April 15th, 2013

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Hey y'all! I'm going to San Diego for a long weekend trip! Any awesome things I should do or see while I'm there, apart from going to the zoo, SeaWorld, La Jolla and In N Out? Restaurant recommendations are also very welcome! I'll eat pretty much anything, but points for gluten-free stuff.
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Tips for movers?

I will be moving from Toronto to Ottawa (four-five hours drive) and I have booked a moving company to do the move for me. However, I'm unsure about the etiquette for tipping movers -- especially long-distance movers. The company is charging me $1,000 for the same day move with two movers and does not include tips. In the past, I have tipped 7-10% for each mover withinthe city but don't know about tipping long-distance movers.. Does the 10% still stand or I should tip more?

Do you tip your movers? Why or why not?
Chandler & The Drill

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The last post reminded me of a question I've been meaning to ask for ages: Do you tip hairdressers in the UK? Usually I just chop my hair myself and I haven't been to a professional hairdressers for years, but I'll probably be getting a decent haircut quite soon. Should I tip, and how much? The haircut will probably be about forty quid.
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what's in a name?

what's your first name, and what does it mean?

if you know it, what's the origin?

do you have any nicknames?

my name is marian! it means 'bitter.' it's latin. 'mari' and 'mara' are my nicknames
Bandit Driving

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I was just pulled over for the first time. My boyfriend traded cars with me while I was at work and his was apparently not inspected. Luckily, I was just asked to tell him to get it fixed.

Do you remember the first time (or last time) you were pulled over? What was it for? Did you get a ticket or were you let off?

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I have two credit cards that I'm working on paying off. I make my monthly payments on time and I've never gone over the limit on either cards. I recently got an offer in the mail for another credit card that had a deal where I could transfer my balances on my other credit cards with no transaction fee and pay no interest for a year. I thought it would be a nice way to pay off my balances on both cards without interest, so I applied for it. I got approved and got sent the new card, but the limit isn't enough to cover the balance on my other cards so I don't really want this card. Will it hurt my credit score if I close this account right after I opened it/got approved?