February 7th, 2013

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Tell me about these little tiny dorsal fins I'm seeing on newer cars lately. Are they an accessory that people are buying to put on their car roofs? Are they something the manufacturers do on purpose? What're your thoughts on them?

Sooooo, it seems they're what car antennas look like now and I've got some serious car ignorance. Like I have a chance of ever buying a new car. Whatever. Let's talk about dorsal fins in general, then? Let's just riff on that.

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I work in an old English country house hotel. It is shitballs scary, as a lot of weeknights im there almost totally alone, and there are more than a few ghost stories. I know my imagination is my own worst enemy. 
How do you stop yourself freaking out in situations like that?

People have been kicking off somewhat as I have had every Saturday night and Sunday morning off for a few weeks now. The other girl I share my job with therefore hasn't been able to go out on Saturday nights. However, i've done the late friday night and early saturday shift, so I don't see why it makes a difference. Would you politely point this out?
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Anyone else on their periods and wanna complain about it?

My back and thighs are soooo sore (in addition to cramps in my uterus region, oh joy) and I just had to talk myself down from ordering both Chinese and Greek food. I'm not even that hungry!! I just wanna eat everything. :(

How many servings of vegetables do you usually consume per day?
I eat 3-4 every day easily, but I have to make a conscious effort if I want to get more veg in

Will you show me something that's on your wishlist?
Giraffe; FUCK!

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I got hired on the spot for a second job today!!! I'm so excited, I could scream! It's at a restaurant nearby being a host. I'm already a host at my other one and will be a server fairly soon. Bump up to one for my second job in about a year.

What happened to you today that was great and exciting, TQC?!

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How many times would you keep calling someone before you got the hint that they don't want to talk to you?

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That's how many times my exboyfriend has called me in the last 2 days. Before this, I'd talked to him once since we broke up in November and that "conversation" didn't end well.

He's insane, y/y? We broke up because the month (yes, only a month) that we dated, he cheated on me several times. And he has anger and alcohol issues.

I'm changing my phone number tomorrow.

I have to say, despite the D: of it, I'm kind of o_O to have a crazy obsessive ex.

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