March 29th, 2013

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come on skinny love

i know a lot of people here have experience with weight loss so i figured i could get help!

recently, my mom started dieting and exercising so she can lose weight. she's doing great. this morning, she was showing me how loose all of her clothes are, and it's a big difference. but then she weighed herself, and it turns out that the lbs aren't really coming off at all. apparently she's barely lost anything.

she's really upset, and i'm really confused. how is this possible, and why is it happening? has this ever happened to anyone else? :( i feel bad for her
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You stole my sunshine!

Have you ever been in a situation where something really good happened, and no  matter how much you wanted to celebrate and be happy, the people around you made it absolutely impossible?

In example, you were needing something good to happen, the good thing happens, and while you want to be so happy and relieved, there are other life situations going on that make you feel like celebrating is just not an option.

If you've been in this situation, how did you deal with it?

I'll post my answer in the comments.

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Domestic abuse, y'all

A man should not hit a woman. However, there may be exceptions. In which of these situations would it be understandable if a man hits a woman?

She's got a knife and threatening to use it on him
He's breaking up a fight between his girlfriend and some woman, and protects his gf
She insulted his manhood in front of his friends
She cheated on him with his best friend
She's hitting him relentlessly with her fists
She's hitting him with a rolling pin
She burned the entree for an important dinner, one where the boss was a guest
None of the above. I'd only allow that it's acceptable for a man to hit a woman in a comment below
It's. NEVER. Acceptable. For. A. Man. To. Hit. A. Woman. EVER

In which situations is it acceptable (by social standards) for a woman to hit a man?

He's threatening to hit her
He cheated on her with her best friend
He bullied her child. They've only been dating briefly
He flirted with another woman in her presence. Really obvious like
He embarrassed her in front of her boss or someone else highly important
He lost half his paycheck at the horse races
He insulted her best friend and made her cry and did not apologize
He's some creepy guy sliding his camera-phone up a girl's skirt. Both of them happen to be in front of you in line at the movies
He's screaming at a woman, calling her a slut, as she walks past the Planned Parenthood clinic he was picketing
None of the above. I'll allow that there is an acceptable situation where it's ok for a woman to hit a man and I'll place it in a comment below
It's never ok for a woman to hit a man

If you were in the park and you saw a skinny-ish guy punching some girl of equal stature and girth, what would you do? She's holding up her hands, trying to defend herself, badly. They're both 20something hipsters

Walk on by. It's not my business
Try and break it up peacefully, without physical contact
Try and restrain the guy to make him stop
Start hitting the guy to make him stop
Stop and watch to see if it gets out of hand. He may have a good reason to hit her
Call 911

If you were in the park and you saw a girl of average physique punching some guy of equal physique, what would you do? He's holding up his hands, trying to defend himself, badly. They're both 20something hipsters

Walk on by. It's not my business
Try and break it up peacefully, without physical contact
Try and restrain the girl to make her stop
Start hitting the girl to make her stop
Stop and watch to see if it gets out of hand. She may have a good reason to hit him
Call 911

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I want to make friends with my next door neighbour. I live in appartment building and I saw her when we collected mail and walked up next to each other. We said hi, but that was it.
How should I approach her to try to make friends?
Should I wait until we meet outside again and ask her if she wants to come over for some wine?
Or should I knock on her door and pretend I need something to get the conversation going? Problem being, I'm a bad liar.
What would you do?

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Do you think that emotional abuse is on par with physical abuse?


I was having a conversation with a friend recently about the experiences I had at two different elementary schools. In school A, I and most of my peers engaged in school fights regularly. When you had a problem with someone, you were open and honest about your dislike for each other, and if things escalated you might get into a fight with the other person at some point. This was true for guys and girls.

In school B, people rarely expressed their dislike for one another openly. You would talk to your friends about the other person and how much you disliked them, and you'd either avoid the person, act passive-aggressively, or in some cases, be friendly to them to preserve harmony. Getting into a fight with someone was a huge deal that would get you suspended.

In my opinion, I much preferred going to school A. I feel like even though there could be a distinct lack of harmony, it was much more of a relief to be able to express your feelings and not feel bad about it. And strangely, the fights would usually end the problem right there. I remember becoming friends with girls that I've slapped in the face! School B was actually much harder to deal with because you wouldn't know who to trust or who was truly your friend and the passive-aggression wound up being more psychologically wearisome due to the hot-n-coldness of it. Oddly, I practically pined for the days when we could all just yell at each other and be done with it.

And yes, I understand that it's school, which is much different from adult life but it made think about how a lot of social rules about conflict and violence seem...distorted? It seems like people are extremely wary of violence (understandably so) but I do wonder if having a culture that's a bit more accepting of it would be psychologically healthier in some ways?

As a disclaimer, I understand completely that we can't and shouldn't go around beating the crap out of anyone we don't like. However, violence is an expression of a valid emotion--anger. And maybe it would be good for some to just be fought out (in all seriousness).

Additional thoughts


And sorry, I just realized that 'abuse' was really not the correct term to use. I guess I should have been more clear from the get-go. I'm not sure of a more succinct/single word to describe it but see the above description for a better description of what I meant.

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Say you have a problem with your apartment and call the landlord, who offers to take care of it personally rather than hire someone - which of these issues would you trust your landlord to fix for you? If you have no landlord, feel free to answer based on landlords you've had in the past.

Exterminate some roaches
Fix a leaky ceiling
Repair a serious plumbing issue (the kind that needs more than some draino/plunging)
Get rid of a mice/rat infestation
Get rid of a bed bug infestation
Repair a major appliance such as the fridge or stove
Replace a broken window
Bust some ghosts
Get rid of some black mold
Replace some loose/unsafe stairs

A good friend has a sudden emergency and must go away for a week. They ask you to watch their pet, since they are having trouble finding anyone else to do it. Which of these would you be willing to pet sit for a week or so?

Three fancy rats
A large snake
A full grown Saint Bernard dog
8 month old hairless sphynx kitten
A racoon
A very yappy yorkshire terrier
Four turtles
A parrot
A silver fox
Two ferrets
An elderly bunny
Two parakeets

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TQC, you find yourself on an episode of chopped (pretend you can cook if you can't).  You are given the following mandatory ingredients for the dessert round. What do you make?

- plums
- kidney beans
- sour cream
- starburst candies

Feel free to post other ingredient scenarios for people to respond too!

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We're grilling burgers for Easter dinner and I promised to make a side. I thought it might be nice to do something a step up from the usual boxed pasta salad. Any suggestions or recipes (pasta salad or otherwise)?