March 25th, 2013

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Do you know anyone who's always complaining about how busy they are?
Do you think they're really that busy, or are they creating problems for themselves (for attention, because they work better like that, etc)?
Are you a person who waits until the last minute to do work, or are you a steady worker over a longer period of time?

context: so many people I know right now are constantly talking about how exhausted they are, how they're spending *literally all day* in the library, how they're so overwhelmed with work that they can't even think about anything else blah blah blah, and I don't really buy it. (edit: for clarification, these are all people working on their undergraduate degrees.)

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My grandma used to get my sister and I these awesome spiced cookies that I'm pretty sure were shaped like windmills. She also used to buy these cornbread cake-like things that came in bag/box combo like english muffins do. I was young, so I can't remember too much about them... except that I've been craving both things on and off for approximately ten years.

Anyone know what either are or where I can get them?

We lived in the northwest region of Indiana, if that makes any difference.
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How much should I charge for babysitting?

My aunt is asking how much I want to be paid for babysitting her kids next week while they're on Spring Break. They're 5 and 7-year-old girls and perfect angels. I'll be watching them from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday. She told me that the alternative, if I didn't want to watch them, would be to send them to a camp at the YMCA which I looked up and found out costs about $200 for the both of them.

Honestly I would watch her kids without payment forever, but I know she wants to pay me and I have a wedding/honeymoon coming up that she is probably trying to help me out with financially by giving me a job.

Do you think $150 is a decent amount to ask, considering the price of the camp? I assume she'll probably give me extra money for food, activities etc as well.

to all my fellow gamers out there:

the button on our xbox that opens & closes the disk tray is busted. not a problem most of the time, since we just open and close it using the A button on while on the dashboard before & after playing. but when i went to play star ocean this morning (which is an older game that requires in game disk switching) & i have reached a point in the game were i can not progress without switching to disk 2. its also one of those games that requires you reach save points in order to save your progress, so i really can't play it at all without fixing this problem. is it possible to fix the button without replacing the whole machine? or rig something up to let me open & close the tray? on the old xbox (not 360) you could put a paperclip in this little hole & open it, but i don't see a hole on this one? :( help!

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Is it ok to wear black to a wedding?

Is it ever ok to wear white to a wedding?

What should I wear to my cousin's wedding? Her fiance's family is paying for everything and they're snobby and loaded so it's definitely going to be fancy. All the fancy dresses I'm finding look so prom-like. It's this summer but where we live the weather will probably suck.

I'm a 6ft woman, should I wear heels under this wedding outfit and tower over everyone (including the very short bride) or wear flats and do a little less towering but not look as good?

And just a little bit related... Do you know any good leg and butt firming excercises?
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Airline Tickets- When to Buy?

I need to buy airline tickets for our vacation this summer. We are flying from Charlotte to Seattle (and back) this August. When we first looked, a few weeks ago, there were round trip fares about $350 per person. We looked again yesterday, the cheapest was $490 per person. Times 2, that’s quite a big difference. Then add the checked baggage fees… (we are taking a 7-day cruise to Alaska, so we will definitely have one checked bag each).

This article contains several helpful hints, including:

"7. Book well in advance
While this is tough for business travelers who need to fly for an unexpected meeting, aim to book flights several weeks in advance when the prices are lower.
"For domestic flights, if a consumer books 12-35 days before departure, they can save up to 6%," says spokesperson Maria Katime."

I would think “well in advance” means longer than 12-35 days out. Right now we’re about 5 months away and discouraged because we had a chance to get some lower rates, didn’t take them, and now they’ve gone up. That article makes me wonder if we’re trying too early. We’d like to have our air arrangements finalized sooner rather than later, just to have one more item checked off the task list.

I know that buying airline tickets is like gambling, and nobody here has a crystal ball to know what the airlines will do tomorrow, next week, or next month. But does anyone know a good strategy? Do the rates usually go back down before rising back up again for the last-minute folks and business travelers?
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A bit of backstory...I got a refill script from my non-Kaiser GP for my Adderall, and then took it to Kaiser to get it filled. They refused because they apparently don't fill class 2 prescriptions from non-Kaiser doctors.

