February 11th, 2013

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If all Insurance suddenly became totally voluntary, which of these types of insurance (all of which actually exist!) would you choose to get/feel is worth it?

Home/Renter's Insurance
Pet Insurance
Health Insurance
Life Insurance
Vehicle Insurance
Dental Insurance
Alien Abduction Insurance
Flood Insurance
Earthquake Insurance
War Risk Insurance
Travel Insurance
Legal expenses Insurance
Kidnap and ransom insurance
Computer Insurance
NO insurance for me - Living on the wild side!
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My husband has a potluck at work tomorrow, which means I need to make something for him to bring. :P Last time I made chicken enchiladas. What should I make this time?

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How good are you at writing? I have a paper (or more like a short essay, really) due for a course today and it seems like I'm just blathering on and don't have much of substance to say.

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So I have a domain which currently redirects to Tumblr, where you can find pictures of my breasts (note: there is a lie in this sentence. Try to find it). I'm kind of over Tumblr, though, and am wondering if there are free sites besides it and Blogger that I can redirect to? (Or whatever the term is. ETA: Maybe it's reroute? I want my domain to show up in the...bar thingy it was typed in.)

Don't know, don't care, don't wear underwear: have any stories of celebrity encounters?
Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

Winter is Coming...

I have Raynaud's Syndrome and because summer has been crappy this year in Australia, I all ready need to buy some winter gloves. Unfortunately since none of the stores here have good gloves in stock yet, I need to buy them online. Which means I can't feel the material and decide whether I like them or not.

So can you guys recommend me some really soft, nice comfy gloves and/or a place to find them? I don't care what they look like just as long as they're soft and not scratchy (I have constantly dry, itchy skin) and not too bulky (I'd need to be able to type, play X-Box, read etc. in them). They also don't have to be arctic strength warmth as the lowest average temperature that I would likely be exposed to (I might be moving to Orange) would be around 12.6 degrees celcius (54.68 degree fahrenheit), with the lowest recorded temperature being 1.3 degrees celcius (34.4 degrees fahrenheit).

TL;DR : Where can I get some nice, soft non-wool, non-leather gloves from? Where do you get your gloves from?
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I've had some disappointing news lately, nothing major, but enough to make me feel a bit down.

Can we share some happy things that've been happening in our lives lately? Stuff to make me/everyone else smile?

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I met a guy on a night out a few weeks ago. We met up again on another night out. We were meant to be going on a date, but when we were trying to organise it, he sent me the charming option of 'Do you want to stay at my mum's or get a hotel?'.
After that, I was a bit turned off - at least pretend you're interested in taking me out for a drink first. Since, he's been really chasing me and trying to make amends, but I feel like now there's been so much drama so early on it'll just be difficult and a bit awkward. Both of us also live with our parents and he lives a 45 minute drive away, works 9-5 while I work shifts. Not to mention, i'm leaving the country in 11 weeks. 
Even though i've expressed disinterest and highlighted that i'm leaving, he keeps wanting to meet up. 
Should I do it just to find out why he's so obsessed? I kind of feel like this level of interest is a bit odd given we've only met twice. 

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Have you ever been traumatized by the child-hood gibe:
I've seen London
I've seen France
I see someone's underpants

EDIT-O-MATIC: ATTENION Jack White: You were robbed for album of the year last night. Robbed I say.

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Have you ever had a good chunk of your money go down the drain? If so, what happened and how much money did you lose?

Two years ago, I went to Paris. I had to catch an early morning flight back to the States to make it back in time for an important event. That morning, my alarm never went off. Turns out there was an alarm bug on all iPhones. I ended up missing the flight, and Air France charged me $650 for a new flight back home.

inspired by valentine's day and anniversary 6 days post v-day...

consider this: any time you have extra money, you love to spend it on your s/o. it makes you happier than spending it on yourself, especially because you know they don't buy a lot of things for their own self to enjoy/don't really spend their money on anything besides what they have to. to put it in perspective you would literally spend an entire paycheck on things/doing things for your s/o because you genuinely like to, and you love to do things for them.

well, now you have no income, $15 to your name, yet your s/o has come into quite a bit of extra money what with bonuses, tax refunds, paycheck, the like. your "just because" gifts have normally been one sided. you're really hoping for a nice valentine's day and a nice gift as well to show a little bit of their love. but seeing as how you've never received your own just because gift/s, you're thinking that your s/o has the mindset of "well you can't buy me anything so why should i buy you anything?" for the upcoming holiday.

do you chalk this up as part of your own personality/you being very generous and outwardly loving and selfless, as part of their personality, or them straight up being selfish? do you say anything to them about it?

and no my fiance isn't a dick, he is very kind and loving, just not as outwardly as i can be. this is just something that's been bugging me for a while. so, thoughts/feelings?!
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has anyone bought a laptop sleeve from etsy? im thinking of purchasing one designed like this, and the owner says there's 1/8" of padding. is that enough? im kind of clumsy and dont want to risk dropping my macbook on concrete if im out and about :x