February 9th, 2013


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What cake should I make for my boyfriend for his birthday?

His request was lemon, but he told me to have fun with it.
Poll #1895514 What lemon cake should I make?
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When was the last time you had to slam on the brakes?

Either in your car, on your bicycle, with your feet, or any other form of locomotion. (Freight train? Starship? While brachiating?)

Inspired by my having to hit the brakes toot sweet last night when a baby skunk ran in front of my car. Don't worry, stopped in time. Baby skunk okay!

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TQC, I need your help.

So long story short, my mother has had a drug abuse problem for over a decade and it's basically made her just short of infirm in the last year. I'm currently living with my family and it's getting to the point where I think I'm going to have to stick around for a while because someone needs to help my dad and take care of her. Because she can't do many activities, we're slowly taking over everything she used to be in charge of. One of them that I'm taking on is the grocery shopping. But I need your help D:

I'm used to grocery shopping for myself, but shopping for an entire household is foreign to me. I've tried, but I feel like I always get back to the house and realize I should have added like a million things to the list, and I end up making like three or more trips a week. I try to get enough stuff to make meals every night, but than I'll be missing like one ingredient or something, or it will be something someone refuses to eat (my mom lives off yogurt, ice cream, and cookies, my dad won't eat like, anything that isn't meat and potatoes, and my sister won't eat bread or bread-like products, so I'm at a loss). Anyway, can you please tell me how I can reduce my shopping trips and how one goes about successfully buying food/feeding a household of 3 people? I'M DESPERATE HERE.
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Vertigo, Videos and Photos

Should I go see the Hitchcock movie Vertigo this weekend? It's at a nice theater where they serve food and the tickets are $13. I've never seen it and I can't decide if I want to go. What does TQC think. Should I go or should I save the money for better things?

Would you post a video that you made with your cell phone and explain why you made the recording.

Would you post a photo you took with your phone and tell why you took that picture?

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TQC, could you ever forgive a partner for cheating on you? Or have you ever done so?
If it depends, explain what it depends on. Would you be more inclined to forgive something physical over something emotional? Would you only forgive them if they confessed or is there the potential for forgiveness even if they had been lying about it/hiding it?
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Movie help!

Going to see a movie with my boyfriend tonight and we can't decide. I want to see all of these movies, but the likelihood is I probably won't manage to see them (in theatre anyway). Any recommendations? I like all sorts of movies, so there is none that's more "me" than the rest, I just want to see something that I'll come out going "yeah, that was really good." Help? :)

Poll #1895512 Which movie?

Which movie should I go see tonight?

Django Unchained
Silver Linings Playbook
Zero Dark Thirty

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jumping bear

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Boyfriends mother just called frantic because their St. Bernard is dead in the driveway :( we are on our way over now but..we have no clue what to do with the dog. She is 130 lbs, we just got hit by the blizzard, and it's 9 pm. What on earth do we do??? :(

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*DEEP SIGH OF RELIEF* OMFG. False alarm! We got there and the dog was okay. She had a fall and just didn't want to get up. We got her up, got her into the house, and fed her pain meds.

What was the last close call you had?
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Boring Questions

Is there anything you do specifically to save energy in your household?  What changes have you made that seem to make a noticeable difference in your energy bill?

Our new house is a terrible inefficient energy hog and I think we've made all the changes we can without spending much money, so now I'm contemplating the next step. 

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It is pitiful/pathetic to send flowers to yourself on Valentine's Day? Does it matter if you're sending them to your home or workplace? What about if you're single versus in a relationship?