March 15th, 2013

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What is your relationship like with your parents? Are you close? Or do you not get along?

To make a long story short, I tried to repair my relationship with my mom by taking her to Disney and to visit her mom with me. My grandma and my dad have been asking me to try to fix it for years.

I ended the trip 3 days early and drove 1100 miles in one day just because I couldn't tolerate being around her anymore. :/ (she spent the time bad mouthing my friends, my sister's girlfriend, my dads boss, telling me random shit about her life that I know isn't true...she makes up shit and lies ALL the time).

I feel bad because we can't get along...but I honestly don't know what to do. My two sisters get along with her better than I do, but just barely.

Or if you don't want to answer far have you or would you drive in a day?

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How do you define "stress"?

Is it a TERRIBLE HORRIBLE thing, or is it sort of a daily thing for you?

Anytime I've said something like "I think I might be stressed" to someone who asked me how I was doing, they went all OH MY GOD WHAT? STRESS?!?! NOOOO!!! on me, as if I had just told them I was thinking of committing suicide. It was weird. It wasn't like they asked me "How are you?", it was during conversations about my wellbeing. I'm wondering if my definition of "stress" is too lenient.

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I picked some blackberries this morning!

I'm going to use some of them to make some muffins. I usually make raspberry and white chocolate muffins. What kind of chocolate do you think would go with the blackberries (if any)? I just have regular white, milk, or dark. I'm planning on making half with chocolate and half without.

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Anyone here from the Sellersburg/Charlestown Indiana area? Or in or around Deam Lake?

DK/DC/Stop being creepy :

What is the last song you sung along to?

Mine is "Ill Be Your Mirror"..stupid sappy shit.

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I have a can of matcha powder I got for super cheap at a post-christmas sale, and kinda feeling like trying to make with it this weekend.

Has anyone had experience baking with matcha, or eating baked goods made of matcha? Any ideas of what kinda baked goods might be yummy in matcha green tea flavor? Bonus points if I can put vanilla frosting on it without that being too weird, lol. I'm vegan, but I can figure out how to veganize most recipes so any ideas at all that you may have, I'd like to hear :]

Also, just curious - does anyone know how transferable typing skills are from modern computers to old fashioned typewriters? Like, if someone who types quickly on a keyboard was put in front of an old typewriter, would they be able to adjust pretty fast, or is it totally different? Vice versa too - do people with lots of typewriter experience switch to computers starting off with good typing?
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For those of you also on Dreamwidth: is there a way to read communities from LJ/friends' entries from there?  If so, how?

Unrelated ?: Do you partake of the McDonald's Shamrock Shake when it's available?  Is it worth the hype?
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song help

I can't remember any of the words but i remember the music video was on vh1 maybe a week or two ago. the singer is a white woman with white/blonde hair, she sounds similar to the sound of 'titanium'. she's singing near the ocean and some times in it. please help

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What are you natural and non-prescription cures and remedies for insomnia?

I haven't been able to fall asleep until 4am for the past couple of weeks, despite hunkering down to go to bed at about 1am, and then when I am asleep it's really restless. I wake up feeling awful and tired the whole day, yet no matter how tired I am I can't fall asleep at night.

A question about pregnancy from an anon


An anonymous person posting at the nearly dead anontqc wants to know:

Have you gotten pregnant while on birth control?

How early did you know you were pregnant?

What was your earliest symptom of pregnancy?

What might be the same person added (in a separate comment) I ran out of HBC (my placebo week ended in the last week of February) prior to this and conception would have been on the 14th day of my cycle.