severely tired and didn't feel rested at all. I'd got no energy and was falling asleep pretty much everywhere (on the bus, on my breaks at work, and I was sleeping 12 plus hours and feeling like a zombie still) and getting some really nasty headaches pretty much everyday.

The sciatica can be felt in my bum. It goes down the back of my leg, right down into my foot. I am often limping because of it. You know when you tickle one of your feet and you can feel a sensation in your other foot? My foot feels like that most of the time. And yesterday and today, the nerve pain got worse. In my right groin at the very top of my leg, like a pulling sensation. A sharp stabbing pain (feels ovarian in nature) in my lower right abdomen that also radiates to my bellybutton. Pain shoots from my abdomen, right up into my ribcage. Kind of feels like nerve pain and muscle pain mixed together.

I am just in so much pain at the moment and I have no clue as to what's causing it. It sounds so serious when I put it all in writing. I can cope, it's not AS bad as it sounds, but it's just frustrating and quite worrying. Does anyone have any idea as to what could be causing all this? Could it just be a jumble of loads of things, or do you think it's all related? Does anyone have any similar experiences with this kind of pain? Did you receive any diagnoses?