February 17th, 2013


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Have you ever made a major lifestyle/dietary change?
Were you able to stick with it? How?

I'm at a healthy weight so I assumed I was healthy, but apparently I have dangerously high cholesterol and high blood pressure. probably because I eat like crap and have trouble exercising because of a bad back. I'm only skinny because I'm stressed out lol. I do not want to die without being able to clean up my house first so i quit smoking cigarettes and I'm trying to change my diet to primarily fruit and vegetable based instead of corn dog based. So far so good, but its only been two weeks and I am worried about losing my motivation over time. How did you keep yourself from slipping back into old habits?

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What was the most beautiful sight you've ever seen?
mine was probably the sunset in Ibiza.
It's such a huge even that everyone comes from far and wide to watch it, and at the end of the sun setting everyone gives a round of applause..and then the music starts :)

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Which of these changes to the law do you think would be worst/would bother you most?

Lowering age of [sexual] consent to 12
Lowering child labor laws/age when kids can start working to 12
Lowering age when kid can start driving vehicle to 12
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So I'm in the market for a new phone. Probably Android. What do you have and how do you like it? Definitely looking for something with an SD slot and good musical abilities. I want to replace my dumb-phone and iPod and don't wanna spend $400.00 on an iPhone 5.
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Suggestions for fun outings with coworkers?

My coworkers and I get along really well so I kind of took it into my hands to be the organizer for our outings outside of work. A lot of people are interested. Can you help me think of some places to go/things to do that don't revolve solely around the following (Money is not too much of an issue if planned in advanced):

- liquor (preferably no bars/dance clubs, etc)
- moderate-active physical activity (I work with a lot of older ladies)

So far we have done: gone to a Ranger's Game, watched Magic Mike, gone out to dinner, gone bowling.

Ideas that I like and will implement: Going out to eat at a restaurant and put-put.

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Help finding an article

Hi TQC, I'm looking for an article that ran in the NY Times earlier this winter or late last fall. It was a longish feature article about a woman who had suffered from depression and then studied psychology and treatments for depression, and made some pretty profound statements about self-acceptance.

I've tried googling it and skimming through the NYT's online search function, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding it because I can't remember the names of the writer or the woman in the article, or even the approximate date it was published. Does anyone out there remember the article I'm talking about, by any chance? I knew I should have bookmarked it :(

Never mind, I finally found it. It was actually published in 2011, which is why I couldn't find it before. It must have been linked as a related article in something I read this winter. If you're interested, it's here (just be warned that there are some graphic descriptions of mental illness and self-destructive behaviour).

So this post isn't a write-off, will you share something interesting you have read online recently?
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I got a smartphone!

I just got a smartphone and I'm going a little app crazy. I've downloaded the usual- facebook, chase, weather channel, pandora, LJ, and twitter. Got any other free apps I should load?

DK/DC/Still using a slide phone baby: how often do you wash your bedsheets?
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Less than a month ago, my wife & I moved halfway across the country. Over the last week and a half, my wife is suddenly having a very hard time with allergies here. She has a persistent, throbbing headache behind her eye, vomits once to three times a day and has varying degrees (from very mild to severe) of nasal congestion. Sudafed, a Netipot, ibuprofen and OTC allergy meds sometimes help, sometimes don't, and never alleviate most/all of her symptoms, particularly the headache and nausea.

Any suggestions?

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TQC - I just went back onto taking the birth control pill. It is making me unbelievably hungry for junk food. I gave myself this weekend to indulge slightly - but as of next week, I need to get back onto my good regime. Do you have any tricks for fending off the hunger? All week, despite eating my usual (pretty good) diet, I have been so hungry.