February 8th, 2013

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I'm looking for book suggestions.

What are some good books for someone with bipolar as well as books for someone dealing with the bipolar person?

Same question for addiction.
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I'm thirsty all the time. Super all the time. What's most likely: A. The lithium I shovel into my throat every day, B. Burgeoning diabeetus, C. A Mysterious Malady ?

ETA Oh, man, I was gonna ask this days ago and forgot!
You cohabitators, you with room/flat/housemates, significant others, or just space-sharers: If you're in the living room together but doing separate things - TV, reading, computing, eating, activities - is it normal for one of you to go off to sleep without saying anything, just wander out of the room? Does this change depending on your closeness to each other? My husband just climbed up out of his Transformers message boards and wandered away, and I gather that he's gone to bed. It doesn't happen terribly often, but often enough that I'm not surprised anymore, and I always feel oddly hurt and dismissed.
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1. Do you daydream?
2. Do you ever (day)dream about someone other than your SO, famous or non-famous?
3. Or do you only dream of your SO?
4. Do you feel like it's cheating to have sensual or sexual (day)dreams about people other than your SO?

I tend to daydream about some famous actors sometimes, but I always feel very bad if i even think of going somewhere "erotic" As if i'm cheating on my SO. So i really make a lot of effort not even to have the slightest urge in that particular direction.
Really, last night i dreamed about a certain actor and when things started to get warm - *wink* *wink* - in my dream - alarmbells starting ringing everywhere going youremarriedyouremarriedyouremarried etc. Geez! Can't a girl dream? y/n?

Don't dream/Do not want to answer/Grow up crazy woman: 
What's the funniest and/or craziest thing you've seen today?

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I got myself in a sticky situation once again. A few years ago I went to school and realized I was way over my head and ended up dropping out but taking the financial aid and going to school for my CNA. I eventually got the certification and paid back the money but I'm in the same situation again.

I got more money since I'm going full time. I was on the fence that I was going to be able to do it but sure I was lying to myself and I want to leave again. I know I can give back the money but it would put me in dire straights, pretty much near if not homeless. I would use it to just go back to simple living no luxuries or anything just a roof, a bed and food and books and nature for entertainment and will plan to pay it back again.

I know I may be wrong for this, but how wrong? What would you do. On a morality scale 1-10 where do I fall?
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It was my birthday yesterday.  My lovely boyfriend has requested that I allow him to take me to dinner ("anywhere [you] want!!") on Saturday, since we were both working and otherwise engaged yesterday evening. 


Of course I have said yes, but is it unreasonable to ask that we go to my favorite restaurant, 126 miles away?  I rarely ask for anything like this from anyone, so when I do, I always struggle with it.

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Now that my taxes are done (thanks sarahonlife), I'm moving on to the next financial management project; mainly 401(k) rollover but also just general financial planning advice.

Do any of you do any sort of active investing?  Who do you use?  How did you learn your way around?

Have you ever "rolled over" a 401(k) account?  My husband and I have perhaps as many as 6 accounts running around that we've collected through different employers and it is hard to manage what we've actually got this way.  What's the best way?  Obviously we want to avoid any kind of tax penalty and we want to reserve the funds for retirement.

Any general financial planning advice?  I plan to use the financial advisor at our bank (JPMorgan Chase) to start and perhaps take some sort of class or seminar on it.
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Dear TQCers who know stuff about computers,
I am looking into buying a new laptop, but all the ones that I've seen so far that I like have Windows 8, and I really hate the look of it and I don't want to buy a laptop that operates on it, unless... is it possible to override the operating system?  Somehow install Windows 7 or Vista, or even anything that isn't Windows 8?  And preferably so it doesn't cost a small fortune?
Thanks in advance :)

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Based on the previous post...

If it was your birthday and you could go ANYWHERE you wanted, money and distance are not an issue, where would you go?

What kind of cake would you want?
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CBS has requested a "dress code" for this years Grammy's. What do you think TQC?

Good idea! no more meat dresses
Booo! I want to see skeetchy fashion at its best
Good luck with that CBS
Bring on boobs and butts! I want my flesh!
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Advice time!

Is anyone here a member of eMusic.com? What do you think of it? And...has it changed recently? Because I was just about to sign up and take advantage of the new member offer, but looking through the catalog suddenly all their prices appear to be same as anywhere else that sells music online, when tracks selling at $1.29 on iTunes used to be listed at 89 cents there w/ subscription. I can't figure out if this just their apparently new "a la carte" store or if those prices are for subscription members too.

Non-members: where do you buy your music? Or do you just use other methods? (like streaming, I mean. this is a public post.)