April 18th, 2013


Is anyone on chlorpromazine/thorozine? I'm going on holiday on friday and I'm worried about getting sunburn. I come from a country that doesn't have great weather (Scotland) and I know the warning on chlorpromazine says to avoid sunlight, I'm just worried about how much I should pay attention to this.

DK/DC where was the last place you went on holiday?
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hi all my first post.

just want to ask for your humble opinions,,, or what you think Forgiveness means...? what does it means to forgive and how can that it be apply to some ones life?

i appreciate your comments...

much obliged

god bless ya all
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Ladies of TQC, will you weigh in on my birth control decisions?

I made an appointment to get a Mirena IUD again, but now I'm second-guessing it. Last time I had it, I had practically no period and the no-maintenance aspect was really convenient, but I gained a lot of weight. I'm torn now. What should I do?

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traffic court

My coworker got a ticket for running a red light and she is going to traffic court to dispute it. She was caught on a red-light camera. I am wondering, what is the point of going to traffic court when you're caught on camera - obviously you ran the light, but do you ask for the amount to be lowered or dismissed for some reason? Her argument was that the sun was in her eyes.

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My boyfriend broke his collarbone two weeks ago and it's really starting to wear him down. He especially hates that he can't do everything on his own now (he doesn't like asking for help, hates being dependent on someone) and that he's not able to exercise. It's making him kind of crabby and things have been tense between us the past couple days. I'm sleeping over at his house tonight, can you guys think of something nice I can do for him/bring him? I've been trying to just take good care of him but I'm feeling like all it does is annoy him :(.
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Panhandler's alley

Which of these panhandlers/homeless people would you consider giving money to? To make it easier, there's no stores or restaurants nearby, and you have no food, so you can't give them food. Money or nothing

Teenage girl. Looks skinny
Man with a sign - war veteran. please help
Old lady
Man with a sign - ninjas stole my girlfriend. Need $$ for karate lessons
Lady with a cat. The cat looks taken care of
Man in a wheelchair
Woman with a small child
Man with a sign - I'll be honest. I'll spent the money on booze. It's tough living on the street and I want to escape
Man with a sign - Ran out of beer. Help keep the party going!
Woman with a sign - Got sick. Didn't have insurance. Cost me everything
Attractive looking man/woman. He/she smiles at you and you feel special
Man wearing a t-shirt with your favorite sports team
Woman with a newspaper. Will read you your horoscope for $$
Man with a guitar. Will play you a request for a $5
Wouldn't give money to any of them
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i've tried to download the simpsons tapped out, it seemed to install fine, but every time i try to open it it says that it's downloading updates... and it's been downloading the 1st of something stupid like 88? is this normal? is it possible to pay for a version that already has everything downloaded? iphone4 if that matters.

thank you!
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for those who are in college/went to college, were there any classes that you attended where you just couldnt participate in the discussions for any reason whatsoever (either with the class or in groups)?

i think even with my toughest subject (something i was completely unfamiliar with), i tried my best doing the readings each week so i could contribute to the discussions in our groups.

this semester though i'm in a similar course and there's this one girl on our table who says NOTHING, not a single word. would it be cruel of me to ask her "what do you think?" next time? out of 5 people on our table, only 3 of us even try to discuss, and this one guy was struggling really hard today to try to get everyone to talk openly. one girl asks like one question per class, and the other one is just dead silent every week. it's so frustrating :x

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Did you take driving lessons?  If you did how many did you take before you passed your road test?
Did you have some way to practice outside of lessons?

dk/don't drive:  What country would you move to if it was easy to move anywhere?

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My little sister's best friend is getting married June 22nd.  I want to knit or crochet her something for her wedding present.  I'm not a great knitter, I'd still call myself a beginner.  I'm intermediate in crochet.  What do you think I should make her?  The only reason I am considering making something is because she's like a sister to me and my brother, they've been friends since elementary school, and she calls my parents mom and dad, so she's worth my time, any of my sister's other friends, I wouldn't put in the effort.

I'm thinking something like a few knit face towels with the initial of her new last name, or something similar.  Would a new bride like this?  She's 22.