April 3rd, 2013

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Define Homelessness

This post was inspired by a discussion with my father about being homeless versus being a street-person.

What is your definition of homelessness?

In your opinion is there a difference between being homeless and being a street-person?

If person A finds him/herself suddenly with no fixed address, has all their belongings in storage and their daily needed items in their car; but is sleeping on a mattress on the floor of friends' houses while the person does not have a home, is person A homeless?
Does it make a difference if person A does not have a home for a short period of time, say 6 weeks?
ETA: Person A is actively seeking a permanent home, applies for accommodation every day of the 6 weeks that person A is without a fixed address.
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im taking an internship course at uni, and one of the assessments asks us to interview a person in our field of choice regarding their career development.

im coming in today to interview my supervisor - should i dress the same way i would as if i were interning, or can i dress a little more casually? the problem is that i dont have a work blazer/cardigan.

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I grew up in Southern California and have been to Disneyland dozens of times. If I was going to be in Orlando, Florida already, would you say I could skip Disney World? My brother wants to visit the Universal Parks and I want to go to Epcot and already that's seeming like a lot of money, just wondering if Disney World is worth it.
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Which beliefs could you tolerate in a significant other? Like you could work around his/her 'quirk' and still make it work. Anything you don't check, it's because the belief is too large to overlook, it would cause a lot of conflict in the relationship, and probably would break you up

Creationism. Flat out believes that evolution is false. The universe was created by God
Intelligent design. Not as hardcore as creationism. Accepts that evolution makes some valid points, but ultimately believes that it must be by some intelligent hand that things were put into being
The opposite political party you're partial to
The opposite viewpoint you have on abortion
The opposite viewpoint you have on gun control
Porn is porn. We all look at it, we all get off to it, we can't help what turns us on. Doesn't believe that those that have child pornography on their computers should be punished unless they act on their urges
Ghosts/paranormal activity
Karma. Firm believer that we reap what we sow. Not just as an affirmation, but that good/bad things do happen when we take an action. Forces his/her hand sometimes
Homosexuality is a choice
Marijuana and certain other drugs should be legalized
God. Not necessarily a Christian deity, but acknowledges divinity
Men and women can't be friends because men will always want to have sex with them if they're attractive. Somewhat affects how he/she deals with the opposite sex
Global warming is a hoax. What's happening environmentally is a natural occuring cycle. In a few hundred years, things may freeze over
Television makes you dumber. Refuses to watch tvs/movies