March 12th, 2013


wisdom teeth

when I went to the dentist over a year ago he x-rayed my teeth and said a wisdom teeth extraction wasn't necessary, it looks good, blah.

I was like ok.

So today I noticed that there something hard is poking from my gums. It seems to be (part of) one wisdom tooth.

Did anybody else here have it come out naturally and non-crooked?
I will go to my dentist soon to have it checked out but it looks kinda ewww. And all I heard were horror stories or the wisdom teeth just not coming out.
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Ok, this is going to make me sound so dumb! But, I am admittedly technologically challenged, so I'm ok with that.

What I want is to be able to listen to audiobooks at the gym. I hate going to the gym and anything that will take my mind off the suck that is exercising will ensure my success. I love to read, but that isn't really feasible when running on the track, lifting weights, or any other gym related activity. So, I thought listening to an audiobook would be a good way to take my mind somewhere else.

What I don't know is how to go about making this happen.

I have an Iphone that I don't use as a phone. It is basically an Ipod touch now, it works when there is Wifi, which I will have at whatever workout location I go to.

I also have a Kindle, one of the old ones that has a keyboard.

Can I use one of those to listen to books? Or do I need something different?

I can get all kinds of audiobooks from my library, so that would be my source. Or are there other free sources? And what format do I download and how do I get that book on to whatever I plan to use to listen?

As you can see you are going to have to explain this to me like I am 4. Although, some 4 year olds are probably quicker to catch on when it comes to technology.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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How do you feel about Disney's including the "Frolo wants to bang Ezmeralda" storyline in the 1996 Hunchback of Notre Dame movie, and not even being subtle about it?

I really like it. It was a mature choice to make THOND anyway, so they might as well go all out.
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There's a Festival Today...

There are two big music-related events in my city (Ausitn, Texas) -- South By Southwest (SXSW), which is going on right now, and the Austin City Limits Festival which takes place in the fall. From here it seems like they are super famous and known world-wide. Is that true? Have you ever gone to one of these? Have you ever heard of either of them, and if so, what have you heard?

I also am a regular at another music festival that seems pretty famous among singer-songwriter fans. It's called the Kerrville Folk Festival. Have you ever gone to it or heard of it? If you've heard of it, what have you heard?

What big festivals or music-related events go on in your area? Have you been to them?

What festivals have you been to? What was it like? Are you a regular at any festival?

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So I have a kind of "Welcome to America!" party to go to for my bf's sister's newly adopted five-month old baby and I want to bake something for to bring, but I don't know what! I've found a lot of yummy recipes, but idk, nothing has screamed THIS IS THE PERFECT BAKED GOOD FOR THE OCCASION!

Will you throw me your recipes for cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and bars? I don't have too much highly specialized equipment but I do like a challenge and I'd like something that will stand out both in taste and presentation.

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My friend and I signed up for OkCupid together. She started seeing a guy about two months ago, and in the beginning, he seemed great. He was polite, proactive about setting up dates, would always end the date suggesting that they see each other again on a specific day, etc. After 4 dates or so, she went over to his place to watch a movie, they made out, but she said she wasn't ready to go any further than that. He seemed fairly understanding, but after that night, he started getting distant and contacted her a lot less.

Basically, it's become obvious that he lost interest because she didn't put out. However, she's convinced that he's been pulling away because he's going through an uncertainty phase.

Last night, guess who contacts me on OkCupid? Yup.
This has confirmed that he's lost interest in my friend and that he's still shopping around for other women. Should I tell my friend that he sent me a message or should I not say anything and just tell her that she should just move on?

Edit: I don't know if this was unclear, but this guy does NOT know that my friend and I are friends.
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You're offered a job for life. It's a normal job that maybe isn't that glamorous, but as long as you do this job, your yearly salary is $100,000. Guarranteed. The only catch is that you can't quit, and you can't retire until you're of retirement age. Which of these jobs would you take for 100k a year, guarranteed employment for life, with the knowledge you can't look for another job ever? Anything you don't check it's because you simply wouldn't want to do that job for life, no matter what the pay was. Things to consider: if you think you'll find a better paying job otherwise, what people may think of you still doing this job when you're in your 40s, self respect, what people may think of you doing this job, period

