April 2nd, 2013

Driving record/license points in Michigan

In September of 2011, I got pulled over and was issued a ticket for driving without insurance. I went to court, plead guilty, and was assessed a driver responsibility fee that was $200 for two years.

I paid the $200 for 2013 in January and that's all settled and now I'm insured and have been since the incident. However, I have no idea how many points I have on my license and whenever I'm trying to get an insurance quote online, I have no idea how to categorize my offense. I've googled as much as I can but it still hasn't given me any clear answer as to how to properly fill out the quote questionnaires. They usually list speeding violations and DUI/DWI, but none have "driving without insurance" as an option, and I can't figure out how many points it was worth so I'm not sure if it's considered a major or minor offense.

Any ideas?

How much do you pay for insurance? Is it full coverage? How long have you been driving?

Mine is $230 right now. I'll be 21 in August and I've been driving since I was 16.

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Wrong mail

My husband and I have been renting this house for a little over a year now. The previous tenants were evicted and apparently they did not put in a change of address. We get at least 1 piece of mail for them every day, sometimes multiple pieces. And the weird thing is that we get mail for about 5-8 different names, all with our current address.

Had anyone experienced this? Can I contact the post office and have them sort it out, or are we just screwed since the previous people did nothing to get their mail forwarded? I always return to sender, but it's getting fatiguing after a whole year, and we signed a lease for another year.

EDIT: Thanks for the advice everyone! I called the post office and they are going to try only delivering mail address to me or my husband. Yay!

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TQC! After 10+ years in retail and other customer service positions, I've finally been offered a full-time desk job with cubicle space!

What sort of fun things should I get to make myself comfortable in my new big-girl position? I'm on the lookout for a monogrammed coffee mug.

What things do you like to have on hand while you're working? What is your favorite place to buy office supplies?

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Today is World Autism Day, did you know?
Actually April is Autism Awareness Month.

Are you aware?

Do you think there are some people who are not? Or is it time to change it officially to Autism Acceptance Month?

Do you have a personal experience with autism?
Will you tell me about it?
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what were some of your favourite purchases on ebay?

what were some of your most recent?

i just got an ebay account and have just bought crest whitening strips, a hdmi cable for my bf, a hot air styler, face masks, an eyeliner, and egg poachers. eep.

Sewing question

Help me with my sewing machine dilemma.

I already own an older table top Singer, its falling apart but still works and should have a few years left, its not fancy, but it gets the job done.

I can either keep it and buy a small serger/overlock or I can scrap or sell it for maaaaaaaaaaaybe $20 and buy a new table top machine, most likely a nice used Jenome or a Brother.

What would you do?

I mostly sew clothing for my son and friends, and occasionally to sell.

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Has anyone moved to another city with a SO? Did you both find jobs first? How did you handle the out of town interviews? Why did you move?

My husband and I want to move to his hometown with his family. It's a small place with very few jobs. Since we're in the same field, we'd be applying for the exact same jobs. We don't care if we work together or not though. Should we specify in our cover letter we're applying together but don't both need to be hired? People move out of that town, not into it, so they'll probably notice we're a couple with our same last name and out of town address. Or should we just ignore that part in the cover letter and just both apply?

Unrelated, what's your favourite part of a camping trip?
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Oh my goodness TQC. My first day of work is TOMORROW at 8am! I'm getting so fricken nervous, and anxious, and ahhhhhhhh!

So tell me TQC, Do YOU get nervous for the first day of a new job?
Did you/or do you (if you're in college) get nervous about the first day of school?

When you get your first paycheck, do you treat yourself to anything?

DK/DC/STFU What's the last thing that you were nervous about?

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Vacation Planning Help pretty please?

My parents have a week in beginning of july right after 4th holiday weekend that they want to spend somewhere on vacay, and asked me to help them plan it. I am doing research, but I figured if anyone had personal experience/info it would probably be better/useful.

Basically we are thinking of having them split the week between Pennsylvania and Delaware, the general Philadelphia area in Penn specifically.
They are older (65-67), and not in super great health, things that are TOO exciting/activity intense might be out.

They like museums, historical sites, natural landmarks/sites of interest, beaches, light walking/hiking if its a nice place. Don't really like shopping as leisure activity. Mother has mentioned a while wanting to ride a train?

They will be driving down from NYC. Money isn't a huge concern, but they tend towards frugal end of things/don't like to splurge too much.

Any ideas?
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Off with their heads!

If you were forced at gunpoint to behead a politician (past or present), who would you choose to behead?

What if you were offered $50,000 to behead a politician?

I should note that this post is inspired by thinking about events in medieval history, and not intended in any way to encourage anyone to slaughter the British cabinet.

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What's bumming you out today?

I've been on a medication for two+ years that helps me digest my food. I take it before meals and whenever I feel nauseous, which can be quite often. It used to be a somewhat palatable orange flavor and today CVS gave me this syrupy cherry... goop... that is not delicious. It's not fun taking gross tasting medicine when you already feel gross.