Is it legal to refuse to fill a script because an 'outside organization' prescribed it? I know they can be refused for moral reasons, but this wasn't the case.

Isn't Vicodin an even higher class than Adderall? They filled a Vicodin prescription for my husband that his non-Kaiser dentist gave him (oral surgery...ew).

Is it possible that this is payback for the complaint I filed against them (that particular pharmacy location)?

EDIT: For those that may not know, Kaiser Permanente is a medical insurance group that has all their own doctors, pharmacy, etc.


Are you in contact with any of your exes?

Before I go into the story, I want to be clear: I don't want to get back together with him, I am very happy in my current relationship, and I believe my ex is married. He is just a really nice guy and I hope he's doing well. The end.

I'm in a nearly 6 yr relationship with my current bf. I dated my ex 10 years ago. We had been into contact as recently as 6 years ago just casually e-mailing back and forth exchanging 'how are you doing's etc ( juuuust as I started dating my current bf). Does anyone watch the show The Following? He and I really bonded over our love of Poe, and ever since we've been watching the show I've been wondering how he's doing. He's not on Facebook or Linkedin, and I've even done a Google search which didn't turn up anything. For all I know, his e-mail address isn't even valid anymore. I've just been wondering how he is. He's truly a great guy, we just were not a good fit. I hope all is well with him, etc. etc. Would it be inappropriate to e-mail him? I would see if my bf would be okay with this - I'm not trying to hide anything because I don't believe there's anything to be hidden. I know it would be super random if I e-mailed him, but Poe was such a huge part of our relationship it would be hard not to associate him with the show.

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Do you have a cat?

Does s/he play fetch?
If so, were there dogs in the house that also played catch that your cat observed (and maybe learned the behavior from)?

I've had a cat play fetch before, but we also had a younger dog at the time who loved playing fetch.  However, my kitten plays fetch without "learning" to from any other pet.
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advice please, tqc?

I just got an email from a place I applied to for an internship to come in for interview. they are interviewing this weds-fri and also mon-tues of next week. due to travel plans I already paid for only this Weds or next Tues work for me.

Bases on any experience/insight you might have interviewing or being interviewed... do you think it would be better for my odds to go the first day they are doing the interviews, or the last? what would you go with in my position? (both days are equally open for me...)

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Could anyone tell me what the writing on these two objects says? The first one is (I think) a makeup bag I've had forever, the second is a wooden cane my neighbor found next to the boiler in her basement apartment tonight.

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Pet Sitting

I've been kind of day-dreaming of starting up a pet sitting and dog walking business for the last couple of months. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea. So I was just wondering what your experiences with pet sitters and dog walkers have been. Have you ever hired one? How did it go? Have you ever been one? How was it?

What are your expectations of a pet sitter? What do you think a pet sitter should do as a bare minimum? If you were thinking of hiring a pet sitter or dog walker, what would you be looking for? What would make you more likely to hire one person over another?

I feel like I'm not wording my questions too well, but basically I just what to hear anything you have to say about pet sitters/dog walkers. Any insight, advice or feedback at all would be very interesting to me :)

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For those of you who have graduated (be it from college, graduate school, or even high school) how have you celebrated your graduations?

For high school I went out to a fancy dinner of prime rib with my family.

In college we went to a fancy-ish Mexican place for dinner. Afterwards my friends and I drank all night. Oh and my parents threw a party for me over the summer.

I'm getting ready to graduate law school and I'm contemplating what to do.
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i'm trying to adopt a dog. i talked to the lady today and she started telling me that the dog can't be outside and shouldn't be on carpet until the middle of may when all of his puppy shots are settled (his last one would be april 24th) and i'm like wtf. i have had a puppy before and he went outside and everything before his shots were finished. now idk what i want to do. i really want the puppy and the lady thinks i'm the perfect candidate but i'm just thrown off a bit.

have you ever heard anything like this? i know you should be cautious with puppies but geez.

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Would you be able to identify Queen Elizabeth II from a line up of similar looking old ladies if they were all dressed the same?

Where are you from? (If she appears on your currency the fun kind of goes)