February 6th, 2013


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I am desperate to quit my job in a grocery store deli, so I've been applying to every job that comes my way through my grad school's listserv. One came through today that has 5 cents less pay per hour than my current job, but 4 additional hours a week. I'm pretty qualified and it would be good relevant work experience. The contact person/person who will be sorting resumes and picking those to be interviewed is a close friend of mine. One of our mutual friends say she feels weird applying because if she doesn't get an interview it could be weird, and if she does get an interview it could be weird. 

I'm planning on applying- it's not my fault I know the contact person- and I want the job. What would you do? 
Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

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I have a job interview for a foster care case management position tomorrow. I'm really excited because I've just finished uni and this is exactly what I want to be doing. However, I've also never been to a social work job interview before- all my previous jobs have been in casual retail, food service and auditing. I really want to be prepared and do the best I can do so I need your collective help.

a) What kind of questions would they ask in a case management or social work job interview? I've googled it and I have a basic idea (http://lizrose.biz/socialworkworld/questions.htm) but any further information would be awesome. Will they ask me trick questions? Are there any key answers I should give?

b) Interview goes for 2.5 hours. I think it's a group interview but if it's a one on one, why will it take two hours? If it's a group social work interview, any ideas of how it will work? Group activities? Round circle? (Any advice welcome).

c) Any other miscellaneous job advice? When they ask me about my interests (if they do), should I just admit I'm a nerd whose hobbies include history, reading, science and the X-Files?

Any advice, as I said before, is welcome. Help!

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'______, not drugs'. What answer fits you the best?

OTC drugs (technically not the bad kind of drugs, according to authority figures)
Sparkplugs (my car needs work)
Lugs. Big awkward people need recognition
Hairplugs (could use a little help on top)
Rugs aka toupees (ok, I could use a LOT of help on top)
Thugs (Thug Life)
Mugs (beer or coffee)
Jugs (boobies)
Uggs (footwear)
Plugs (have you heard of my band...?)
Pugs (dog)
Suggs. The Baltimore Ravens are awesome!

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I'm switching doctors due to insurance. I'm assuming they need my records from my old doctor. How do I go about doing this? Go there, get my records myself and bring them to my appointment , have them fax it over? I need paperwork filled out for a volunteer position I do each year, so they kind of need my records asap haha.


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TQC I have reached the end of my google-fu and need your help!

My great aunt bought me quite a number of coins from Publishers Clearing House throughout the years and now I would like to know their value (if any). Some are Canadian coins and some are American, they come from two places, The Morgan Mint and The First Commemorative Mint. Unfortunately there is limited resources in my area for coin experts, and eBay searches have turned up not quite what I need.

Any idea on value of them (obviously it'll vary from coin to coin but in general), and/or has anyone sold any successfully before?

tl/dr: What documentary should I watch next?