February 4th, 2013


Saucy Question

Have you ever had Mae Ploy Sweet Chili Sauce? Do you like it?

If you are a regular consumer of Mae Ploy Sweet Chili Sauce, what is your favorite way to have it? I like to lightly brown cubes of organic extra-firm tofu and dip them in it, but I am always looking for other ways to consume this sublime condiment. Any suggestions?

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What are some things you do that annoy your SO/roommate/people you live with?

These things annoy my husband:
I am able to but don't type correctly. (I am faster when I hunt and peck, lol)
I leave the fridge open while I cook in the kitchen. :P
I leave the lids open on things like the toothpaste, shampoo, dish soap etc.
I don't peel bananas "correctly". (From the bottom up... I guess this is the better way to do it..?)

How 'bout you, TQC?

Would you rather?

...Would you rather...?

Have a relationship where you share romantic comedy conversations and romantic comedy sex
Have a relationship where you share porn movie sex, but porn movie conversations

...Would you rather...?

Have an enema of a Mentos dropped into a Diet Coke bottle
Take a bath in what was in the liposuction biohazzard disposal bin. It's heated up for your bath

You have a male roommate in this scenario. One day you bring in a black light and it reveals all the 'stains'. Which would bother you more?

The stains are around your toothbrush
The stains are around your pet's bed

...Would you rather...?

Uncontrollably speak like Yoda during sex
Yodel upon orgasm

Would you rather....?

Clean out a soiled hamster cage using only your bare hands
Eat a Twinkie filled with sardines

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Doctors of TQC:

I sprained my ankle pretty bad back in September. It took about 1.5-2 months for it to return to feeling normal, with a few instances of soreness. Today, my ankle/foot are in EXCRUTIATING pain. I can't walk for more than 5 feet before wanting to die. It hurts in the same spots it hurt when I first injured it. I don't recall doing anything to it that would cause it to hurt again.

WTF IS GOING ON? Should I go to the doctor if this keeps up?

Please feel free to discuss your irritating injuries!

Paper Bunting

Is there a good crafting/diy community on LJ? I am not a big crafter or DIY person but I am making scrapbook paper bunting for my friend's bridal shower and had some questions.

Failing that there are any good and active communities, I'll ask here as well anyway. If I made scrapbook paper bunting (directions from this blog: http://www.littlethingsbringsmiles.com/2010/11/homemade-bunting.html) would I be able to staple the flags or should I really stick with double sided tape? Will the staples mess up the weight of the flags? I just find staples to be much quicker, cheaper, and longer lasting than double sided tape, and I am doing this on a budget and pre-making them a week in advance so I want them to still look nice for the party.
admin girl

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What crazy thing has your pet done recently?
My cat decided one night that it would be quite wonderful to bring a live mole into the house...he comes in through the laundry room and I couldn't get around him fast enough to shut the door into the rest of the house, thus he and the mole ended up in the dining room. It made for an interesting evening, to say the least

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Will you respond with what first comes to mind as the best ANTONYM/OPPOSITE for the following words?

1. Glory

2. Fool

3. Library

4. Conspiracy

5. Itch

6. Remembering

7. Bloated

8. Shiny

9. Technology

10. Coffin
TCEB (Taking Care of Evil Business)

Viva Las Vegas

I'm going to Las Vegas this weekend. This will be like my 30th time or something so it's not very significant. I'm going with a good friend of mine and a couple of friends I don't know that well. They're married and cutting loose because they're trying to conceive a second child, and the doctor told them to have fun and let go of the stress, so they're partying the whole week. They strike me as pretty mellow/conservative people, so I'm not sure what they consider partying is what I consider partying. Whatever. So I have a lot of things that I've earmarked for my own Vegas agenda. Not sure which ones I'll get a chance to fulfill. Which of my hopeful activities would you do if you were Vegas-bound?

Fancy bar hopping. Not really hopping, as the good bars are spread the hell out, but hitting them up. I know the good night spots
A Cirque du Soleil show
Mardi Gras at the Rio
A strip club. This is one I'd only do with Juan (the husband) if his wife and my friend go to a drag show
Shooting range. I'm feeling shotgun
Ghosthunting. I gave my friend a book on 'Haunted Vegas'. We're both ghosthunters. We can check out the sites listed
Dining at the revolving fancypants restaurant at the Stratosphere (I was there last year and loved it)
Fine dining at this amazing Italian restaurant in Venice (was there last year, too and also loved it)
Blackjack and roulette in downtown (cheap tables)
Calico, which is a California ghost town on the way to Vegas. Heather (my friend) wants to drop by
Massage. I've never had one before. Like, ever
Top deck at the Stratosphere (that's where I'm staying) to watch everybody scream and panic on the rides
Dance with attractive strangers at Harrah's
The Ice Bar at Mandalay. It's not really a fancy bar, more of a novelty. Have a beer in a frozen glass off an ice sculpted bar and try not to contract frostbite
Not drink the entire time. I've been abstaining from booze almost all of this year (with one mandatory night of drinking). Just trying to live healthier, I guess. I drank too much in 2012. Not sure if I can remain sober in Vegas
Celebrities: Adriana Lima (for Jeff)

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Are North Face jackets worth the price?

If not (or maybe even if so), do you have any other recommendations for a very warm but light winter jacket?

I don't do well in the cold but I'm tired of my bulky winter pea coat. The North Face is the first brand that comes to mind because everyone wears them, but I'm really not interested in paying for a brand name on the back of my shoulder if the quality is not there.

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How do you pronounce "bag"?

(Include where you're from but I don't know if it matters since my friend and I were both born and raised here and apparently say it differently.)

ETA: Is it closer to "beg" or "bad"? I guess this is related to the question of how to pronounce "bagel".

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You're going to ComicCon. How do you get there???

Milennium Falcon
USS Enterprise
TIE fighter
Mork from Ork's egg
Battlestar Galactica
Space Battleship Yamato
OTHER in comments

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If you were about to start an all day project (5 hours at least) and misplaced a $10 tool that was critical, would you spend 2 hours looking for it, or drive 5 minutes to the nearby store and buy a new one?

(for example, you plan to paint a room and misplace your paintbrush)

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I feel like this may have been asked recently but after going back a few pages I couldn't find it, so here goes!

TQC, how do you keep your lips soft and delicious in the winter? Bonus points if you use natural/DIY stuff vs. store bought chapsticks (though that's fine if they work for you!)

Inspired by my lips peeling like CRAZY all winter, and just trying this recipe out and it not being the miracle I hoped it would be.

Any Contemporan users?

I'm just starting this new internship this week, and my boss asked me to brainstorm some ideas for Contemporan (I'm the new social media guy for a small company) but I don't really know much about it. I've gone on the website and read a few things, but I'm wondering if anyone has some advice who has been using it/following it for a while?


Thanks a million!

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Has anyone spent time in both the UK and the US? How would you say that media differs between the two countries?
Does tv/the media play a different role in the two countries?
Is there any specific reason why british shows tend to run for so few episodes/seasons?