February 19th, 2013


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Do any of you pronounce "windmill" as "windmeal"?

I do this and I don't know why! Most of my linguistic peculiarities are the result of either my southern grandparents or being brought up near Chicago, but this one just seems to be because I'm odd. 


Pros and Cons of living in Alabama? Gimme?

Seriously tho. There is a 95% chance that I'll end up stuck there for the next three years/whenever the Navy decides to assign my father a different duty station. I'd just like to know there is *something* good about living there.
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does anyone here watch The View? do you find that elizabeth hasselbeck likes to go on rambling rants and even tries to be funny but barely gets a response from the audience? ive also noticed the others often talk over her, and the audience doesnt like to react to her as much as the other women. is she really disliked by people?
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Monster poll

Who knows best how to pierce a vampire's heart?

Van Helsing
Kristen Stewart (cheating on Robert Pattinson)

Best way to defeat a werewolf?

Silver bullet
Give him his own action movie and watch him fail (Abduction --->yes, another Twilight reference)
Nair, a good waxing, and getting him fixed should make him domesticated

What Frankenstein's monster fears most?

Angry mob of villagers, armed with pitchforks and torches
Horny mob of necrophiliacs, armed with lube
Heights (did you ever see Frankie climb a ladder? Didn't think so)

Best race of little people?

Oompa Loompas
Other (mention who in a comment)

Who would win in a fight? Selene (Underworld) or Alice (Resident Evil)?

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When was the last wedding you attended (as a guest)?
Was the wedding/reception formal or informal?
Was there a wedding cake? Or Cupcakes?
Did you have fun? Get drunk?
What did you wear?

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How do you feel about going to the dentist?
How healthy are your teeth/mouth in general?
Have you had any terrible experiences at the dentist's office in the past?

I just spent 2 and a half hours in the chair and I feel like I got hit by a pile of bricks. I've had some really bad experiences with the dentist in the past, which still makes me dread going, but I love my current one; the people at my office are super nice, my dentist is very careful and numbs thoroughly (my old one would routinely under-numb me), and I just get the gas and watch a movie while I'm there. Today though it felt like they were going to town on my gums and I feel really groggy and weird and like it's time to just snuggle under the covers and eat soup all day. :(
As for terrible experiences, I once had a painful infection that my old dentist cleaned out and told me would be fine, and they put a cap over it and, just my luck, the pain got worse and I ended up having an abscess and the entire tooth had to be removed.
My teeth in general are really bad and I have tons of cavities, and it's really frustrating. Does anyone else have issues like that? :(
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So. Frustrated.

My husband got a social security number about a year ago. He has a credit card, employment, and has filed taxes with that number. We tried to apply for an auto loan today and they told us that his number doesn't exist/is not valid. Apparently this is an issue with Equifax and/or their records. He tried to call Equifax, but he can't contact anyone unless he has an account with Equifax and has gotten a credit report, which obv. he can't do if they don't think his social is valid. Any idea what we should do here? I'm sort of baffled as to how this happened.
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Alright, so, long story short, I've been working at a cafe since December. 2 weeks ago, I got my lip pierced. There is nothing in my county's health department code that says this isn't allowed. Today at work, the store owner popped in and said "you have to either take that piercing out, or clock out". My manager backed me up in saying "actually, the health department has nothing against lip rings", and the store owner responded "I don't care. We don't do lip rings here." They told me nothing about piercings not being allowed when I started working here. I've had blue hair at this job, and other employees have visible tattoos and facial hair. It seems as if the restaurant owner just made up this rule on the spot.

As of now, I don't know if I even still work there. I clocked out and went home without saying a word. I was scheduled to work tomorrow, I just called and said "I don't know if I even still work here, but I'm calling off."

Pretty much everyone I work with is on my side on this, saying that the store owner has no right to do this.



When I called to say I wasn't coming in the next day, I explained that the reason was so I could go and buy a clear stud to put in. The manager told me to come in anyways, because he couldn't afford to have one less person working.

The boss came in in a bad mood yesterday, and took it out on his employees. I wasn't the only victim of his making up rules on the spot. I didn't "storm out" of the place, as some people say, I left because I couldn't carry on a conversation with someone who was screaming at me.

I still have the job, and I now wear a clear stud.
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What are some really small things to most people, but are big accomplishments to you when you do them?

for example, whenever I successfully navigate somewhere I've never been before (yes, even WITH a GPS) I feel proud of myself. lol...I am so bad with directions.

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Is Jodi Arias guilty?

NO..poor woman acted in self-defense
YES...get that crazy woman off the street
I'd tap that
What is with ALL the freaking photos???
Lying liar!!!!
Who is Jodi Arias????
I'd rather see Nancy Grace to to jail
She's the new Casey Anthony
Can we get this trial over already? Jeeeebus
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You have to engage in one of the following challenges. Your life is at stake. Which would you choose to bet your life on?

You must successfully seduce grumpy stranger in under two hours
You must successfully defeat grumpy stranger in unarmed combat. Defeat = they are unconcious or dead

You have to engage in one of the following games with your life at stake. You have no clue about ability of opponent. Which would you choose to bet your life on?


You have to win in one of the following competitions, with your life at stake. You have no clue about ability of your opponents. Which would you choose?

Half-mile running race
Hot-dog eating contest (veggie if applicable)
Drinking the most alcohol/shots on empty stomach contest

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what are your plans for your income tax return?
if you've already gotten yours back, what are you using it for?

update: the break up that I pposted about the other day went well. He basically told me to go fuck myself and that he could find someone better than myself. :D

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Having been wasting time by watching Kitchen Nightmares and Restaurant Impossible....

Will you tell me about a time you've had a horrible experience in a restaurant? Whether as a customer, server, cook, etc. The grosser the better.

dk/dc/I only eat at sanitary restaurants:

Who's your favorite dead monarch?

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What would you guys do if you and your bf/gf were needing to slow things down? Not break up but it being a stressful time in life for you both and you need to take the time to rid of the drama.

It is my first good relationship and only 8-9 months. We want to continue very much and are in love but I can't handle slowing down the romance and things. We will see each other lots though still but there is a lot of stress with my parents not wanting him around a lot and the usual life stresses that are taking their toll.

I just need some advice on how to approach this situation. So how would you guys approach all this?