February 14th, 2013

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so i've had my issues with att, but now i'm just totally mad. they just switched me to the new, "better" fiber optic internet. i went from 1.5 mbps high speed to 3.0 mbps fiber optic. i have a i have a motorola NVG510 router or modem or whatever.
now that i've switched, my xbox hates it. i finally can connect to xbox live, but it HATES internet play, and also dislikes netflix. i have done everything i can think of and everything google is telling me to do. i finally opened the NAT settings after about 50 tries, but that didn't help. so i've switched to a static ip address, no help there, port forwarding, no help there. gameplay SUCKS, and i dont even understand what i've all done other than that i've done everything i can remotely understand.
have any help for me? and ideas, any thoughts, any similar experiences?

dk/dc? what is something that you pay for that sucks? or something that you thought would be super cool but ended up sucking?
Premarital Sax

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What are some "romantic gestures" that you find annoying, irritating, or creepy?

DK/DC/Shh, I'm hunting Cupids: how much sleep do you need a night to function? Do you get enough on a regular basis?

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Do any of you have subscriptions to Julep Maven, Birchbox, or something similar? Do you have recommendations or experiences to share?

Also, does anyone know of any other websites like Influenster?
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Is the thought what counts? If I tell you, "I wanted to give/do this for you but I couldn't afford it, but it made me think of you," does it make you feel good? Or does it make you resentful, wondering why I'd even mention it if I weren't going to deliver?
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Help me think of something to say to my husband in a candy-gram?

His work is doing candy-grams for the (adult) students, but the teachers can send them too. I want to send my husband one, but everything I'm thinking of sounds too goofy for me to tell to the office staff over the phone. I don't want to embarrass him.

What would you say to your SO in such a thing?
Would you be embarrassed if they sent you one of these at work(I know he'll love getting the candy-gram and he likes surprises, but I also know saying something too cutesy might mortify him)?

Okay, what I really want to say, but am practically too embarrassed to even type here is, "I love you forever, Sweet Boy. from your Secret Admirer". On a scale of 1-10 how badly would you die of embarrassment if your spouse/partner sent you a similar message and someone in your office had to write it down? (one woman is managing all the candy-grams). "I love you forever" is something we say to each other and "sweet boy" is probably one of my most intimate and oldest nicknames for him, but he's said it before it front of our friends and called me "sweet girl" in front of them (yeah, we're gross).

2nd *edit
Okay, I just stopped hemming and hawing and bit the bullet. His coworker thought I was adorable. I think I was more worried about her reaction than his.


Oh Mighty, All-knowing TQCers!

Can you help me?

When I was a kid in school, thermometers used to be pretty available. They were about four or five inches long and glued to paper which had the gauge printed on it. I can't seem to find anything like these online and I'm frustrated. Does anyone know where to get these or at least something like these; EI: cheap, small, bulk?


Another one.

WTF do you tell a fifteen year old who got you a Valentines Day gift? O_O I just got a warning from my sister.

I wanna say, "Thanks but give it to someone your age, who you actually have a chance with." I don't want to be rude but I want to shut it down.  

Let's Eat! Your Dream Dinner

I've asked this question before, (A long time ago,) but I thought I'd ask it again for Valentine's Day.

I'm taking you out to dinner on Valentine's Day! But you get to pick the restaurant, any restaurant you want! Where am I taking you?

The assumptions: I'm filthy rich so $$$ is not an object, and I have mad mob and political ties, so I can get a reservation out of anyone, even on this day!

Extra points for links and restaurant specifics!

Edit: Yeah, travel is included, in case you're restaurant is located in another state, country, planet, etc... After all, $$$ is no object! :D

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tqc - help me help my father please?

he has always been overweight, and has gained some more weight in recent years. he has already had two heart attacks and takes meds for cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. apparently at his last doctor's visit he got a talking-to about his weight and he seems to be serious now about wanting to do something about it...and has asked for my assistance.

my parents know that i know a lot about nutrition, and unlike them i am at the other end of weight spectrum, and combined with a good bit of firm denial that makes me the person to ask it seems...which, yes, i know quite a bit about nutrition, theoretically, but I have had an ED for ten years and have no personal experience with losing weight in a healthy way or what most people think of as 'dieting'. the way i maintain my weight is...not something i can use to advise others...

i have given him practical, general advice/info before but it has no effect, and thinking it might be easier for him to work with specifics...

Basically, my parents and especially father...don't eat unhealthy per se (fast food is very rare) but...lack of portion control and a lot of snacking, sweets, etc basically, from my observation. And not so much activity when he isn't at work but he does work on his feet all day so i think its more the eating that is main issue...

So I would like to ask those of you who have experience with losing some weight (he is doing this for health, so any improvements would be good, no need for drastic goals etc) and maintaining healthier eating/weight, or with helping someone else do so (especially someone older...he is 64). What worked for you? What kind of approach is easy to stick to?

Weight Watcher type point system? Simple calorie counting? Something else? I don't think he, or my mother (who does most of the cooking/food prep) would be interested in drastic food group elimination schemes (ie. Atkins etc) but father at least is quite not picky about what he eats. Is it better to eliminate snacking altogether, or to find lower calorie substitutes (fresh fruit, etc.)? Any advice/suggestions would be helpful.
General Chang

Vanity thy name is professor Farnsworth!

Just how Vain are you?
According to my friends I am very vain and have an obsession with mirrors, I don't see it personally

Do you find your opinion of your looks varys greatly with your mood?
Mine does, I'll go from 'damn i am gorgeous' to 'oh woe is me, the ravages of the great age of 24' on different days


What is your opinion of e-mail?

greatest thing since sliced bread and KY jelly
WTF? did you just TASK me via e-mail??!! DIAF biotch
better than Twitter
electronic nagging
stalker enabling
come to the dark side
cheaper and faster than snail mail
I have sooooo many accounts and passwords lolol
moar in coments
how did we ever exist with out it?
did I just get another virus? shoot