March 7th, 2013

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my new apartment has a garden balcony on one of the floors. none of the apartments are facing it, altho there is a camera. there are no other high apartments nearby, making for an uninterrupted view of the city.
would you be comfortable sunbathing naked at this sort of place?

how much are you willing to pay to get your eyebrows waxed / threaded? what about a mani-pedi?

how much are you willing to pay for bedsheets?
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What do you do with your underwear if it is stained or gets dyed in the wash but is otherwise intact and still serviceable? Do you throw it away and buy new underwear or continue to wear it?

dk/dc/don't wear underwear: In your opinion, what percentage of people are atheist or agnostic but attend church/synagogue/mosque just for the communal aspect of it?

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What's the most valuable piece of advice you've received lately? In the past year I've had two close friends tell me things that just have resonated with me. The first person told me 'stop trying to control the situation' which I am always doing because I get so anxious over other people's reactions and behaviours. The second was 'face your problems head on' because I was being super avoidant of confrontation and issues in my life.

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Did you know certain countries have public lending rights, which is compensation to authors for their books being available in libraries? They get a certain amount of money... it works differently in different countries. They either license their books to be able to be used for libraries and they recieve fees, or it's an actual amount per each time the book is borrowed. In some countries, it's for books written in the country's native language. Do you think PLR sounds good? Something you think should exist in the US (if you're from the US)?

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please excuse typing style during this, hard to focus

okay so i've had two migraines in my life and i think this may be my third? but i'm concerned because it's a little weird. i don't have a family doctor to call, but if i need to i can get a friend to drive me somewhere

i felt fine most of today, my stomach was a little upset, but that is not abnormal for me, i went out with the new dating person and got vertigo out of nowhere, which has happened before both of my migraines, but not this bad, i could hardly see and he had to led me back to his car, it cleared up and i started having a little ear pain and head pressure instead. now i feel dizzy and off-kilter and my ears hurt enormously along with some neck and shoulder pain. i've had stabbing pain on the right side of my spine near my shoulderblades but i don't knw if that's related or not

does this sound like migraine to people whove had moe than me?

my doctor's walk in clinic can be a long wait and sound makes me feel sick, and i can't afford a trip to the emergency room (unless i need to), which is why i'm asking- - i also know i need to get off my computer but idk what else to do

edit: Most of the weird stuff is gone and the pain has settled in my head in typical migraine fashion, so it's a migraine, but I now have a fever that seems to be rising quickly. it was 100.1 when I took it about ten minutes ago and when I took a few minutes later to be sure my thermometer isn't weird, it was 100.9, and I took it again just now (I like to be sure) and it's 101.4. D:
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So, I work for a company that is related to telephone directories and looking at the Washington telephone books, I realize that there are just a high amount of locksmiths in Washington. Most specifically in the Snohomish and Snoking areas.

Residents of Washington, is there a law that prohibits you from unlocking your own vehicle? If not, why are there so many locksmiths?

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Looking for a Barbi Benton CD

Does anyone know where I can get the CD "Kinetic Voyage" by Barbi Benton for a reasonable price? 50 dollars (international shipping included) was the cheapest I could find, and I can't really afford that. I don't care if I get the actual CD or not; MP3s are fine!
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So I refill half-litre coke bottles to take water to work with me. Now occassionally even days after its been used to for coke. I still think the water tastes cola flavoured.

Does this prove homeopathy is real?!

(non-serious question is non-serious)

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For anyone who's read the Hunger Games books, who did you picture in the roles/originally want for each character?

I wanted:

Katniss: Kaya Scodelario.
Peeta: Alex Pettyfer (kind of)
Gale: Shiloh Fernandez.
Finnick: Jake Abel.
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I've mentioned here a couple of times that i'm moving to Florida at the end of April.
I have not told my work this, though the way they treat me i'd be quitting soon anyway.
My problem is, i'm good friends with one of the girls I work with, and don't want her to feel like I was lying to her the whole way through. I've made some heavy hints about being offered an opportunity abroad, and now i've only got a month of work left, I feel I ought to tell her. I have my visa appointment next week, so do need some time off work.

Should I just tell her now and see what she says (she may say to keep it a secret from work as they might try to kick me out now) or just make an excuse as to why I need two days off to go to London next week?

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We're moving out of our apartment complex next month, and tomorrow they're showing our unit to some potential renters. How clean should my unit be? Like, our bathroom and kitchen are mopped/cleaned/look nice, and we're not cluttery people naturally but I'm still worried about it. I can't just stuff things in closets, since they'll most likely look in those! I think I might be overthinking this.

DK/DC: Why do my coworkers always say, "DON'T DO THAT!" when I yawn? I work in an office with no customers/clients, and I always cover them up/try to hold them in but sometimes they just come out! I think it's more rude to make a big fuss about my yawn than it is to yawn!
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I was using the gym locker room showers today. Before i got into the shower, I checked my phone and responded to some messages. While doing so, the lady in the shower across the lane and down a few stalls opens her curtain and stares at me. When I look at her, she says, "They don't allow phones in the shower. People might take pictures." I gave her some attitude because I was annoyed that she was chastising me but later I thought about it. It has never dawned on me to be worried about someone taking pictures of me in the showers, but I suppose it's a valid concern, maybe.

What do you guys think? Would you be annoyed if someone used their cell phone in the showers? (these showers are all individual showers, btw, with curtains to conceal everything.)

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So I will preface this by saying I am not a gamer. At all.

However, I downloaded the Sims Freeplay on my iPad and I love it/am addicted to it (and it's free yay).

And, as I suppose is the goal, now I am debating actually purchasing the full Sims 3. But it's $30 and while that's actually a fairly decent deal for a game...I'm just not sure if I should do it or not.


1) Do you play the Sims? Do you like it?

2) Should I buy the full version or just stick with the free one?

DK/DC: What are you looking forward to this summer?

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TQC, my school has to let some personnel go. We are losing 1 teacher aide, 1 gen ed teacher and 1 special ed teacher.
I know which aide is leaving, and I'm pretty sure I know which special ed teacher is going. I have not been told by the principal who is leaving from the gen ed teacher pool at my school.

I was not the last gen ed to get hired, but I am also not tenured. I am a reading teacher- reading scores are up.

Today after school, a tenured coworker asked if I'd spoken to the principal recently. I told him I hadn't spoken with him about anything other than fixing technology issues.

Does he know I am going to be let go, or was he just gathering information?

Or was this about something I'm not thinking of, like a conference said teacher and I will be attending?

Is this a healthy level of concern?