April 5th, 2013

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what was the last stupid thing you said to your boss/supervisor?

my supervisor gave my colleague and i a tough lecture today (bc we wasted people's time etc) and at the end of the day she explained it was a learning process and thanked us for working hard, and i replied with 'thank you' wtf was that bad? :( this is twice ive done it now in 2 consecutive days, to the same person. she intimidates me so much agh.
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Does anyone here have heir pets classified (?) as therapy pets? Is is difficult to get them classified as such? I there a limit to how many therapy pets one can have? Did you find it difficult to find housing even after getting your pet classified as therapy pets? Is a place takes pets but charges a monthly fee for them, can you get that waved if they're therapy or service pets?

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What's your favourite feel good movie(s)?

Can anyone please suggest me one or more feel good movies to watch right now. If there are any suggestions I haven't already seen before, then I'll consider watching one of them.

teeth and stuff

paging dr tqc
im getting mixed and non-conclusive results from google

a few days ago i developed a minor toothache, first ive ever had. tylenol was helping but it was definitely getting worse. fast forward to last night, i was crying in pain until 5 this morning because any little thing that touches that tooth gives me i think the worst pain ive ever experienced, even just when my tongue brushed up against it. i tried orajel and ambesol but neither helped. im taking off of work today in an effort to find a dentist that can see me today but wtf could cause this kind of pain so badly out of nowhere? if it makes any difference, its one of my top front teeth.

also, i conveniently wont have dental insurance until next week at the earliest but this really cant wait until that kicks in. how much would you guess this crap is going to end up costing me to fix?


Do you think animals are self-aware? Capable of meta-cognition? If any animals which ones?

[TW: Rape]
If you think some animals are self-aware or capable of meta-cognition, what do you think about the brutality, gore, and rape (I apologize if this is an offensive term to use for animals, but if you think they're self-aware or capable of metacognition, certainly a female trying to escape from a male (or a group of males) trying to force themselves on her could be called rape) that happens within the animals kingdom? 

Bleh, I dunno, why I'm asking this question, but I was reading about some mating habits of dolphins and it launched me into a upsetting and disturbing chain of thoughts.  
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So TQC coffee drinkers, what are your favorite single-serve coffee makers?

A little background... I am the only coffee drinker in my house (my husband hates it and my kids are young) and I can't really tolerate more than two cups at a time because I get all jittery and nuts, lol. Right now, I have a regular pot and an electric kettle. when I opt for coffee over tea, I've found that brewing the "right" amount for me is difficult - I either end up with not enough or too much, and I HATE wasting it (I'm very anti-waste in general). I know that there are a handful of options on the market right now and I'm a little torn. I'm leaning toward an AeroPress for a few reasons... it's more ecologically sound, it's much cheaper, and I can just use the coffee that I have. However, I've used a Keurig at my friends' houses and it makes me lust after one... the sleekness, the convenience, the speed, the variety of K-Cups, etc. And now Keurig has released a newer, more advanced model (and pricier yet again), which makes me wonder if the usual K-Cup model will soon become obsolete.


Disney College Program

Uhhh so I totally posted this and it disappeared ... so I'm thinking I accidentally deleted it. Oops -_- Don't ban me!

Did you do the Disney College Program? If so, do you think it was worth it?

Anyway, I was accepted into the Disney College Program. it seems like a great opportunity, I'd love the adventure of it and meeting all new people at a completely different part of the country. plus, Disney is awesome

Cons: as lame as it is, I'm nervous about being SO far away from home for that long. I'd miss holidays, etc although I guess theoretically people could come visit me. I'm nervous about sharing a room with people which I swore I would never do again. I'm also worried I will hate it and want to come home. Also, I may get a full time job with my school, but I won't know for another month or so. I'm worried the college program will screw up my chances in getting a career and when I get back it will be that much more difficult. And I like the city I'm living in.. but the program is only about 5 months.

Ugh. Halp Tqc.

DKDC: Have you ever not taken a job and regretted it afterwords?
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Please give me some advice on how to throw back or how to protect myself from the cyber bulling.

I belong to a study group/community where some 100 people join(mostly uni students). About a year ago, one of those students fell in love with me and tried to catch my attention through SNS by sending (cyber) flower or saying some sweet words while others were all observing. The guy was the most popular one in the community. But from that day, the bullying has started repeatedly day after day, saying sleazing gossip on the internet and it is not amusing but horribly endanger my dignity. Those people are generally from prestigious uni so IQ level should be high, however they seem to have no emotional experience so being immature as an inevitable consequence. How can I deal with these elementary students.
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TQC, why does everyone (or it seems like everyone) automatically assume that if a phrase or word is funny/wrong, it must come from the South? Even when most of the time, it doesn't?

We're really not that stupid down here, you know.

Gonna be hard to respond to everyone, so made an edit. Sorry for incomplete info here.

It seems mostly online. Examples: for instance, I read a post somewhere are the term "wheelbarrel" instead of "wheelbarrow", and it seemed like quite a few folks figured it was from the South. Or another where someone was musing over why a co-worker said "wasted" instead of "spilled". Someone commented that they assumed it was a Southernism, since they didn't hear it around where they lived.

Is it because if someone does not actually have contact with someone from another region, they just... assume things out of hand because it's the only thing they can think of?

Is anyone else having problem with Gmail?

I haven't been able to get Gmail to work for hours, I just keep getting a "website can't be displayed" error. I was still logged in to my general Google account though, so I tried logging out and then trying to get back in -- I hit the "sign in" button ten minutes ago, and so far nothing has happened.

I checked various "is it down for just you" sites, and they all say Gmail is up and running. Still, I wanted to ask actual people as well!

ETA: It's working again! As it turns out my computer clock was already in April for some reason, and that must've conflicted with Gmail. Thanks for all the help, you're the best!
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late payment

I am normally very careful when it comes to my credit and credit score and make sure that everything is paid on time. This is reflected in the very very good credit score I currently have.

However somehow I forgot to make my car payment last month and it was 25 days past due before I realized that this morning. So I quickly paid it and it should be showed as payment received either today or Monday at the latest. I called my car company (Toyota) to make sure they got the payment and they said they show it being made even though it is not on the website yet and said because it is under 30 days, it will not be reported.

However I am still worried that it will show up and am driving myself worried sick about it. I work really hard to never be late for anything and to let this fall through the cracks disappoints me.

Is it safe to say that because it is under 30 days, it will not show up on my credit report and will not affect my credit score? Anyone else been in a similar situation like this?

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TQC, can you help me think of some inexpensive clothing stores? Places where I can shop online, please. Normally I turn to Forever 21 in times like this but goddamn there is some hideous crap on that site right now.

Will you show me the last article of clothing that you purchased?

all worry, all the time

Do you worry about the troubles of others? Like friends, family, etc.?

If you do, are you worrying about anyone specific lately?

I have a couple of friends each in individually worrying situations and I can't do anything to help either of them. :(