March 6th, 2013

Bandit Driving

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My friend is coming over to help us with some home renovations. In exchange we're cooking dinner for him, his gf, and their kids (age 5, almost 2 and under 1). What should we make? Preferably something cheap, good, and easy/quick.

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Can anyone recommend a cheapo digital camera?

I'm leaving for Florida Friday morning, and I decided that I need something more than my iPhone for pictures.

I don't have a lot of cash I'm willing to spend on one...mostly because I'll rarely use the cheaper the better. And I don't want to borrow one from someone in case it gets lost, stolen, or broken.

Any tips for keeping a 7 year old, a 4 year old, and a 49 year old occupied on 8+ hour car rides?
(the more non serious suggestions, the better!)
The Dark night

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Does the Pope shit in the woods?

Only when he's on a retreat
Trick question: the Pope doesn't shit. He's infallable
He shits on the Death Star (yes, he looks a little like Palpatine)

Does a bear shit in the woods?

Of course
No! He shits in a cave
Bears shit in whatever gay club they happen to be in
They shit in Chicago

Baby shower ideas

My friend had her baby at 5 months 9 days and she is having her baby shower in April. The baby will then be about 5 months and still in new born clothing.

What should I get her that would be somewhat unique, yet special?
I've never been to a baby shower so I have no idea what to expect

Would it be rude to buy a custom piggy bank and put some cash in it?

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ten years after guitarist alvin lee died at 68 today. my dad told me he met him after his show once.

my mom worked for a limousine company for ten years, one of whose clients was alec baldwin. mom said, after a minor mishap (that was his assistant's fault),  he called and yelled at her for an hour and a half, literally giving her the "don't you know who i am"/"how busy i am" thing.

have you ever met someone famous/notable? if so, what were they like? did they meet your expectations? have you ever had a nasty experience meeting a celebrity?

DK/DC: what celebrity/famous person would you most like to meet? what would you want to do once you did?
The Dark night

Would you rather...?

Would you rather...?

Eat 5 chocolate covered cockroaches
Eat a deep-fried 'mystery meat' roadkill steak

Would you rather have a chauffeur...?

Be a 17-year old boy who just got his license. Only been behind the wheel several times
Be an 85-year old man. And suffering from all the maladies and perception flaws of someone of that age

Would you rather...?

Only be able to enter buildings if you're invited (like a vampire)
Only be able to sleep in a coffin (like a vampire)

Would you rather...?

Eat pasta boiled in Johnny Depp's used bathwater
Slide down a Slip-N-Slide covered in slugs...naked

Would you rather...?

Have an off-Broadway play based on your life
Have a 3-part storyline on Two and a Half Men based on your life


Are there more TQCers around here with the 'infamous' apple-shape?
If so, what do you do to make it work?
Also, do you know of any inspiration blogs/tumblrs that center around this body-type?
Do you feel that the hourglass-shape and the pear-shape is more accepted than the apple?

Brought to you by my search for body-positive and fat-positive blogs to boost my self-esteem but it only being brought down by seeing all these lovely pear and hourglass-shaped women, and me not really have a waist to speak off.

Dc/dk: What's your favorite fruit and/or fruity recipe?
Mine is pear and melon and i just love, love melon-ham salads or goat-cheese with pear and honey

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Have you ever bought or inherited a set of silverware (made of actual silver, or silver-plated)?

If so, did you use it? If not, would you regularly use it if you got such a set?

If you have ever used silverware, how often did you clean it?

If you do not use silver-plated silverware, what are your utensils made out of?

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To what extent do you meal plan?

Do you bring or buy lunch/dinner/snacks when you are at school/work?

What's for dinner tonight?

I haven't really meal planned in the past but I just started doing so. I still shop every 2-3 days though, because I like fresh groceries and I can't carry that much 8 blocks.

I bring snacks to school.

Salmon with black rice and asparagus.

middle initials

Will you help me think of names of famous people or fictional characters who go by their full name with a middle initial? Do you ever write your name this way?

Like Harry S. Truman or Dwight D. Eisenhower. Or Alex P. Keaton.

I like using my middle initial. Mine is 'S' and it's really satisfying to sign my name with it.

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Your age?
How would you feel if someone pulled out a chair for you in a situation you could easily do it yourself?
How about opening the car door?
Regular door?
Do you expect or practice this attitude?

I find I like if someone holds the door for me if they just passed through (I do it as well), but it's annoying if I have my chair pulled out or am expected to sit in the car to wait to have my door opened. I have perfectly functioning hands.

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How many times do you wear an article of clothing before throwing it in the hamper?  (besides socks and underwear of course).

How many times a day do you change your underwear, if at all?