March 23rd, 2013

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It's the End of the World as we know it..!

Any suggestions for an end of the world playlist?

I'm trying to make a mix-tape set in this post-apocalyptic future where me and this guy will be banding together.. Well, you know, if the apocalypse goes to plan.. I'm calling it "Brave New World" but it might end up being called "An R.E.M. song nine times and that song from Girl, Interrupted which doesn't really work but I had to end on something". Help?
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Is there a limit to downloading books from amazon? I've been crazily downloading free books and after a while the new downloads don't show up on the kindle app for my ipad. :(

If you're on goodreads, do you accept an author's request to friend you?

What books are you anxiously waiting to come out?

What books in your possession are you wanting to read? Can we help you decide on which book to read next?

Tablet Recommendations.

I am trying to find a tablet for someone with developmental disabilities (autism among other conditions).
What I am looking for:
Must have a very sturdy case available (think child proof).
Ability to play music, video, and games. (Full color books, the ability to have the lyrics of music showing while playing would be awesome)
Ability to lock user out of changing settings, moving icons, etc.
She loves The Wiggles, Hanna Montana, Billy Ray Cyrus and Barney.
The iPad is an obvious choice, but rather spendy.
Are there any Android tablets with great cases available?
Any apps you can recommend to do any of these things or specialized for special needs/autism?
Thanks so much.

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What are your thoughts on bribing very young children (3-4 and under) to make them behave? e.g. "If you stay quiet on this 6 hour flight I'll buy you a toy when we land."

When is it okay and when is it not okay (in your opinion)? What do/would you bribe your kids with? If you don't believe in bribery at all, how would you make your child behave in situations like a long plane ride, etc. where you can't exactly remove them from the situation?
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Have you ever gotten an infection from a cat scratch? Or have you ever preventatively taken antibiotics for one? How bad/deep was the wound?

My cat & I had an altercation earlier and he smacked me (vs swiped, it's puncture wounds). My wrist swelled up pretty much immediately, so I went to a walk in clinic. The doctor just gave me a prescription for antibiotics - apparently the swelling was normal. He also gave me a disapproving look and a tsk when he saw a different, basic cat scratch on my arm when I told him it was from yesterday, like I should have gone in after getting that one. If I took antibiotics for every general, accidental scratch my own indoor cats give me, I'd have been on them pretty much nonstop since I was 9. I'm aware cat scratch fever is a real thing, but his overblown reaction to the incidental scratch made me wonder if I really even need to be on meds for the wound I went in for. I don't have a fever, no spidery lines/pus/etc, it barely bled, the swelling has gone down & it's just a sore bruise now - and he kept referring to it as a bite even after I corrected him and told him it was not (the cat got me with 2 claws, so it looks more like a bite). I'm really not a fan of unnecessary pills but antibiotics especially - I'll probably be safe to just monitor it myself and hold off taking them unless things get worse, right?

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Would you be able to get romantically involved with someone with a name that you dislike? (For example, I don't care for the name Blanche, and I don't think I could be involved with someone named that.)

Would you be able to get romantically involved with someone who has the same name as a sibling of yours?

Would you be able to get romantically involved with someone whose name mixes badly with yours? (For example, could you date a Jack if your name were Jill? Also, my grandfather's neighbors were named Jerry and Geri.)

ETA: I went to high school with a girl named Brooke who was dating a guy with the last name Trout. I imagine that had they ever gotten married, she wouldn't have taken his name. Also, when I was in college, I was aware of a female named Marguerite that went by Peg who dated a guy with the last name Legg.
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Mr. Pants Says

Married Life

Married people of TeaQueSea,

If you changed your name after you got married, how long did it take to settle on your new signature? I've been practicing mine all day and it just doesn't flow, if you know what I mean.

For everybody: do you include your middle name/initial in your signature?

Dk/dc/: how's the weather in your neck of the woods?

Haunted house or over-active imagination?

Me and my boyfriend recently moved into our own place. It’s a 1 bedroom flat. I think it might be haunted though. It’s always in the bedroom which is at the back of the house. It’s always cold in there.

The first night was fine. But on the second night I was here on my own (my boyfriend works nights) and when I turned my lights off and got into bed an overwhelming sense of heaviness came into the room. I don’t know how to explain it. I was storing my clothes in a suitcase that night and all of a sudden the zippers on it started jangling. It made such a racket. What other possible explanation does anyone have that could answer this?

The following nights were relatively activity free. There was just an odd bang and rattle here that could have been the guy who lives upstairs.

One evening when my boyfriend was with me, he heard something bang the floor next to the bed four times in a uniform kind of pattern. It was as if it was tapping underneath the carpet. It was so uniform in nature in fact, it was as if someone was under the floorboard and tapping it.

