February 16th, 2013

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Every morning, I get up and make a cup of coffee with one scoop of coffee and a cup of water in my little one-cup coffee maker. When it's done brewing, I add a splash of hazelnut creamer and go on my merry little way.

How come some mornings it tastes like ambrosia and others it tastes like sadness and death?

A poll, inspired by a fight with my mom.

Do you have

girl parts
boy parts

Do you

wear underwear under your pajamas
not wear undies under your pjs
sleep in only underwear
sleep nekkid
mix it up

She says I'm weird, and that every other woman doesn't wear their undies under pj pants...I think it's uncomfortable without them.
Of course, this is not counting when on the rag and undies are a must.

computer bug

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Do you have any unusual physical attributes or things you can do with your body?

(Update for someone-- I can't remember who it was, but someone posted a few days ago with a sketch they found in a book asking if anyone recognized it. I commented saying it looked really familiar, but that I couldn't place it. I'm watching reruns of Tattoo Nightmares and no remember where I saw the familiar piece-- haha, sorry!)

Old work contacts

On your cell phone what do you do with the phone numbers for people you used to work with? Do you erase them, rename them, sequester them off to some little special area?

I freelance, so there's a high turnover in my "workmates". I tend to delete most of these contacts but there's a good chance I'll work with some of them again, so for those people I add ZZZ- to the front of their names so they fall at the bottom of the list.
space, fire

healthy eating

TQC, this is a problem of information overload as opposed to too little information. What are reliable sources on eating a healthy diet? Short of going to a nutritionist, is there anyway of individualizing it at all?