April 14th, 2013


derp I posted this to my LJ instead of TQC

TQC, I just recently renewed my paid account, and soon afterward I noticed that my profile said I now have 41 friend-of's (I've had 40 for a long-ass time). I went to see who had added me and could not find a name I didn't recognize as having not been there. So I thought maybe it was someone I'd be been friends with at some point and they just re-added me. So I counted the friend-of's on the list and there were still only 40!


Srs/non-srs accepted.

(edited because I can't grammar today)

DK/DC/stfu you have no friends: What did you do tonight? I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for a friend's birthday/to watch a hockey game (Damn you, Capitals!) and then went to Hard Rock Cafe to see my friend's band play.

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I’m meant to go on this awesome trip to San Diego this week to see an old, old friend who’s spent the last six years in the Marines. Everything’s booked, from the airfare to the hotel. We’ve even planned out what we’re going to do while I’m there.

Thing is, I tried contacting him every day this past week since last Tuesday, and he’s not answering his phone, texts, emails or Facebook posts. I’ve tried contacting one of his local friends out there, with no response. Same for his brother. I highly doubt he’s been deployed since he just came back from Afghanistan about six weeks ago. But he’s usually really good about keeping in touch, or at least returning calls. This isn’t like him.

If I decide not to go, I’ll be wasting about a week off work, not to mention the chance to have a really great time and see an old friend. But on the other hand, I don’t want to get to the San Diego airport and have him still be MIA. Having to get a hostel or other place to stay wouldn’t be the end of the world, but it’s not ideal. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

Update: he's been having personal drama but is okay other than that. Christ on a cracker I'm going to kill him once I get over being relieved.

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I am eating one of those yogurt cups with fruit on one side and greek yogurt on the other. I always assumed you were supposed to spoon the fruit into the yogurt and mix it altogether. But on the side of the cup it says "Suggestion: Please do not stir."

Have I been eating my yogurt wrong forever? Why are you not supposed to stir? Someone please solve this mystery for me.

Hair question!

Have you ever dyed your hair back to your natural colour after having it coloured something quite different? How were the results?

I've had black hair for ages and I want to go back to my natural medium brown shade. I was planning on just letting it grow out but it looks really odd now. Will I be stuck with dying my hair forever or can a good stylist match my own colour enough so it's not noticeable when it grows out?

spring cleaning

How do you store your DVDs? I just went through mine since they are packed away in boxes (I had to move in with my mom) and I still have a ton that I want to keep. Should I just suck it up and get rid of them all? Or is there a better way to store just the discs and not keep all the packaging?

And what should I do with the ones I don't want anymore? I don't think many of them would sell on kijiji. Can I donate them somewhere?
My Alaskan Malamute Jeter

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Have you been following the Jodi Arias murder trial? If so, what is your take on it? If she is convicted, what sentence do you think would be most appropriate?

Don't know/Don't care: Are you a heavy or light sleeper?


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COWORKER:" Was that my cell phone ringing? "

HAJI "Yes"

COWORKER "Why didn't you answer it?"

HAJI: "Because answering someone elses cell phone is like touching thier underwear"

So TQC, for you, answering someone elses cell phone is like WHAT???


Years ago, you had a crush on a coworker. One night, you two kissed, but that was the end of it.

Four years later, he's blowing you up on FB and your cell. He wants to hang out. You're excited, but at the same time, you know you look different than you did four years ago (in my case, weight gain).

Do you meet up with him? 

Whoopsie ...

Have you ever followed a recipe where it became obvious too late that something was drastically wrong?
[Edited to replace ellipsis with '?']

From a recipe for a meatloaf topping ... other ingredients were 1/3 cup ketchup and 2 tbs mustard and ...

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What do you do with the little buttons that often come attached to jeans, jackets or dresses when you buy them?

I tend to just throw them in a drawer...today I opened that drawer and realized I have tons of buttons but have no idea which item of clothing they belong to. Is there really any point in keeping them? Should I be labeling them?

AM Radio

How often do you listen to AM radio? What are your favorite AM stations?

(I have no idea if this question is applicable to people outside the US. The AM band is noisy and low-fidelity, but can carry vast distances. The FM band is static-free, low-distortion, and has much better frequency response and dynamic range, but won't carry beyond 50 miles in most circumstances.)

How long do you keep an odd sock hanging around before you finally give up and decide the mate is never going to show, and throw it away?

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