March 20th, 2013


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An otherwise completely normal relationship, but the couple only ever see each other in the evening at each others houses, and pretty much just have sex. Maybe go out to a bar/go for a meal once a month or so.

Does this situation seem like a not-so-great grounding for a relationship to you?

ETA: 'completely normal' meaning not a friends with benefits arrangement or something along those lines.

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In which of these contexts have you run?

in an informal race with friends
in a formal race/marathon
as part of a cardio fitness routine
on a school track team
for the bus or train
from an attacker
as part of a larger fleeing crowd
because you were late for an important meeting/class/other obligation
while playing tag or similar game
chasing a wrongdoer
chasing/trying to catch a young child or an animal
military or paramilitary training
There has been no running in my life, ever

How good of a liar are you (regardless of how often you actually do it)?

Excellent - people always or almost always believe my lies
Not so great
Terrible - People always or always see right through my attempts

If you said something in a normal tone/volume to someone standing near you, and they did not respond/react at all, what would you be most likely to assume?

That they did not/could not hear me
That they did not realize I was talking to them specifically
That they are deliberately ignoring me

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Let's say you have a friend who is bragging about how much weight she has lost. She's showing off the new clothes that she bought, which are a size or two smaller than what she normally wears. However, the clothes obviously don't fit, and your friend seems oblivious to this fact. Would you say anything? What would you say?
✞ motherfucking  gawjus
  • mick

he wore doc martens in the sun

i have been on the hunt for red velvet docs for years, but i'm just not having any luck! i checked in store, i checked online, i've checked etsy, ebay, amazon and asos marketplace, and i got nothing. do you know where i could find them?

❀ it has to be a women's size 8 (size 6 uk)
❀ i want the BOOT, not the shoe
❀ not the ugly floral print ones!
❀ i don't even care if the velvet is red anymore :( i love the red ones with all my heart but if they're the black, purple, or blue ones that's okay too sigh

i'll pay top dolla! honestly at this point anything would help. even if you could just name sites you know where people sell their clothes


will you show me the last article of clothing you bought, or an article of clothing you're dying to buy?

who is your favorite celebrity that died too young?

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For those that are currently paying back student loans, have you ever requested to lower the payment amount?  There is a form to fill out and it asks for your income and such.  If they deny the application, you don't think there is a reason they would raise my payment do you?