March 2nd, 2013


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I have to do a project where I make an A-Z vocabulary book on a science or social studies unit for 3rd graders. I'm wondering if the Middle Ages would be an appropriate topic for that?

Of course, we won't be going into the social impacts of the plague or the inordinate number of children killed by chickens setting cradles on fire (this was a major problem, according to some reading I've done), it would be age appropriate. It just has to be vocabulary words. I'm thinking serf, vassal, guild, herald, chivalry...that sort of thing, I just need 26 of them.

Any other ideas? I was also thinking of doing something about mammals or ocean life, but I already know a lot about medieval Europe and have plenty of resources.
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Let's say you're responding to a comment someone left where they misspelled a word and you have to use the same word in response. Obviously you spell it right. Do you ever feel like the other person will assume you spelled it wrong?
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When was the last time something kept you up all night? What was wrong?

What did you do to occupy the time since sleep wasn't going to be happening?

Brought to you by really bad stomach pains and lack of sleep because of them. :( I am currently watching Ridiculousness on Mtv and wow, there's a lot of stupid people out there.
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I'm moving from a house over a mile away from a subway station with a private driveway to a house that is 3 blocks from the station where I'll be parking on the street. It's also in a quiet residential neighborhood, but there have been reports of car break-ins on the neighborhood listserv. I drive an 21-year-old, kind of crappy looking car, but it probably is one of the easier ones to steal. I guess my biggest issue is having to deal with broken windows. What do you think would be a better way of preventing this (I don't plan to leave anything of value in my car), unlocked doors + club, or locking my doors? Or something else I haven't thought of?
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My dad and I are moving to a bigger apartment and I'm going to be needing a new bed. I was thinking of finding one on freecycle or something and then my sister suggested I get a hammock. I'm kind of on the fence about it though. Hammocks are cool, but how comfortable are they to sleep in?

What is your opinion on a long term sleeping hammock? Are they back killers or are they comfortable?
Do you have any suggestions for alternative sleeping arrangements besides your typical bed/mattress/bunk?
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Friends and laptop

1. So I moved to a small town about 3 months ago and there aren't many people my age around here. There's one group of 20 something's I've hung out with a few times but they've all been here at least a year and their friend group is established. For most things--except a Super Bowl party--I've had to text the one number I have and ask if anything is going on for the night. Ex: I did that just now, she replied with that there is a game night at 8. I asked if she minded i come along and I got no response.
I'm not really used to making friends this way as the new kid. I don't smell and I'm not obnoxious. Is it cool if I just continue to ask about things in this way and show up or should I take these social hints and find new friends?

2. I've had this MacBook Pro for about 4 years and I think it may have taken its last beating when I spilled cider on some of it the other night. Now that the battery has died, it's not recognizing the charger and is still dead. Any home remedies I can try to make it work? Magic spells? Or should I find a repair shop in this small town/give in and get a new one?

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Organic milk

Do the bigger brands of organic milk taste better than the store brand stuff? I tried organic milk for the first time today out of curiosity -  from Great Value the Walmart brand and ugh. Do you think the milk would be better by Horizon or something like that?

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1. Where did you meet your best friend?

2. If you have one, what kind of work does you SO do?

3. Do you think that individuals who can study/teach themselves and pass the bar exam/similar assessments in medicine, dentistry etc., should be allowed to do so and practice those professions if they did not go to/complete the law school/equivalent?