February 28th, 2013

Undergrad or Masters? What would you do?

So I have a BA in sociology (lol) and I recently completed my BHSc in anatomy and public health. I've accepted a place in the Honours program for public health which will mean a thesis is taken up by this year.

My supervisor has asked me what I want to do when I've finished. I would like to do nursing, particularly community health nursing. I have three options

1. My PhD, which would not make me a nurse but I get a Doctorate in public health and potentially end up in research (there is fuck all pay in research). If I get over 80% in my thesis, I will get into the PhD program. My current average is 84%. A PhD takes up to 4-5yrs to complete, OR
2. A Masters of Nursing Science (MNSc) at a university in the city, which spans two years, OR
3. A graduate entry program for the Bachelor of Nursing, at my current university, which would make it my third undergraduate degree, which also spans two years.

I pay my course fees upfront (the Masters and Grad Entry BN cost about the same) and I have no issues with supporting myself (plus i love learning) so I plan on studying for most of my life, while working full time. 2 and 3 lead to be being a registered Division 1 nurse. I can always work part time as a nurse and continue studying, too.

With all this info- what would you do?

pet loss advices :((

guys, i lost my indian ringneck today. the bird is actually my brothers but i loved it as well. he was almost 2 years and died today. he died in my brothers hands and it was really a heartbreaking sight to see the poor fellow struggling through his last breaths to finally give in to death. everyone at home is mourning in their own way. the bird was our little baby, a member of the family. i just cant help feel guilty and sad. i dont know if we'll be able to keep another bed again. anyone out there ever experienced the death of a beloved pet? pls i would really appreciate any useful feedback and advices. tq :(

all about allowance!

Would you/do you give your children allowance money?

If so, on a weekly/monthly basis? How much, if you feel comfortable sharing?

Do they get it automatically or do they need to do chores?

Obviously you would buy them food and clothes, but what do you make them spend their own money on?

Give me all of your thoughts on allowances!

Whining sick person

What do you say to a person who you love who is sick with a cold who keeps whining about how crappy they feel, but won't go buy medicine to help?   Does that annoy you?   It sure as hell annoys me.

eta:  I can't go buy the medicine for them at this time so they will have to do it if they want it.

eta x2:  Ladies it's a man cold post!!!  Come share your stories!
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So my best friends is offline. Now this might not seem odd to anyone but in the five years I've known him he's only ever been offline when either moving or having moved to a new place that didn't have internet yet. I've tried texted him but he almost never answers his phone. I'm not particularly worried but when I saw him offline today I was confused.

What possible terrible things could have happened to him?

Non-serious and serious answers welcomed.

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Fans of indie and singer/songwriter type music, what are some of your current favorite songs? My sister is looking for suggestions, but I haven't really been keeping up with music lately so I don't know what to tell her.


TQC, can you please help me decide on a costume to wear for my work's 'Superheroes and Villains' quiz night?

Which one should I wear?

Harley Quinn
Sally Jupiter
Other (answer in comments)

Some quick info: I still have to look 'decent' as it is a work do - so I'd have to wear leggings, or a shirt under some of the costumes.
I'm incredibly self conscious about my mid section, as it flabbier than what I am used to.
I'd do Batman, and not Batgirl/woman, as I don't really like the look of those costumes - BUT I have gone to a work function as Batman before.

Links for costumes:
She-Ra: http://www.costumesupercenter.com/womens+costumes-super+heroes/DI31714-womens-deluxe-masters-of-the-universe-sh.html
Harley Quinn: http://www.costumesupercenter.com/womens+costumes-super+heroes/R880586-womens-sexy-batman-arkham-city-harley-q.html
Sally: http://www.costumebox.com.au/adult-costumes/womens-costumes/secret-wishes-sally-jupiter-womens-costume.html
Batman: The last one I made myself, but I do like the 'Brave and the Bold' costume.
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hey TQC, another destashing question y'all might be able to help me out with.

i found this pair of fancily-dressed bears wrapped up in plastic in a box.

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Grooming habits of SOs

Let's talk about grooming habits of significant other people! When do you think it is appropriate in a relationship to discuss changing something for an SO? What if they have really horrible perfume you can suffocate with? What if their waxed pubes seriously freak you out? What if you would like them to shave /more/ because you don't want to eat hair? What about more serious stuff like showering and brushing teeth? Have you ever had a talk like that, whoever approached it first? Are there any things that seem silly but turn you off? (For example, can't kiss people with lipstick on)

Also, I'm thinking adult dialog, not demands for change. Let's talk about anything concerning grooming and SOs. Anything they annoy you with?
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