March 30th, 2013

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for the purposes of this discussion it's still Friday night right now and "tomorrow" is Saturday

Help me regulate my basic corporeal needs!
My ideal sleep schedule's got me going to bed between 2am & 4am, waking up at noon or just before. Tonight, though, I accidentally took a nap at around 11pm and woke up at 3am. Now I'm a little drowsy and I can't decide if I should stay up for a while and get some housework done, or try to go fully to bed in the hopes that I'll wake up in time to do said housework. I'm off work tomorrow so I have nowhere to be at any particular time, but I do absolutely definitely have to get a few things done, and I'm afraid that if I sleep too late they'll just get procrastinated away. What should I do? Tldr?

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On a happier note, I'm someone over the age of 18, who really wants to get into women's lacrosse. I don't want to join a college team or whatever, I just want to learn how to play, maybe make a few friends who enjoy the sport as much as I do. Only problem being, I can't find anyone who does private lessons/clinics/camps. I've contacted so many places, gone and talked to people and they've all given me the 'we don't, and I don't know anyone who does'

Does anyone in Charlotte, NC know of any place that might? I talked to the lacrosse coach where I work and he basically gave me the 'lol you want to play lacrosse? you're a woman! go back in the kitchen!' kind of answer.
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Would you all help me pick a shoe color? I need brown flats but I really like these in orange! I can't afford two pairs.

(I know they aren't the cutest shoes, but I have a few pairs of Keen shoes and I love them)

Suggestions are welcome!

Also, are you making anything fun for Easter? I was assigned Deviled Eggs.
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If you walked into a food establishment and saw a dead cockroach on the ground near the door, would you still eat there? Does your answer depend on the type of food establishment (cafe, ice cream shop, etc.)?
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Which tastes better to you?

They're the same thing, stupid
I don't like either

Which tastes better to you?

Shoestring fries
Waffle fries
Wedge fries
They're the same thing, stupid
I don't like fries

Which tastes better to you?

Regular potato chips
Ridged/wavy potato chips
Waffle potato chips
They're the same thing, stupid
I don't like potato chips

Feel free to discuss Pancakes vs Waffles and other super serious debates in this thread.

iPod nano case for the gym/etc.

I just bought a 7th generation iPod Nano like this. I need a case that covers/protects the screen from scratches, one that clips onto a belt, and one with an armband for gym use. Ideally I'd like one case to do all of these things, but two cases (one with a clip that could attach to an optional armband, one without all that stuff for when it's just in my pocket) would be OK. I've just wasted way too much time online trying to identify something that works and hasn't already accumulated many bad reviews.

Any Nano users here have a case they'd like to recommend?
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Inspired by the last post. . .

What is your favorite flavor of potato chips?

Sour Cream 'N Onion
Salt And Vinegar
Old Bay
Mixed Root Vegetable Chips
Salt And Pepper
Onion And Garlic
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In need of some advice...has anyone here ever dated someone with a chronic illness, or started dating someone who was later diagnosed with a disease? How did you handle it? What things should I do or say or NOT do or say? Its so incredibly hard watching someone you care about suffer & feeling helpless...I think Ive talked my friends' ears off so anyone who can sympathize or offer advice would be appreciated...

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Is is safe to give my tiny Siamese cat a very small dosage (<5mg) of Dulcolax stimulant laxative? Will it be lethal? I have heard that it's fine to give a cat a small dosage of it but I need to be sure it's safe first!

Background: My poor little Siamese cat (who is nearly 19!) has almost chronic constipation that makes her miserable at times. Although she's on a few different cat specific bowel meds, they don't seem to be working too well and she will most likely need an enema. I really want to try something non-invasive to give her some relief as opposed to taking her to the vets is fairly distressing, which will upset the hell out of her. I saw Dulcolox recommended on a feline first aid site.

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And now for another installment of "Why dont you ask a fucking doctor!"

My wisdom teeth are coming in (all four have broken through the gums, they dont hurt thought) and when I got my fillings in December the dentist made the comment that "they wont be getting any further, you need to see a specialist to take them out" but I lost my insurance in January and wont be able to see somebody for quite a while.

What can I expect? Anything I should look for as far as damage being done?

DK/DC : What's one thing have you not done that you really want to do and what's stopping you?

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you know how on the backs of food packages it always provides a number for you to leave your comments or suggestions, and sometimes they even say they'll refund your money if you're not satisfied with the product? has anyone done this - complained and received a refund on a food product?

im just asking cause last night when i was high i sent an email to a nut snack company because it didnt have any raisins in the pack, and they were the best things about the snacks.

also, do you know anyone who has no experience/knowledge on international food at all, even while living in a metropolitan city? asian food is big here where i live, but i know a guy who has never stepped into an asian restaurant or had asian food (sushi was completely new to him).
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Cat question

I have a cat that's at least part Maine Coon. This pic looks exactly like him. When he wants to be petted, he gets really low and flattens himself out. Then he belly-crawls around on the carpet while you pet him.

I knew one other cat that acted this way, and he was also part Maine Coon. Is this a Maine Coon thing? What's their deal?