March 24th, 2013


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For those of you that celebrate Easter . . .

What traditions does your family have?
What's for dinner Easter?

My family used to go to Church on Easter, but within the last 3 years we've stopped going. My mom still makes Easter baskets for me and my brother. We spend the day together and have a big dinner. This year's dinner is:
Crab Cakes
Lamb with Tarragon-Mint Butter
Green Veggies
Couscous with Pine Nuts
Strawberry-Lemon Parfait

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Congrats, you have been gifted with strange superpower of questionable utility. Which power will you choose?

You can temporarily shapeshift into an 85 year old version of yourself
You are a walking drug test, can tell if someone has used any illicit substance in the last month just by squinting at them for a while
You can hold back your need to pee, once you start feeling it, for up to 14 hours
You are a female pigeon whisperer
You can eat any spoiled or otherwise contaminated food without getting ill
Whenever you start dancing any line/group dance (macarena, electric slide etc) anyone around you will feel overwhelming and irresistable compulsion to join in. They will keep dancing for as long as you are dancing.
Your hugs have the power to induce panic attacks
In any kind of game/sport/competition, anyone/anything that you place a monetary bet of any sort on will always lose
You have healing abilitites that only work on rats
You have telepathy that only works on children under the age of 4 that you are not related to
Your blood is extremely soporific to anyone who touches it
You terrify dogs
When you want you can effectively use your hands as feet and your feet as hands
No matter how dirty you look and feel, you always smell great
You can remove your eyeballs at will and still see out of them regardless of where you put them, as long as they dont get damaged

what would you use your new power for?
just a bill
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I'm starting to apply for teaching jobs for next year and one of my professors recommended I contact an instructor I had last semester (who is an elementary-school principal). I'm having trouble wording the email so that I sound interested in working for her but not all "omgplzhiremenow". Does this email sound stupid? Any advice?

Hi [instructor]

I hope your spring semester is going well. I have just completed all my requirements for a Regular 1 license for teaching in the District of Columbia and am beginning to apply to jobs for the next school year. In addition to applying to the large pool in the DCPS website, Dr. O. recommended that I reach out to you and see if you expect to have any grade-level vacancies for next year at [your school]. If so, do you know if it is possible to apply directly to you in addition to the general pool?


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It's my mums birthday tomorrow and i've made cupcake strawberry cheesecakes. I'm going to have to hide them by my bedroom window, which is pretty cold, but I want to decorate them with fresh strawberries and double cream. Is it best to hold off till tomorrow to do this, or will it be ok to leave overnight?
Gargoyle Eye


Do strangers ever tell you to smile?  What's your gender?

I see people complain about this a lot online but I've never heard someone mention it IRL (or had it happen to me).  Is this a common occurrence where you are?
mickey puking

Sanitation Habits

How many consecutive days do you typically use a towel after getting out of the shower before switching to a new one? (I usually keep the same one for about a week)

How often do you change/wash your bed sheets and comforter? (Don't ask)

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I'm a college student interviewing tomorrow for a summer internship. I've been on a few interviews before, but this is my dream organization to work at so I'm extremely nervous. Any tips or "musts" for having a successful interview? Thanks so much!