Another night, I was awoken sharply by the bottom of my bed shaking and vibrating. Then it got worse and felt like someone was hitting the mattress. It stopped suddenly and I hid underneath the quilt until my boyfriend came home (he comes home between 3:30am and 4:00am). When he came home I was awake. He got into bed. We’d settled down and were both then alarmed by someone forcibly yanking on the bedroom curtain. We couldn’t see anything but we could hear it.

About ten minutes later my boyfriend woke me up. He was quite alarmed and asked me if I’d just tried to put my arm over him. I was said no and asked him what he was on about. He said he felt someone brush a hand or something similar right over his midriff, on top of the quilt, and it freaked him out.

Nothing else happened for a week or so, until one evening when I was cold in bed and tried to adjust my duvet. I sleep on the right side of the bed and I couldn’t pull the duvet over me because something heavy was on the left side of the bed. I could even feel a slight pressure on the side of my left leg, as if something was resting slightly on it. All of a sudden, something shifted and I could move the duvet. I suppose it could have just been static electricity causing friction between the duvet and bed sheet and it stuck a bit, hence why I couldn’t move it, but it still freaks me out!

We also heard someone tapping on the bedroom window, but when we looked outside there was no one there.

Does this sound like a haunt? Any logical explanation to these goings on? I've been dying to post this somewhere, but no where seemed suitable. Glad I found a place where I can ask questions and stuff :)

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do you like mushrooms?

are there any foods that you find adorable?

i love mushrooms and i think they're adorable. i have to restrain myself from poking them and gently squeezing them at the grocery store.
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My boyfriend and I want to plan a trip to Washington DC in the next year or so.

I'm doing my own research but I'd like your input as well:

What is the best time of year to visit in terms of weather? Worst time?

Are there any hotels or areas to stay you'd recommend?

dk/dc talk about any upcoming vacation plans?

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there's this girl in my workplace who's pretty and good at communicating with guys. she has a boyfriend and specifically instructed me to say "i don't know" if anyone ever asked me if she's single. someone did ask her directly and she said it was a secret. normally i mind my own business, but she has been messaging different guys in the workplace and showing off to me (who said what etc) and i suspect one of them is the guy i'm interested in. :(

i'm not as pretty and a little bit awkward at times. how can i approach this situation? should i just let it go? some advice would be good :( :(

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If your work rings you when you're not there, what's your general reaction?
I silently panic

What clothing choices are unforgivable for you?
Running shoes as a shoe for anything other than working out in. Especially with jeans.

interstate bus travel

TQC, my 16-year-old son just departed for a school trip. This is his third trip with the group and he always has a good time, and I'm glad for him that he gets to go. The teacher in charge is very organized and responsible, and there are several adult chaperones and I'm sure they'll have a fabulous time when they get to their destination. However, they are going in three buses overnight and will encounter a snow storm on the way. I keep thinking about all the recent horrible bus crash stories I've seen in the news. Will you tell me something that will make me stop worrying?

DK/DC: Describe the worst pizza you have ever eaten.
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Does anyone know anything about heart attacks?

I genuinely fear my mother had one a few hours ago. She refused to let me call for help. She took some pills that she usually takes for her bloodpressure. I think it took between 30-45 minutes before she "calmed down", her pain lessened and her breathing got back to... at least relatively normal. Pretty quickly after that she actually fell asleep, and so I let her sleep for a while, figuring at least she's calm. Now she's awake and it seems she's getting better and better. (Though now I think she wants to fall asleep again, but it's 9:00 pm here so that, while not necessarily late, is reasonable- it's not unusual for her to be asleep at this hour.) She's still refusing to contact anyone for help, saying it's not necessary. Is it ok for me to "let it go" at least to tomorrow? It seems I have the worst luck, I've been calling a special telephone line for medical advice but apparently they are down just now for having had too much traffic. I've been trying to call a few select people (my mother would hate it if I called the "wrong" people- it's difficult to explain but she's very particular about not appearing too vulnerable to certain people and hate it when people "make a fuss".) None of these select few have answered my calls and don't seem to be at home.
My mother is drifting off to sleep now and seems ok at least right now. Do you think it's ok for me to "let her off the hook" until tomorrow as she seems better? I think that even tomorrow she will fight my idea of wanting her to seek medical help to make sure she's fine. Should I ignore her now, and tomorrow, and call someone against her will?
For someone who knows about heart attacks, would it be ok to ignore it, considering how she is now?
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i just had a 2 hr nap and it seemed to be full of really intense, emotional, and violent dreams. do you think dreams sometimes reflect the kind of mental state you're in at the time? (i have been quite stressed and exhausted lately)

if you have a friend who lives in the city and you live an hours drive away, how do you deal if you wanted to go on a night out with them in the city? i have a friend who lives far away and she never seems to be able to come out to the city cause its a hassle to get here and back home. usually i'd offer her to crash at mine but we're not super close so im not sure if she'll be comfortable.