February 1st, 2013


the sidewinder sleeps tonight

What kind of sleeper are you ?

All three
Sleep? What is this sleep you speak of?

What firmness do you prefer in a mattress?

Very soft
Very Firm

Do you have any pillow recs for a side sleeper?
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How's your handwriting?

Doctor's handwriting, don't ask
I can't read my own notes wtf
It's legible..
Actually, it's ok
ngl, I get compliments all the time
I have a degree in calligraphy!
i don't handwrite

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Any tips on not getting car sick? I'm going on a skiing trip and it's a twelve hour bus ride to get there. I get terrible motion sickness in cars even and buses are the worst, it also means I can't read books or anything :(. I got some pills but they don't always work.

Also, what am I forgetting to pack? I've got the basics like snow pants and jacket etc but I feel like I'm forgetting some essentials.

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I have a clock that stopped working and when I put new batteries in it that didn't help.  I really love this clock cause it's bright orange with a silver frame.  Do you think it would be weird to take out the hands and put in a picture of me and my siblings in the center of the numbers?

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I have bad cat allergies and live with three cats. As a result, I am in a permanent state of crap with my asthma and nasal congestion. My allergist prescribed me natural d hist which appeared to work for a while, but not so much anymore. I use Vicks sinex spray, but you're really not supposed to take that for more than three days. I'm also prescribed nasonex, but that doesn't work at all so I don't even bother with it.


Is there a decongestant, preferably over the counter, that would work and I can take for as long as I want? with the sinex it wears off fairly quickly, within a couple of hours. I would like to be able to breathe out of my nose on a regular basis haha. I live with my parents, the cat situation is not my fault or fixable.


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Are there any names you find so ugly to your ear that you cringe when you hear them?

What would you wear to a carnival if you didn't want to wear jeans but it might be slightly on the brisk side?

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Who loves ya baby???

Roses are red
Violets are blue
IM me an address
I'll send a card to you!

Thats right....Hajiomatic does!

If you're a US person IM me your address and I'll send you a non-cheesey Valentines card!

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Ok I feel like doing something nice, have been drinking (only "tipsy" though) and have decent disposable income.

So the first 3 people to comment with a charity or cause (a kickstarter/crowdfunding thing?), I will donate some non-specified amount to that cause. Unless it conflicts with my ethics I guess.

SO, what's a cause or project you feel very connected to?

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Sooo all my friends are busy. Should I go to the gay club downtown by myself? I've heard downtown is super sketch around here so I'm nervous. I'm in GA, new to the area and shiit. Plus, I feel like it's gonna be all dudes and like 5 females who are prob already with someone and I'm gonna look like a loser by myself...What to do, TQC, what to do...
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My iphone keeps asking me to update apps that I deleted off my phone ages ago. Is there any way to remove these from my account completely/permanently?

Edit: I figured it out - they were "Newsstand" items so they weren't showing up in Apps.

Did anything exciting happen to you today, TQC? My 3-year-old locked himself in my mom's bathroom and couldn't get the lock open, so we had to call the fire department to get him out. Woo.