Port-a-potty emptier (the person who attaches the hose to the back of the privy at concerts, etc., to empty it)
Register worker at your local McDonalds. You ALWAYS have to work the register. No other position
Person who mops and squeegees the booths at a local peep show/strip club
Conservationist shooter. It's your job to monitor the local rabbit population, and if it grows too large, you have to shoot as many rabbits as you can until their population is within normal ranges
Public relations person for NAMBLA
Local shelter. It'll be your job to put all the animals down. All of them
Sign twirler in front of a local Chick-Fil-A. You'll have to wear a chicken suit all year round
Stablehand at a racetrack. It's your job to sweep up each stall every day
Telemarketer for a pyramid scheme company
Door-to-door vacuum salesperson
The person in the padded suit who gets attacked at martial arts studios. You'll be on call for every dojo in the area
Propaganda spokesperson for a Christian coalition group bent on curbing sexual activity among teens. You'll have to speak in front of schools, telling them how condoms and BC pills fail the majority of the time , and pro-abstinence
Hooters waitress. Yes, you'll have to wear that outfit even if you have kids and grandkids
NRA spokesperson. You'll fly to wherever there's a shooting and speak to the public how none of this would have happened if everyone had a gun. No matter how violent the tragedy, you're pro-gun
Towelperson at a really skeevy gay hotel/brothel. You'll be standing right by the glory hole

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This Sunday I will be visiting my friend, D, who attends a university about 3 hours away. D's friend M who I've met a few times is also visiting. M lives about half an hour from me, which is slightly out of the way I'd be taking to get to the university.

M was planning on taking a train both ways, but D asked if I could give her a ride home instead of her taking the train (M already bought the ticket there). M would be willing to give me gas money.

I said it wouldn't be a problem but I'd feel weird accepting gas money considering I was planning on going before I knew she'd be coming. That said, I'm saving M roughly $60 by giving her a ride home. Would it be fair to just ask that M pays for lunch and coffee on the way back? I don't want to accept actual money but some sort of compensation would be nice. For lunch I'd just want like Taco Bell or pizza.

If you were in my situation, what would you do? If you were M, would you think that was fair?

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Do you have a fire extinguisher in your home? Why/why not?

This is prompted by a recent incident in our own kitchen. The paper towel holder was too close to the burner and my husband walked into the kitchen and the whole roll was on fire. He was able to put the roll immediately in the sink and put it out, but if he hadn't walked in, I don't even want to think about it. :/

I ordered an extinguisher for our kitchen today. We live in a building and on every floor there are four placed in all of the hallways. But I figured to have one close at hand would be even better.

Have you ever had a fire in your home? What did you do?

Are you a firefighter?


I got my cover up tattoo on Friday and yesterday I started breaking out in hives. I have been told that I am having a reaction to the ink, which has never happened with past tattoos. I am taking a steriod in hopes that, that will clear it up somewhat, but what I would like to know is this:

How long will it last?
How can I help it go away faster?
And have any of you had a reaction like this?

So, i called the tattoo artist and asked if there was anything unsual that he might have used on my tattoo that would cause the reaction i'm having. He said 2 things. 1. I could be allergic to the A and D ointement or 2. the spray he used on my skin had lidocaine in it! WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!? I'M SEVERELY ALLREGIC TO PRODUCTS WITH ANYTHING CAINE IN IT!

So thank you so much everyone for your help <3
And I would have cvalled him first, but he is only open from 7 pm til 2 am :)

Pics may be very large :(
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I'm at a new job that is awesome for a lot of reasons. Great hours, no pay complaints, I like what I do, my coworkers are pretty great; it's honestly an amazing job in a lot of ways.

The ONLY thing that is kinda not so cool at the moment is that for a lot of reasons that I won't bother to get into here (but could in the commments if it really makes a difference) nobody has very much time to train me properly. Almost all of my coworkers have recognized that I'm not being trained and so *in general* nobody's giving me too tough a time about all the little mistakes I'm making and how I'm a bit slow to connect some dots, although I think people are a bit annoyed. I'm one of three new people in a small office, and I get the feeling that of the three I'm progressing the slowest.

For the purposes of this question, I'm not too interested in how I can influence the people at work to give train me. It's very obvious that everyone is too busy to train me with the kind of depth that I need. So while it's unfortunate and I'm not exactly thrilled about it, I definitely am not going to draw attention to myself and the fact that I'm struggling, especially when people have already acknowledged the issue. I've resigned myself to the fact that this is the one and only thing about the job that isn't perfect and I'm going to put up with that in exchange for everything else about it that is amazing.

My question is: Has anyone been in this situation before? Did you have any way of handling it that worked really well?
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i want to go into my kitchen and eat everything. will you convince me not to?

are you the kind of person who can go to movies/out to dinner alone?

who is the worst teacher you've ever had and what were they like?

what do you usually smell like?