February 26th, 2013

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What do you do when it's late at night and everything's quiet, and you watch a tv show or movie that depresses you unexpectedly, and you can't stop thinking terrible thoughts? How do you shake it off? Will you tell me about the a time that happened to you?


I have a house cleaner who comes sporadically, like maybe once a month. She does an incredible job. She is employed by another lady who runs the house cleaning business. I usually have her come for 4 hours, which is $120. Should I tip her and how much? I'd like to, but I'm not sure what an appropriate amount is. Any suggestions?
The Dark night

Zombie survival guide poll. How long would you last?

You're walking down the street when you see what looks like a dead guy running towards you, arms open, mouth agape. You feel that he's dead because of the green complexion, and all the rotting flesh. What do you do?

Turn around and start running
Step aside. He's obviously got somewhere to be quickly and I don't want to slow him down
Grab a makeshift bludgeoned weapon and prepare to defend myself
Run towards him, arms wide open, just like him. We're so gonna hug this out

You're walking home at night, when a dead guy shambles out of the shadows, startling you. He says BRAINS. What do you do?

Run in the opposite direction
Smile, and thank him for the compliment
Assume he's talking about oral sex. Get offended and berate him for being a pervert
Grab a makeshift bludgeoned weapon and prepare to defend myself

There's a zombie outbreak and people are raiding the local Wal-Mart to stock up on gear and supplies. By the time you get there, it's been picked clean. There's only 4 kits left. You can only take one. Which do you take?

Offensive kit. Includes an alluminum baseball bat, a stun baton, revolver with a small box of ammo
Defensive kit. Includes a helmet, small durable shield, thick pullover made of material that can't easily be ripped or bitten through
Survival kit. This includes first aid kit, flashlight, tent, lighters, food packets, batteries, radio, rope, duct tape, utility knife, 2 canteens
Entertainment kit. This includes an Ipad, crossword book, portable cd player (3 cds), portable dvd player (3 dvds)
I don't get anything. None of it is what I want. I'll hit the next Wal-Mart and see what they have
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does anyone here keep an organiser/diary? i'd like to get a 2013 diary and actually use it to stay organised, but i never get the hang of it. what do you do to make sure you actually *use* your diary and carry it around?

pics of your organisers/diaries for bonus pts!
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You're dating someone new. You go back to your date's place, and notices that he/she has a collection of some kind. Collects something. Which collections would count against your date, as in, would make you consider that there isn't really going to be a long term with this person (or maybe not even much more of a short term)? Like it's the kind of collection that reveals something unpleasant about the owner of said collection. Anything you don't check it's assumed the collection is either cool or neutral

Stamps (books of em)
Insects (various types pinned to shadow boxes)
Star Wars action figures
Newspapers (old vintage papers, or papers with historical significance. Your date's entire house has stacks of newspapers EVERYWHERE)
Pokemon cards
Tattoos (has a dozen, plans on getting at least a dozen more)
Beanie Babies (like dozens of them)
Miley Cyrus memorabilia (posters, picture books, autographs, etc)
Nazi memorabilia (like vintage WWII stuff)
Twilight memorabilia
Bongs/pipes. At least 30, with shelf space for more
Vintage porn (pre 1970)
Whiskey bottles. Your date wants to try every brand in the world, and keeps the bottle as a souvenir. There's dozens in one room

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For the past few weeks, I've been having weird calf pain, just in my left leg. Sometimes there's a lot of pressure and sometimes it's sharp and stabbing and there's the occasional spasm-y feeling and it's just getting worse and worse, especially if I stand or walk for too long. I saw my doctor today and we ruled out blood clots (woo! but discovered that with my family history, I should stop taking hbc, boo), but all I was left with "take tylenol, stay down, and let me know if it gets worse."

What's wrong with me? What should I do to make it feel better?

More importantly, how am I going to spend all my free time on the couch? 
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How much spending money would you bring (edit: save/plan to spend) for a 7-day Caribbean cruise on one of the fanciest cruise ships ever? Stops are a Royal Caribbean property in Haiti, Jamaica, and Cozumel. There will also be a Miami bachelorette party preceding the cruise.

What do you have planned for your next vacation?

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1. Say that you were an employer in an at-will state. You find out that one of your employees was arrested/is out on bail for charges relating to an incident of serious domestic violence. This employee has never acted inappropriately at work and their performance is average-good, but they have no contract with you or any such thing. Would finding out about their domestic violence charges influence you in regards to keeping them on/firing them? What about in regards to future promotions and such? What if this was not the first time they were facing such charges?

2. Do you think that most people are more productive when they work at the office as opposed to working from home (assuming the tasks they are doing are the same either way)?

3. What would you do if a Catholic priest hit on you, in a social (non-religiously affiliated) place/setting?
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my parents and i want to go to las vegas this spring break. the only problem is the flight prices are jacked up so high around that time :(

does anyone have any ideas about how to get around this? when you travel somewhere, what are your tricks to getting a cheaper flight? or is that even possible? i was thinking maybe there was a site or something that could get me a deal but i really don't know. my parents have no idea, either. i live in canada, if that makes any difference.

dk/dc/i hate you and i want you to suffer:

what's your mbti type?

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Has anyone here made a photobook on Walmart.com?

Do they print a logo or barcode on the book?

If so does it interfere or lay over any of the images?

Google has been no help nor has their customer service, sorry if its a ridiculous question.

DK/DC : What is the last movie you saw that surprised you, be it good or bad?

I watched Pitch Perfect last night after having friends rave about it and rolling my eyes because I ASSumed it was another typical "look, its about singing, that shit is popular now right?" movie...and I loved it so..I had no clue whats-her-face from Twilight had a musical background and Im now a huge Rebel Wilson fan..omg, chick is fucking hilarious!


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What would you do if you had a lot of excess money and didn't need/want anything for yourself (as far as extra possessions)? How would you spend the money?

"Saving/investing" is not allowed in this scenario. You gotta spend the dough!

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In your opinion, how old is old enough to be allowed in to see a museum exhibit of erotic art/wall murals from Classical times, such as those at Pompeii?

No age limit - all ages should be allowed in
Ages 5
No one should be allowed to see such dirty things!