March 18th, 2013

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What languages do you speak/write?

How well do you know these languages? If you don't speak another language, which ones would you like to learn?

English - mother tongue.  I can speak, read, and write fluently.
Japanese - I can read and write most hiragana and katakana characters. As far as speaking goes, I know greetings and some random words and phrases, including a few swear words, but still working on grammar. Pronunciation is ok, except for a couple sounds, like F and R.
Latvian - I'm learning the alphabet and I understand 'hi', 'yes', 'thank you' and a few other words. Still trying to get a grasp on pronunciation and grammar.
German - I know some words and greetings here and there.
Spanish - Same as German.  Funny I never learned it, even though I live in an area with a lot of immigrants from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Panama, and Central and South America.

I would like to learn Russian (other than 'yes' and 'no') and I don't know if this counts, but American Sign Language.  I took ASL lessons after school when I was in 7th grade, but I forgot most of the signs I learned so I want to relearn them.

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What are somethings that I might forget to pack when I go to Florida in 3 weeks ?
What are something I should pack that i'm not thinking of?

I'm leaving April 7th, will be staying in Treasure Island and that's right on the water.
Never been to Florida so I'm not sure what to expect.
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Do you use over-the-counter facial moisturizer, facial scrub, astringent or anything else for acne prevention? If so, what brand is it?

I'm looking for some recommendations. I'm starting to break out lately, probably because I've been more stressed than usual. (Also, I stopped birth control in January after being on it for several years, so that probably has something to do with it.) I have dry skin, but not sensitive skin.

I'm not necessarily looking for the cheapest stuff...I'm willing to spend a little extra if needed. I've been using Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer but I don't think it's helping.

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You are walking by a yard sale and notice the following items, all on sale for $2. You happen to have some cash on you. Which of these would you be willing to buy?

Richard Nixon bobblehead doll in like-new condition
The holy bible in fully illustrated manga form
A collection of dentures stored in a nice box, containing sets form late 1800's through the 1960's
Set of three pin-up calanders from 1943-1945
A hairless rat, pickled in formaldehyde in a large jar
An afro-style wig
A set of traffic signs from the 1980's
A set of Nancy Drew books with copious handwritten marginalia
Set of medical/surgery tools, including several scalpels
Album full of what appears to be amatuer/non-professional photographs from the Vatican in the 1960's or 70's
Typewriter from the 1950's
Screenplay for a movie called "Orgy at the Moon Station"
3 foot tall paper machete T-Rex, elaborately painted
A baby-shaped pinata
Yellow t-shirt and baseball cap with Hizbollah logo printed on themn

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Do you have stepparents--either a stepmother or stepfather or both? If so, what is your relationship like with him/her/them? Good? Bad? Indifferent? If your parent remarried and then passed away (and you had a good relationship with your stepparent), would you continue to keep in touch with said stepparent after your parent's death? What about stepsiblings? Do you have any? Are they older than you or younger? If so, do you get along/like/hate each other?
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TQC, sort out my trivial, 19-year-old problems for me.
About a month ago, I broke up with my boyfriend. We didn't end on particularly 'friendly' terms. We've only seen each other once since then, passing on the street. He blanked me.
Anyway, tomorrow, our mutual friend is having a birthday party. I don't know that many people going - only people that are friends with both me and him. It's going to be super awkward right?
Should I suck it up and just go to the party? Or should I avoid it to miss out on any unpleasantness? 
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I need some shopping help, TQC!

I am desperately in love with this jacket but I don't think it is big enough for me. :( Can you recommend me a site or store that sells leather jackets for large-chested women? (Bright green is a plus but not required)

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Do you want to participate in a sort of scavenger hunt and help me find something?

I stumbled upon this quilt on The Company Store's site that I love.  I have looked pretty much everywhere and can't find it in the size I need (king), nor can I find anything similar.  If anyone's bored and good at finding things, I'd appreciate the help.

Thank you!

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I've just started watching LOST on Netflix and I'm usually so good at avoiding spoilers for shows but I need to know.. does Kate ever die? I want to strangle her and I'm only 9 episodes in.

What TV shows have you seen every episode of?
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hi tqc. i havent had many girl friends lately, and i realise its starting to affect how i relate or even speak to other girls.. i feel like i dont know how to anymore.
the one girl friend i am close to in this city is someone who tires me out. she regularly sends me videos of her rambling about nothing in particular, takes pictures of her posing with her new purchases, or of her posing in outfits. she very often uses swear words where they dont really belong. im wondering if these quirks of hers are something that would annoy others, or if it's just me being unfriendly and antisocial. so... would someone doing this sort of stuff annoy you?

any stories of friends you have who you can only take a bit at a time?