April 6th, 2013


chemits/biochemists needed.

wow this community is like wayyyyyyy less active than i thought it would be, i guess its been a while since i've been here.

for any of you good with bio or chemistry- can you explain to me how my iron level can be like almost non-existent but i'm not currently anemic? (ive been anemic most of my adult life, but not right now). current iron levels and stuff are below the cut

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i just got my first iron treatment tuesday (venofer). i've been complaining of confusion since october and since wednesday my memory has totally been obliterated. its scary. i have GERD, gastritis, an ulcer, and duodenitis. my endoscopy in january- the small intestine biopsy came back abnormal so i had a test for celiac on monday but the doctor hasn't called me yet. so basically i'm not absorbing iron. and i was on prilosec for three months so that probably also didnt help- but i basically live on red meat and cheerios which have a lot of iron in them.

hgb 12.0 (tuesday)
hct 37.6 (these were pretty normal, actually 37 is high for me, its been like 26 at other points)

ferratin 6, low (12-291)
prothrombin time 10.2 (10.3-12.8)
intr. norm ration .9, low (2-3)
iron 16, low, 30-160
iron sat 5% low, (20-55)
mch 25.4, low (26-34
mcv 79.7, low (80-90)
rdw 16.1, high (11.5-14.5)
my calcium was also slightly low but i dont know the number, it was only like a few tenths under the norm.

my blood pressure is reliably 90/60, but in the last few weeks its been 110/58- 115/68 when i was laying down.

i am in nursing school full time and i also work as a waitress full time. ive been trying to cut down at work but they just keep scheduling me all the time. my manager had the audacity to tell me to get a note from the ER when i called out last night. i'm also dehydrated. ive been peeing way less in the last week and have had like back to back migraines for two weeks. i went to the ER just because the no-peeing and the really limited memory was scaring the shit out of me. they gave me pain meds and a liter of fluid and then i opted to go home because there was a child screaming in the next room for two hours. i drank a liter of pedialyte when i got home and it took me 13 hours to pee after the initial IV was inserted. my lips and my mouth are still dry. i basically have been living off 20mg adderall and two cups of coffee since january just to get out of bed, and even though i know coffee is bad for me i can't function without it. (i'm not caffeine dependent, i can go a day without it if i dont have to do anything, but thats rare). i went on vacation for a week a month ago, didnt have any stimulants, and slept for the first 6 whole days. it sucked. i'm having a really hard time with word recall and every two minutes that i'm talking i say "what was i talking about?" or i'll think something and like open a new tab and immediately forget what i was doing. it is frightening.

i just dont understand why when ive been so much more anemic in my life- that ive never felt THIS out of it. my mental function has never suffered so badly, and im not even anemic. in retrospect ive been fucking up a lot lately and now i know its because of the iron. last week i went into 7-11 and insisted it was $1 coffee wednesday and it was actually monday. TWO DAYS OFF. i also forgot to submit a paper FOR A WHOLE WEEK, forgot to go to a meeting, and i get lost driving to places i go every day like all the time. i'm super anal and i have never been late to anything or submitted homework late in my entire life. but my iron levels are consistent late stage anemia and i'm not technically anemic. HOW DOEZ THAT WORKZ.

im trying to find a hematologist down here (im in VA for school, my doctors are in NY) that takes my shitty school insurance so i can get more venofer before finals so maybe ill have a fighting chance.
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Someone fucked with my passed great aunt's solved rubick's cube at work. To me it was a goddamn memento of her intelligence and the like. I know who did it, want to kick his ass, but that's not going to solve the problem of the cube no longer being solved.

Beyond taking the stickers off and putting them back on, what can I do to make it complete again? I know there's the answer of "solve it" but I suck at these cubes (as does my coworker apparently...) and would need help.

Is there like... a site I could post images of the cube or something? Someone I could send it to so they can solve it? This key chain means a lot to me obviously, so any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

ETA: solved it (: thanks for being patient with me. Didn't take me long to realize this was completely google-able. I was just too upset to think of something so obvious.

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Anytime I post a comment to this community, it doesn't show up as TQC theme..it's my personal LJ theme (the colors and all that) Why is that? Does it happen for anyone else? I haven't messed around with themes or settings.
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do you like yoga?

would you go on a yoga retreat with a bunch of strangers? im really interested in the idea but i have sleep difficulties and i have only done yoga a few times.. oh and im awful about meditating :x
✞ motherfucking  gawjus
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all the world's a stage

hi tqc! my best friend and i are going to a play tonight. i'm excited but i'm also feeling a little nervous. i've been to plays before, but they've been large productions at big theaters.

this production is local, and at a very small and intimate theater. it's also a kind of artistic, experimental play.

my question is, what do i wear? do i get dressed up or do i look more casual?

(my guess is more casual but i have no experience with this at all, so if you can help prevent me from looking dumb i'd really appreciate it. i don't want to look really laid back and then have everyone else looking really dressy, but i also don't want to look dressed up when everyone else is just in a t-shirt and jeans.)

dk/dc: have you ever been to a play? which play did you see, and did you like it?

Psychoanalysis in your country

Question for psych students and graduates

I'm a psych student living somewhere (Argentina) where psychoanalysis is still widely used and studied, despite the rest of the world having seemingly moved on. For example, there are some videos of an Intro to Psychology class from Yale that has a lesson dedicated to Freud in which the teacher says "Freud lives on both in a clinical setting and in the university but Freud at Yale, for instance, is much more likely to be found in the history department or the literature department than in the psychology department." All in all, I have heard a lot about how psychoanalysis not being recognized in other countries, but would like to know exactly what that means and if people saying that are right or exaggerating a bit.

So, have you studied Psychoanalysis in your classes? How in depth? Mostly Freud, Lacan, Klein, someone else?
How is psychoanalysis regarded in your country (and where are you from, of course), is it used and studied or just commented on as important historically, but outdated?
And if not, which theory is the one more widely accepted and studied where you live?

I hate having to study for years a theory that it's outdated and, pardon me, makes no sense most of the time. I'm interested in CBT which I'm doing my best to study outside of college, because I have very few classes that cover it :(
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I see theatre shows once in a blue moon. I have the opportunity to book for opening night or closing night, so why not - which do you think would be better?

Also, what sounds better; 'producer house - stall' or 'producer house - circle'? Both are the same price and the map doesn't clarify where those seats actually are.

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I have a really weird taste in the back of my mouth which is there whether I brush, floss or use mouthwash. I can only compare it to almost like the smell of gas from a cooker.
What is it and how can I get rid of it?!
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Last night I was lying asleep in bed when I heard a knock on my bedroom window.

I live in a one bedroom flat on the ground floor which faces onto a courtyard with other flats surrounding. I had gone to sleep early, around 8pm, and there had been no lights on in my flat since then.

I was woken by the knock about about 11.40pm. I pulled back the curtain and I could see the dark outline of a person. I heard a man's voice saying "hello". I opened the window and he said he was sorry for disturbing me, but did I know where number 18 or 19 was. He said he knew I was 20 but he didn't know where 18 or 19 was. I said I didn't know sorry, and went to close the window. Then my cat jumped straight in, which scared the life out of me but I closed the window shut. I heard no more.

I'm pretty sure 18 is vacant, and my friend lives in 19 and she was away for the week. He most likely doesn't know her.

What the hell was this man doing?

It's a gated community, he shouldn't have been able to get in without knowing the code. He was an oldish man, little to no hair, wearing a dark coat.

How afraid should I be?
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Does anyone know of a good recipe tumblr blog that focuses on high protein foods? Generally I look at paleo, but it doesn't actually have to be.

How about cute or hilarious tumblr blogs?