February 13th, 2013


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If you listen to a certain band/album/genre all the time for a period of time, when you come back to them are you instantly taken back to that time?

Certain bands and playlists will take me back to the most mundane moments when I listen to them, but it's like i'm actually there, the lighting's the same, the people who were there...it feels almost like a kind of magic. 
Potassium perversion

Uncomfortable sex

You HAVE to have a threesome. Which pair would you rather sleep with? They're ranked from 1 to 10, based on attractiveness level

A 9 and a 1
An 8 and a 2
A 7 and a 3
A 6 and a 4
Two 5s
I'd rather have a foursome with two 3s and a 4

Which cast would you rather sleep with? This means you have to bang everyone on that show

The cast from Jersey Shore
The original cast from the first Star Trek series; the one with Kirk, Spock, etc. You only have to sleep with the ones who are still alive

Which cartoon characters would you rather have sex with?

All 7 dwarves. One at a time
The Beast's cursed subjects (the teacup, the candlestick, the clock). You'll have to masturbate with them. They're sentient and will probably protest
Get fingered by Captain Hook. He's holding a beverage with his good hand (hint as to which hand he'll be using!)
The Genie, high on cocaine. He's more Robin Williams than ever and won't shut up
The Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts (threesome)
Cinderella's stepmother and 2 stepsisters (foursome)
Hercules & Mr. Incredible (threesome). Each one superstrong and has to focus on controlling their strength or else they destroy something
He-Man and Gaston
Malificent and Jafar (threesome). They've both had an annoying day and are in a cruelty mood

Who would you rather have sex with? Each of these characters has been waxed head to toe

The Cowardly Lion.
The Beast (Disney)
The female Thundercat
Robin Williams, and he's been in the cocaine and he can't sit still or shut up

Which villain would you sooner have sex with?

Darth Maul
The Borg Queen
Darth Vader
The Joker
Bride of Frankenstein
Predator (he'll leave his weapons on the floor, and won't remove his mask)
Dr. Evil and Mini Me (threesome)
Freddy Kruger

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Has anyone tried any of the three new flavors of Lay's potato chips?

They are: Sriracha, Cheesy Garlic Bread, and Chicken & Waffles

Are you waiting for anything to arrive in the mail?

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If you were to send your SO a care package (for whatever reason), what would you put in it that they would need/would make them most happy?

If someone where to send you one, what could they put in it that would make you most happy?
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My husband just totalled my Hyundai Accent. What car should I buy now? I want something similar - small and cheap.

How long does it take for my credit report to reflect that that car was paid off? I imagine it'll be difficult to buy another car quite soon since they won't yet know that I no longer have that loan?
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Guestroom Supplies?

I know this has been asked before, because I remember answering it, but I didn't think to bookmark the question so here I am again:

If you were a guest in someone's home, what kinds of little extra things would you be pleased to find in your room? (I say "extra" because obviously clean sheets and towels and such are a given.)

I'm already thinking about full-sized toiletries because she'll have flown in on a plane, a hairbrush, maybe some slippers, and possibly stationery/postcards/stamps/whatever in case she wants to write to people during the few days that she's here. What else am I missing?

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What is the probabilty you will have sex within the next 24-48 hours?

Done deal
fairly certain
could go either way
I can only hope
there is a better chance of a meteor hitting me on the head while i am winning the lottery
not gonna happen

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At work today we were talking about the etiquette of a lady ordering a pint on a date, particularly the first one. 

My colleagues were saying it's off-putting for some guys when a girl orders a pint as it doesn't look very feminine. I've always done it in the past, as it would be unnatural for me to go to a pub and order a glass of wine or something, but i've been a student. I'm aware pub culture in the UK is different to the US. I'm in the be yourself, equality camp, but it's something i'll be conscious of from now on. 

So, united peoples of TQC - lady getting a pint on a first date - yay or nay?

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whether it's from your s/o, friends, or family members, what things have you noticed you've "picked up" from them, or what behaviors/sayings have you adopted from them? what about them from you?

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How would you describe/explain the difference between the words "slender" and "skinny" to a non-native English speaker?

This was a question in my job interview (for English language teaching in Japan) today and my response was pretty much UMMMMMM NONSENSICAL BABBLE. The rest of the interview went alright though I think, so I'm not freaking out over it, it's just that even now I can't think of anything intelligent to say about it.

ETA: Okay, phew, maybe my answer wasn't as weird as I thought, I seem to have said the same things as most comments - I pretty much said that they had similar meanings, but that whilst "slender" would almost always be perceived as a compliment, "skinny" could sometimes have a negative connotation.