March 13th, 2013

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I need your opinions.

I've been with my bf for 6 months. He lives on the street behind me a couple blocks down but almost always spends the night at my house with me ( when he's not at work).

Last night we got into a stupid fight. He was going to leave to walk home but we worked it out I thought and cuddled and fell asleep. The fight was pretty bad I've never seen him that mad at me.

When I woke up at 5am he was gone. No note or text nothing. I texted and called... No response. He has never done anything like this. On a scale from 1-10 how mad would you be? 1 being not mad at all.

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I was flipping channels on satellite radio yesterday, and I paused on a station that was talking about how they were reporting live from the South By Southwest festival. They said "this  festival features the very best bands of our time".

I had to stop and think: What ARE the very best bands of our time? The lineup of this festival aside, which bands do you think are the very best of our time right now, in 2013?

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DK/DC/u r old get a clue: Do you have a desktop computer or do you rely solely on laptops or tablets? I have a big-ass desktop computer that is getting close to needing an upgrade but I don't want to invest in it since I spend most of my time using my iPad and my Kindle Fire HD.

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Which of these things/images first come to mind when you think about/see the letter "A"

grades on school papers and exams
food service sanitary inspection grades
puritan form of public ostracism and humiliation
Alcoholics Anonymous
a motor club and leisure travel organization
one of the blood groups
other (describe)

You have been put in charge of interviewing candidates for a job at a moderately conservative company. Which of these characeristics in an interview candidate would completly eliminate them from the running for you?

Very heavy use of cologne or perfume
A female candidate is wearing [a properly pressed and fitted] clearly from the mens department suit
The candidate's shoes are very scuffed
The candidate winks at you as they enter the room
A male candidate's suit pants end about two inches above his ankles - you can clearly see his socks
The candidate is five minutes late to the interview, and explains that thier dog just died this morning
The candidate figets a lot in thier seat
A female candidate's eye makeup has very clearly been in-expertly applied
The candidate has a large, visible bruise on half of their face, says they recently had an accident
The candidate, of either gender, is wearing a bowtie
You cannot figure out, from their appearance or name, the gender of the candidate
The candidate belches loudly during the interview, appears profoundly embarassed and apologizes
The candidate picks thier nose during the interview
The candidate, otherwise very professionally dressed, is wearing glasses of a very gaudy design and color
The candidate has a huge pornstache
The Dark night

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Crossposted in shitty_advice, too, but I know there's more people in here, and funnier people

NON-SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY. The more raunchy, funny, disturbing or plain batshit answers the better

It's almost my birthday. Where should I look to get a lapdance?
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Skype question

sorry if this is could have looked it up question...but I'm asking it because I can't figure it out. I googled Skype won't sign me in on mac what do I do. I couldn't seem to figure it out.

I got Skype on my mac lap top LONG time ago. I used it then I stopped for a long time. I now have it on my iphone. It works just fine on my phone. BUT my Mac it refuses to sign me in!!!

I used to have messenger they sent me an email to upgrade old skype to the new one. When I try to download it brings up a word doc that is all code doesn't make sense, it talks about it's for windows.

I can't figure out how to SIGN IN to my skype on my Mac. Why it won't let me!?

why does it work on my iphone but not computer?

reason I was asking planning on some long IM session. iphone is harder to type than using a keyboard.

So if someone could help me figure it out. I did all updates on my computer. Still won't sign me in. It says something about "Can't connect to Skype. Please check your network settings and try again." I am currently online no trouble with that.
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Two completely unrelated inquiries:


Do you use an RSS reader? Is it google? It's going away! Superbummed and don't know what to do.
Can you recommend an awesome and free RSS reader?


Did you watch the most recent episode of Girls?
Did Adam rape Natalia?
Why/why not?