March 31st, 2013

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If you best friend's father put the moves on you, what would you do - would you tell your friend about it?

If you found out that your best friend was banging your father, how much would that impact/change your relationship with either of them?

(lol inspired by tv...)


TQC, what do YOU think?

My coworker and friend is a strict catholic and posted a status indicating he was upset at google for their homepage today(Its a picture of Hugo Chavez). He ALSO put that "Chavez was a great man." So why the anger? I think hes upset because it isn't dedicated to Easter but that seems silly. Am I missing something?
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What kind of songs/games/etc did you use to do on the bus during school field trips? (I'm chaperoning my daughter's band to an amusement park in May - I need ideas to keep them occupied on the way there, lest they start mooning truckers.)

DK/DC/Field trips are for losers that actually did stuff: how long has it been since you've taken a nap?

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I worked 50+ hours/week for the past three weeks and yesterday I spent time with family, friends and went on a 3 hour bike ride.

Will you please validate me and let me know it's okay to lie around the house all day today?

Do you ever feel guilty when you just laze around for an entire day? I feel like I should get up and do something but I can't seem to get out of bed.

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I went on a wonderful first date over the weekend. It was going so well that it ended up being an all-day thing, and we did three things that costed money (two meals and something else that required tickets).
I'm now realizing how much money he probably spent over the course of the date, and I'm feeling kind of guilty that I didn't chip in here and there. Would YOU have at least offered to chip in at least once or twice? One of my friends said that I shouldn't feel bad because it was a first date, and she thinks guys should cover any costs of the first date. But then again, she's traditional.

Next time, I'm thinking that I'll just say something like, "Oh, I want to get this. You did so much last time."

How do you and your significant other go about paying for things? I always feel awkward about money and dating, especially in the early stages.