February 3rd, 2013


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my boss invited me and all the other new interns to dinner at his home. he didnt mention the dress code, but he did say to "Wear our best shoes", implying that it will be rather fancy (or fancy-ish).

ladies, what would you wear? pics are a bonus

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Has anybody ever written you a love letter? What did it say (or what was the gist of it if it's too private to tell us explicitly)? Was there a reason they wrote it or just 'cause?


Is there anything you never seem to get any better at, no matter how often you practice it?
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How strong is your stomach?

Apparently, mine is so strong that this stomach bug that has made it my way is making me super-nauseous, but I can't/won't throw up. Blaaaaaah. Also, we were sharing gallstone stories at work (my co-worker may have them) and I realized I'm the only one that didn't barf during her attacks.

Also, what is your favorite euphemism for throwing up?

DK/DC/Ew gross: What are you watching tonight?
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Super dry hair

Does anyone have any recs for products to use that really work for moisturizing super dry hair?

-My hair has always been really dry so I don't think it's because of winter or anything recent
-I wash it every other day and never blow dry
-I use garnier fructis triple nutrition for dry, damaged hair (both shampoo and conditioner) and the spray. It might be helping a tiny bit, idk.
-I’ve tried straight honey and olive oil and it did nothing (well except changed my hair color a little bit o.0)
-I tried Lush's Jasmin and Henna Fluff Ease once and I think it did help a little but it just smells like urine to me.
-I also tried their H'Suan Wen Hua which is supposed to be more moisturizing but it just dried me out more. of course. ugh.
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9-11 recordings?

Is there any place you can go to download full length recordings of emergency phone calls during the September 11th disaster? I've found transcripts, but I'm looking for an archive of mp3 recordings. Does such an archive exist, or do people just make transcripts and delete the recordings?
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Owners of long hair that they maintain: what shampoo/conditioner/hair routine do you use? Bonus points if it's available in the US- my hair is having a moment.

DC/DK: what animal are you obsessed with? Pugs. One of my friends loves hedgehogs, someone else is into pigs, two friends enjoy lolcats
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Tell me about your dream house in as much detail as you can think of please?  What does it look like?  How big? Where is it?  What items are in it?  What special features does it have?
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You have to take a trip of 1,000 km/600 mi. Money is not a concern. Which is your preferred mode of transport?

Craigslist ride share
hitch hike
other in comments

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Can you not file your federal taxes for free on Turbo Tax?  I don't remember having to pay last year.

Additional question: my sister is in the Navy and will be overseas for the next 6 months.  Does my mom file her taxes for her or will my sister be able to do it from where she is somehow?  Her w-2 came to our house.

Fish Tanks

Anyone keep fish as pets? If so, cold water, tropical or marine?

I have four tanks running at the moment. One gold fish tank with three fantails, a male Siamese fighting fish on his own, a large tank with five African cichlids (three electric yellows and two Melanochromis Mainganos) and another Melanochromis Maingano on his own because he was being bullied too much by another. The cichlids also share with many gold apple snails, which I have been selling to pet stores.

Feel free to post photos and names, if you name your fish.
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I feel like SHIT.  When I first started at my new job at the beginning of the year, I noticed that everyone was sick.  Everyone (including the head honchos) come to work sick and have for the last month.  One has a nice chest infection, double ear-infection and walks around the office hacking and coughing all day.

I have always had an extremely weak immune system.  I managed to get sick IMMEDIATELY.  This is now the third time being sick at this new job.  Honestly, I'm just tired of it.

What do I do!?!