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March 16th, 2013

(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2013|07:22 am]
The Question Club


I am finally able to go to Florida for a week next month !!

When was the last time you went away on vacation?
Where did you go?
Anything exciting happen while you were there?

Random question that just popped in my head:
Do you know how to read/write shorthand?
Does anyone even use shorthand anymore?
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March is Youth Art Month [Mar. 16th, 2013|09:31 am]
The Question Club


1. It's Youth Art Month! What awesome youth art have you seen lately or ever? (I think it's supposed to be children and young adults...)

2. I run a fairly small forum for people with creative hobbies, and there's a section I change the topic of every now and then. I changed it to Youth Art Month and now I can't think of any threads to post because I have the dumb. Any ideas? Trying to get some good conversation going and maybe attract some new members which I really need.

3. What are the last parts of your email addresses? eg hotmail.com or yahoo.com.uk or whatever.
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Here's a really vague, annoying vacation question [Mar. 16th, 2013|10:17 am]
The Question Club


I'm spending 2-3 weeks in Europe this June. I've never been outside of the US. Where should go, what should I see? I have no firm plans yet whatsoever, so I'm open to suggestion for anything anywhere on(in?) the continent.

PS I only speak english :((
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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2013|10:56 am]
The Question Club



To you, what would be worse?

Spending the next year constantly surrounded by people: sleeping in dorm with 8 others, working in a group, communal showers, baths, latrines, cafeteria dining, etc.
Spending the next year with absolutely no human contact any sort at all

What do you think would be worse?

Being totally brain dead, but your body is otherwise completely healthy
Being completly paralyzed, but fully mentally aware/functioning

What would be worse for you?

A 20% increase in the taxes that are taken out of each paycheck (and not part of any tax return)
Mandatory goverment assigned work one day in every ten - you could be doing anything from picking up trash to construction to working in gov't hospital, you get no choice

If you could only have insurance coverage for one of these things, what would you choose?

Doctor office visits (including specialists)
Prescripition drug coverage (all drugs covered but your copay higher for non generic)
Hospital visits and surgeries (including ER and ambulance rides)
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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2013|11:17 am]
The Question Club


i'm applying for a job as a waitress and one of the questions is "are you bondable?"

what does it mean to be 'bondable'?

dk/dc: what's your favorite restaurant, and your favorite dish from that restaurant?
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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2013|11:52 am]
The Question Club


Hey TQC, my boyfriend and I want to take a mini-vacation, will you suggest some destinations for us?

-live in NYC, would need to rent a car to drive anywhere but that's not a problem
-airplane/bus/train all options as well
-looking to take a long weekend, maybe Thursday/Friday-Monday
-willing to spend about $500-800 on travel/lodging/activities

We're pretty much open to anything. We just need to get the eff away.
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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2013|11:54 am]
The Question Club


My boyfriend and I are making a grocery list and meal plan for the week and realized our meals are full of carbs and proteins and little else.

What are some good ways to incorporate vegetables into our diet that don't take a lot of extra preparation? we can only take so many raw carrot sticks. Also I don't like vegetables in general so I'm trying to find creative ways to sneak them in there.

or if you don't care:

What's on your typical grocery list?

eta: per ellelelle's suggestion, here are the meals we usually eat (i am looking up new recipes all the time but just started learning how to cook): spaghetti, lasagna, grilled chicken, turkey burgers, chili, enchiladas.
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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2013|01:42 pm]
The Question Club


What nourishes your soul? Interpret how you wish.

For me it seems to be long drives in the country side, alone, with a full tank of gas.
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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2013|03:09 pm]
The Question Club


Is there a formal way to write "and/or"?

Do you just write two sentences containing the different conjunctions? It seems redundant.

I try to avoid that phrase in formal writing but sometimes it seems so appropriate.
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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2013|03:37 pm]
The Question Club


[music |American - Lana Del Rey]

What is the best thing to happen to you so far in 2013?

Mine: I recently got a job at my local music venue working in promotions part-time while at uni, I get to work at a great venue & see bands live for free.
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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2013|04:42 pm]
The Question Club


Can we please have a post where you comment your usernames for other people to ask you questions?
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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2013|06:49 pm]
The Question Club


A long-term couple lives together and has kids. They both work.

They decide to put a certain amount of their paychecks into a joint account to pay for household items, bills, things for the kids, etc., and a certain percentage into a joint savings account.

And they keep the rest in their own separate accounts to buy whatever they want.

Do you see any problems arising from this setup?
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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2013|07:03 pm]
The Question Club


The kidney infection I posted about last week turned into a 6 day hospital stay. I need something to get excited about.

So, as i'm moving to Florida in 6 weeks, what should I do with my last few weeks in the UK/at home?
What should I do to prepare for the big move?
What stuff should an English girl in America know? (I've only ever been to New York before)

Dk/dk: Will you share a picture of the area where you live?
Mine under the cut. Welcome to the Cotswolds...Collapse )
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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2013|07:10 pm]
The Question Club


I'm procrastinating on my dissertation (again). Would you recommend me some new tumblr blogs to follow, pretty please?

How is everyone's Saturday so far?
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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2013|07:37 pm]
The Question Club


Poll fail fail fail + fail.

When is the last time you failed at technology, or had technology fail you? Does the new Lj system frustrate you as much as it does me?
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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2013|09:39 pm]
The Question Club


if your birthday's coming up, what are your plans?
if it has just passed, what did you do?
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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2013|10:42 pm]
The Question Club


What phone numbers do you have memorized?

What strange talents or abilities do you have? I can remember phone numbers VERY easily and have dozens (if not hundreds) of them memorized.
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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2013|10:49 pm]
The Question Club


Did you do this as a child?
If yes, what decade were you born in?

Mama had a baby and it's head popped off.Collapse )
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