February 23rd, 2013

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Semi-permanent skin dye? (Already tried henna)

I have very dark hair, and a large thin/bald spot on my scalp in one spot from a surgery several years ago (the hair never really all came back). I can part my hair on the other side and comb it over the thin spot, but unless I put in bobby pins or a headband, when my hair moves the bald spot shows thru and looks really weird.

Anyone got a dye or pigment I can rub on my head there to make the skin dark that would stain or dye it for a couple weeks? I henna my hair already but that doesn't cover/last on my scalp. I suppose I could go get it tattooed a dark color but I'd rather not. I'm seriously thinking about the hair-in-a can at this point.

ETA: I'm not opposed to some sort of makeup that would stick around and not rub all over my pillow when I sleep, either.

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Small Dogs

I have a small dog (about 8 pounds) and I need ideas for his name tags. He chews on the little 1.5" tag we got him - no idea how he can bend his neck to reach it but he does. Those of you with small dogs, how do you handle the tags?
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When was the last time you treated yourself? What was it?

Alternatively, do you purchase warranties for your electronics? Do they usually go unused?
I find that I rarely ever use my warranties, and right now I want to upgrade to a smartphone and don't know what to do. Should I go with...
Option 1: Purchase the phone from Best Buy at it's standard price and purchase a Geek Squad warranty (which covers accidents, I believe)
Option 2: Purchase the phone brand new on Ebay, along with a Square Trade warranty with accident coverage (I'd save $50 with this option)
Option 3: Purchase online directly from my service provider with the standard 1 yr manufacturer's warranty. (I'd save about $100 with this option)

Which one should I go with?

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If Jodi Arias and Casry Anthony were locked in a cell and only ONE could walk out alive, who would it be?

Jodi -I kill you in the shower- Arias
Casey -I had the best defense money could buy now I'm bankrupt- Anthony

How would you fininsh the following sentence? RULES WERE MEANT TO _______

Who more than likely will be the next Pope?

old guywith an accent
old white guy
old Italian guy
old guy who wears funny clothes

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What was the name of the extra sister from the Brady Bunch?

I''m not talking about the little boy who visits them in the later season. This character was removed and replaced by Alice before any episodes aired. Anyone know?

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I'm an au-pair, but I won't be for much longer. My last working day is 22nd March, but I might still be staying in the house with them until 26th March. The kids' birthdays are 24th and 27th March. Do I get them birthday presents and leaving presents or just leaving presents?

Any ideas for presents? I want to get the baby this book http://tinyurl.com/ap324gv as its his favourite song, but I'm a bit stuck for the older two (who are nearly 7 and nearly 10). They both like drawing, pokemon, marbles, Skylanders and Super Mario. The younger one likes puzzles, stickers, writing and counting. The older likes monopoly and battle ships. For Christmas I got them activity books (Disney for the younger, Skylanders for the older), which they liked but there was a bit too much reading in English (they both speak well, but the older one can only read a bit in English and the younger one has only just started reading in his first language) and games (a board game called Coppit for the younger and Battle Ships for the older). It would be ideal if it was something I might be able to find in a real shop here rather than online, but online could work.