April 9th, 2013


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So my birthday is Friday. I'm celebrating with friends on Wednesday, but on Friday I scheduled myself a massage and I am going to try to see 42, the Jackie Robinson movie (the Yankees are home but it's supposed to rain and April is fairly cold. The Devils are home too but they've been playing horribly and who wants to see their team lose on their birthday?)

What else should I do?


DK/DC/screw you my birthday's not till January:

What's the best birthday you've ever had?

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What are some things that can be done from your own bedroom that can give you an incredible high? Not drugs or drinking. Like certain movies, shows, or anything else...websites to visit even. Just anything I can do that can help induce a happy feeling. So yeah what have you guys found that helps you feel anything remotely close to a euphoric silly high from your own room/computer?

I just need to find something to do to help me during the lonely evening and night time hours with my mood swings and intense loneliness. I want to feel more happier, in a very healthy way without medication. :)
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mindless flash games?

So I just had major surgery and I'm on dilaudin and I can't really do much. just... stay in bed and play mindless flash games. Will you share your favorite ones with me? :D

I'll also take recommendations for iphone apps and interesting tumblrs. Any tumblr topics.
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I am currently in memphis for work but have some free time at nights.

Is Graceland worth it (it being either the time or the like $40) for someone who enjoys maybe 2 elvis songs? or should I just watch 3000 miles to graceland on netflix on my hotel?

anything else worth doing?
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What do you smell right now?

It's raining here and I have the windows open. For the first time this year it smells like spring: like rain and soil. And I can smell wood smoke too. It's making me happy! :)
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questions about kissing

You know how when you kiss people they have different styles and you're more compatible with some people than with ohers. Well, I've found the person I'm ABSOLUTELY 100% kissing compatible with. Unfortunatley, I know I won't be able to kiss exclusively him for the rest of my life. Since kissing him, I've kissed two others, and they just don't stack up; I spend my time wishing I was kissing the other guy because MAN, WE JUST CLICK (well, our lips and tongues do).

Has this happened to you? Have you learnt to forget the fantastic kisser and just train others to be as good?
Have you found your most compatible kisser? Who is it?
How would you rate the person you currently/most recently kissed on a compatibility scale?
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I just don't see it.

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and he told me that I clearly had a "type" of guy that I go for based on the pictures he has seen of my exes. Based on appearances, I honestly don't think I have a type (other than usually dating guys older than me and he wasn't talking about that). So, I uploaded a bunch of pictures and made an entry in my journal and asked the people on my friends list if they thought I had a type based on the pictures. No one replied. :( Hah. Now I'm talking to my friend again and he is going on and on about my type, but won't tell me just what type it is. So, I ask you all.. Do I have a type based on appearances?

Pictures this way.."
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Lets ask, just for fun.

Okay just to preface, I live in Canada.

So, in May I'm going to a conference in Calgary. It's a church related conference and I'm going as a youth advisor, as I tend to go every year. I live in Ottawa, which is approximately 2000 miles away (3300 Km's) or 36 hours drive.

In my early twenties, I have done some cross country trips on the Greyhound. It was super cheap and a great way to travel when you have lots of time but almost no money. I have done 3 full days on the greyhound. This trip is only 36 hours, which to me is nothing. I just turned thirty, recently got engaged and wonder if I want this to be my last hurrah.

For nostalgic purposes, I am considering spending two days each way on the bus again. I am just working part time, while taking a course or two so the money isn't very plentiful at the moment. It would make financial sense to bus as opposed to flying. I'm also not too worried about my safety since taking the greyhound in Canada is safe for the most part. Mostly burnout potheads, maybe a few other young people. I don't bring expensive things with me, so I shouldn't be a target.

Would you do it, spend 36 hours on a bus to relive a youthful experience? Discuss.