April 4th, 2013

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Who would you rather be kidnapped by?

A member of an organized criminal organization acting on their orders
An obsessive stalker type person who has a 'shrine' of you in their house

What would freak you out more?

They keep you locked in a cage so small you can barely move
They tie you to a decently comfortable chair, make no effort to keep you from seeing thier face

What way out of the situation would you have most hope/faith in?

Your ability to save yourself/escape
A family member rescuing you
A close friend rescuing you
Law enforcement/authorities rescuing you
The kidnapper have a change of heart and letting you go
You'd have no hope/be totally convinced you were doomed

apparently i can't google today

because no matter what i google, i'm not getting the right hits.

so i have a car. an old car. a plymouth sundance, to be exact. and it's missing most of the paint from the hood, roof, and around the windows. i would like to paint it. but i don't wanna paint it right... i wanna paint it all artsyfartsy. i wanna doodle on it. i wanna spray paint it. i just wanna have fun with it, since it's gonna last max 3 more years and it's going to the junkyard. my main concern is longevity of the paint. since it's missing most of the paint anyway, do i have to sand it? can i just spray paint it and then like... lacquer over it? do i HAVE to buy an auto paint? how do i keep it from looking dull? i want it to be pretty. will someone just tell me how to do this please?

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I just inadvertently found out that one of my coworkers is going to be laid off soon. This coworker has been saying stuff like "I bet they're going to lay me off" for awhile and "I should start looking for a new job," but she's been at the company for a long time and I'm pretty sure that deep down, she doesn't really believe what she's saying. She hasn't made any actual effort to find a new job. She and I are friendly but not super close.

Should I say something to her? :/ I wouldn't be able to reveal how I found this out and she can be a bit paranoid/untrusting so she might not even believe me. My brain is telling me I shouldn't get involved, but my heart is telling me that she deserves a warning. What do you think I should do? :(

A second question: Do you use an app to edit .xls files on your iPhone? What app do you use? Do you like it?

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To those of you that watch Mad Men-

What are your thoughts on Peggy, and do you like her?

I was having a conversation with my friend about characters from Mad Men, and when I asked him about Peggy, he summed up his feelings by saying, "it's like that woman said to her...she shouldn't act like a man, she should just be a woman." I didn't know how to take that, because I hadn't seen the episode that that was said in. But when I got to that episode, I was left a little confused.

I don't really see Peggy acting man-like at all. So I'm curious to know how you guys would describe her adaptation to the work environment, and if you guys see aspects of her behavior as being masculine. Obviously, for the time period, I recognize that she is not being feminine...but I still wouldn't describe her as 'trying to be a man'. I'm kind of baffled over what would prompt my friend to say that.

Hated misconceptions

Do you have a topic you know a lot more than average about, which is full of misconceptions held by the general public which really piss you off? Or about which media pundits frequently spout bullshit about, or whatever.

For instance, I get really annoyed when people talk utterly ignorant bollocks about herbal medicine - I love Derren  Brown, but it drives me up the wall when he holds up a herbal medicine (one backed by a lot of strong science), and declares that it's a homeopathic remedy and goes bashing homeopathy. Herbal medicine =/= homeopathy, ffs. Grrr.

Also for me is certain disability issues, and particularly things to do with mental illness, and the current UK benefits cuts and propaganda against people on disability benefits. 

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The entrepreunural spirit has grabbed you and your are opening a new coffee shop chain. What will your clever size naming scheme be?

Miniscule, Ordinary, Enormous
Less, Enough, More
Puny, Normal, Gigantic
Negative, Zero, Positive
Thirsty, Parched, Dehdydrated
Keeping it Slim, A Healthy Balance, Big and Proud
Narrow, Regular, Wide
Shallow, Deep, Bottomless
For kids, For singles, For sharing
Sad Size, Satisfactory Size, Super Satisfaction Size
Some, More, Extra

What awkward/odd element will your employee uniform include?

Socks with Sandals
Large bow ties
Hot pants
Hooded T-shirts
Fingerless glovers
dear leader

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Have you ever been burglarized? From your house or car? Did you file a police report, and did anything ever come from it - example, if someone stole property from your car but the event wasn't witnessed, were they ever able to prove it and prosecute the person responsible?
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"Unhappy with recuse group's adoption policies":


What do you think of this letter? Do you agree that rescues should have stricter adoption policies? What do you think specifically of the examples she cites in this letter? Do you think those dogs are necessarily is bad homes and with irresponsible owners based on the information provided? Are they better off in these homes or in the shelter?

I want to mention too that I follow this girl on facebook, and she posted this letter, with the additional heading:
"Dear Rescue: Please stop trusting average people to adopt dogs. Pretty soon there won't be any left to adopt!"
How do you feel about this statement? Do you think average people should be allowed to adopt dogs? In your opinion, what sorts of people should be allowed to adopt dogs? What, in your opinion, qualifies someone as a responsible dog owner, and what qualifies them as an irresponsible dog owner?

ETA: On further examination, I suspect this letter may be satirical? I often have a hard time catching satire :) All the same, I would still be interested in your opinions on the general subject!


Has anybody else had problems with YouTube not loading the videos completely and stopping all. the. time. in the middle of videos?

It has been doing it for weeks. I'm running Firefox if that matters. Any tips/ideas?