February 20th, 2013

Rochelle Goyle
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Have you ever found yourself projecting your own issues onto other people? What were they?

Or, realized that you had issues because it didn't bother you with other people? (e.g., I nearly had a break down a few years ago when I went past 120lbs, but my gf is in the 200+ range)

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So for a boredom post, What is the most entertaining thing at the moment for you? Whether its a game, a video on youtube, a picture or a meme, post a link or tell a cool story or anything to entertain us. :)

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If someone unfriends you on FB...how do you feel?

Die in a fire BIATCH!!
lol...its FB...

If someone unfriends you on LJ...how do you feel?

WTF??? I didn't like him/her anyway
lol...its LJ

If someone unfriends you IRL...how do you feel?

cri cri cri
lol...plenty of fish in the sea

if your SO of under a month text breaks up with you...how do you feel?

I will stab him/her 27 times and then shoot him/her
plenty of fish....lol
good...saves me the trouble
shoes and bunnies

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My car won't start in cold weather. It doesn't have to be below freezing or anything, 40 degrees F is cool enough to jam up the works. It acts like it has a dead battery, except that it will eventually start if you try it for like 20 minutes.

Do I need a new battery?

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Mondays and Wednesdays, I work from 10-5 as part of an unpaid internship.  I've been finding myself really short on actual, substantive work. They have a very unstructured way of sending tasks -- I have one "long term" busy work type assignment, and then I can be assigned various projects as my (4-5) bosses see fit. In the past few days, this has been happening quite rarely.

My bosses are very busy and I feel awkward constantly asking if there's "anything I can do", but I don't think it's particularly constructive for me to sit around all day either.

How would you handle this situation, TQC? 

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How long do you think veggie sushi rolls would be good for if kept in a fridge? By that I mean still tasty/enjoyable to eat, not actually hazardous to the health.

If I got something tonight I wanted to eat as dinner tomorrow, does that sound like it would still be tasty?

What's the longest possible that you think veggie sushi could be kept in fridge and still be ok?
color birdies

4 eyes

I want to let my 8 yo have my old glasses. He doesn't need glasses, it's just for "fun".
Is there any place I could take my frames (with my old Rx) to and have them put in fake/non script lenses?

When you were a kid, were glasses dorky or cool?

Should I be encouraging my child towards self-expression or discouraging him from using a sight aid as a means of play and/or style?

Do you wear glasses?

How many pairs do you have?

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What movies, games, TV or anything else you can think of to do inside your home, are very distracting? If you need deep distraction that makes you not think of a problem for a while. Trying to find something other then sleep that is as good.
Giraffe; FUCK!

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If you own a beagle, does he/she ever get seizures?
Are they known to get them?

The reason I'm asking is because my parents beagle has been getting seizures that last for almost 10 minutes. It happens right after he wakes up. They don't have enough money to bring him in either. It's happened once this month and I believe 2 or 3 times last month. What my parents usually do is support him, I mean that's all they can do at this point. He's 7 if that matters, but I wish there was something that we could do. It's so scary seeing him like that!

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My mom was just called into her director's office and she is pretty sure she is going to get fired because she has gotten several bad reviews recently.

How can I console her if this is the case? She is 60 years old with no degree and no way to pay her rent. I just feel very worried and helpless.

Dwelltime: Shampoo, Conditioner, All-in-One

1. If you use shampoo, how long do you let it sit in your hair before you rinse it out?

2. If you use conditioner, how long do you let it sit in your hair before you rinse it out?

3. If you use an all-in-one combined shampoo and conditioner, how long do you let it sit in your hair before you wash it out?


Gluten Free Bread!

I have to eat a gluten free diet and have for over two years now. For the most part, I've done really well finding foods I like but the one that remains elusive is sandwich bread. I've found I enjoy Schar's multigrain although it's still rather dry (I just toast it to help that). Recently, however, a friend of mine made bread from a Pamela's mix and it was really good. So I bought the mix and will be purchasing a bread pan to bake it in the oven (did I mention I hate baking? I like cooking, but I've never been a baker). She made hers in a bread maker though. (Apparently you can make it either way).

Tell me fellow GF TQC'rs, have you made this mix? Which way did you make it? Do you think the oven or the breadmaker is superior? I don't own a breadmaker but this bread was tasty enough I'd consider going and buying one :P

Don't know/Don't care/not GF: If you have food issues, what do you miss most on your specialized diet? I miss McDonald's chicken McNuggets. Sometimes I think they might be worth getting sick over. Then I remember how bad I feel :-/ Alas. 

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Which is the most important feature of a new pair of shoes?

they're cute
they fit
they're water proof
they're vegan
Other in comments
they match multiple outfits
clowns would be proud to wear them

lol a coloring post

When was the last time you colored in a coloring book? When was the last time you did so that did not involve a child in any way (baby-sitting, teaching, your own etc.)?

Do you have any similar hobbies or amusements that some people might not consider to be age appropriate?

Which coloring book should I buy?

Also, Amazon apparently also offers option of purchasing coloring books used. Enlighten me TQC - why would anyone buy a used coloring book?