January 31st, 2013

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You are given a medication that completly treats/alleviates your most serious health issue. However it has some unfortunate side effects...which of these would you be willing to tolerate?

Weigh gain (50+ lbs)
Constant excessive sweating
Intermittent urinary incontinence
Extremely vivid dreams
Noticeable decline in short-term memory
Itchy Rashes
Sensitivity to light and sound
Need to sleep at least 12 hours every day
Severe flatulence
Motion sickness
Stuttering and/or slurring of speech
Constant nasal congestion
shoes and bunnies

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I am unskilled and in moderate need of a job, and my aunt says she knows of a job I could do that pays twice minimum wage. Awesome! Except the job is taking care of her neighbor, an old lady (probably like ~85 or 90 years old) and elderly people kind of freak me out. I hope that's sort of normal and not horribly offensive. She doesn't need anyone to like, bathe her or spoon feed her or anything, just check on her every day, get her mail, do some grocery shopping and cooking, etc.

I feel like this could be the plot of a movie, where young woman with distaste for old people reluctantly becomes caretaker of 90 year old woman, and eventually we bond while she tells me stories of what life was like during the depression and she relives her youth vicariously through my young, vibrant and exciting (lol) lifestyle. The movie probably ends with me going to check on her one day and she is dead, but we have enriched each other's lives so it's okay! Also she's left me one million dollars!

In real life it will probably be a lot more boring and smelly, and the old lady will probably be racist, and if I ever do find her dead I'll just be traumatized. So, TQC, would you take this job if you were me?

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TQC, I'm not usually the type to do "what should I eat" posts, but this one is a bit different, I swear!

The last three nights we've eaten super healthy vegan meals (we're omnivores, but it just works out that way much of the time). They've included a balsamic cabbage stew, a carrot-almond soup, and another stew on brown rice that included no fewer than 14 (!) different vegetables.

They were also super tasty and nutritious, but tonight we're in the mood for something bad for you and decadent.

But we still have some kale to use up, and it is one of our favorites! So let me know of any guilty pleasure recipes you can think of that also include kale! I've thought of a sort of spinach dip but trading out the greens, but I'm sure there is much more out there! Throw them at me!

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I'm travelling across the UK (Gloucestershire to Kent) next weekend for my friends housewarming next weekend. 
A train will take about 3 hours, with 3 changes and cost £30. (I'm not overly keen on trains but don't mind them)
Or I can drive, which will take about 2 and a half hours and will cost me about £40. 
A big consideration is that I may be tired/hungover on the Sunday I come back, but that I can stay as long or as short as I need. 

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I am thinking of getting a bicycle.

Do you own a bicycle?

Tell me all about it - what kind of bike is it, where do you go, how often do you ride, has it improved your health, etc.? Any general tips?

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The internet keeps telling me there's nothing I can do for my migraine but wait it out, but it's been nine hours and I'm miserable. Someone please tell me the internet is wrong. If you get migraines, how do you prevent yourself from curling into a sad burrito and giving up on life?

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Tomorrow I am beginning a health kick and hope to lose a fair amount of weight.

If you have done the same, will you show me some lovely before/after pictures of yourself? Will you tell me how you did it and how you feel now? :)