February 2nd, 2013

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my favorite food is chicken, and i eat it often. lately, when eating chicken, it tastes awesome for the first few bits and then suddenly the next bite is not good. it's not that it's a raw or bad/outdated chicken taste, but it's a SUPEROMGCHICKENY/yucky taste. i find this weird that it's happened not only at different restaurants with different types of food, but also when i cooked it at home! i'm not pregnant, so what the heck is going on?
srs&non-srs welcome =]

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I just had the best week of my life:  both my fiance and I got accepted to law school, and I got offered a partial scholarship.  Unfortunately, a lot of my friends are going through some rough times.  Do I keep this stuff to myself? I don't want them to feel like I'm rubbing anything in their face, but I also don't feel like I should keep big things from them.

Any advice, TQC?
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only a little fed up with my job

I am in my thirties, my husband and I both work full time, and we have a school-aged son. How can I get enough money to pay college tuition AND provide the equivalent of my current income, so that I can leave work to pursue a degree or two in Librarianism? Tomorrow would be nice but that's Sunday so I know it's a little unrealistic.

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What are some products/items you have in your fridge/around your house that you grew up with?

What are some things you have in your fridge/around your house that you didn't have growing up?

(more of a 'because your parents didn't buy them' and less 'because they didn't exist then' but either will work)
So much for that theory

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How hot do you like your spicy food, TQC? Are you timid around Thai peppers? Or do you have a habanero habit?

This question comes courtesy of the fact that we are prepping our "buffalo" stuff for the Big Game tomorrow. We are just using store bought hot sauce not cut with butter. Which I suppose leads to a second question: If you make your own buffalo sauce, how do you make it?
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Hearing Voices

TQC, I keep hearing voices today. Earlier I was napping and I woke up to the sound of someone's voice outside. I thought maybe my Aunt had come to visit but I fell back asleep and nobody came to the door. and just now I heard the voice of someone singing mournfully outside. Again, nobody there. We live on an acreage so it's not like it's a noisy area, and the driveway is really long so nobody could just be walking by etc. The dog also just barked when I heard the singing so I don't think it's in my head.

Ghosts? y/n

Will you tell me about the last time something freaky/scary happened to you?

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Speaking of taking advice, here's a search for some I'll take... probably.

I have two bread problems. When I'm baking white bread it often come out incredibly bland. So so so bland. What can I add to make it taste a bit better?

And, it always comes out very dense and heavy, not light and fluffy at all. Any guesses as to where I'm failing? I'm thinking too little yeast or too poor flour quality.

Also... will you share some of your favorite bread/biscuit recipes? Bonus if it doesn't require a bread maker.

Silence will fall.

I accidentally let my 10-year-old son see an episode of Doctor Who that scared him (he was and is freaked out by the Ood - by mistake I showed him an episode involving the Silence).

I have told him that the Silence were made up for Doctor Who. I have told him how it all ends for the Silence, I have given him a pen and told him to make a mark if he sees the Silence, so he can always look at his clean, mark-less arms and see that he hasn't, and I have made the logical argument that, if the Silence were real, he would not be able to remember seeing them on TV.

What else can I do to help him through this fear? I feel horrible for forgetting the Silence were in that episode.
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At the movie theater. They say text this, turn off your phone. Your cell phone will have a dream. Has any one tried this? What did your cell phone dream?

I'm always curious to how it works...never try.

next 'Single's Awareness Day' is coming. Each day I'm reminded just how single I am. I just want to connect with someone of the opposite sex. By connect Just chat have good conversations or something.

Single anime/video game nerd girl seeking single boy.

There doesn't seem to be any sort of community's for this on LJ. Sadly I feel most comfortable with LJ.

I guess the next questions are....

I'm 28 female, any single guys?

if not what are good websites? I don't really want to have to join another website....but there doesn't seem to be any good communities on LJ for this? or does someone know something I don't?

though reading a lot of the post here...it seems like almost all of you guys have someone...
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Halp !!!!! Too many avocados !!!!!

Help! Even though I bought a batch of avocados in differing stages of unripeness, they're all getting ripe at the same time. Do any TQCers have good recipes for avocados???

P.S. I only got 2 recipes for them; preparation is the same for both except the main ingredient in one is sardines, and the other is salted cod or pollock: cube avocado, tomato, cucumber in equal portions; chop onions, raw hot peppers to taste; lightly toss all ingredients with a little olive oil and salt, serve on whole wheat buns/hoagie rolls (toasted preferably).

P.P.S. Just found out that as long as the avocados are ripe, but uncut, they'll keep a couple weeks (maybe) in the fridge. Thanks everyone for the great suggestions!
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I have been wanting a ukulele for a couple years and I got one for christmas. I love playing it and such, but I can't think of anymore songs to learn.
Will you suggest a song or two that I should try to learn on my uke?

Do you play any instruments? If so what?
What kind of music are you into?
What's your favorite band?
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I have tried to write this 3 times before I gave up and chose to be clear and consise (as best i can!)

My Mum and I have always been close as I am an only child in a single parent family. She has alzheimers and it can be quite bad at times which is very scary.

We used to watch Freddie Mercury on TV all the time and its thanks to my Mum that I became fascinated with the man. At the end of the Those Were The Days of Our Lives video, Every single time,q  w23 Mum would whisper alongside Freddie 'I still love you' and it would really annoy me and now I miss it so so so so so much. So my recent tattoo idea is for to have Mums handwriting down my arm, reading 'i still love you' In her own writing. #

What is a meaningful tattoo you have or plan to get sooner or later?

(Apologies if this makes no sense whatsoever!)