January 30th, 2013


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What do you think of sites like these?


Would you ever use it, or be one of the writers on it?

"Top Thesis. caters specifically to students studying for their Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degrees and who find that they do not have enough time available to write assigned papers and still keep up with their regular studies, their job and other activities. Top Thesis is here to help you produce a written paper, constructed to the highest academic standards, which will assure that you get the grades you need to succeed."
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grammar? how do I do it?

hi TQC!
I've designed my own wedding invitation suite and am taking them to print as soon as I can. however, I'm having a little grammar trouble and want to quadruple check before I print. so, stupid question... it IS "Laura's and Maxwell's wedding," not "Laura and Maxwell's wedding," right? the more I think about it the more my IQ is dropping.

what's the last absolutely incredible meal you had?
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I came into a bit of extra money today, so I decided to pay for the guy behind me in the Starbucks drive-through. After I pulled out, I got stuck at a red light and the guy drove up next to me and yelled at me! Why would that make someone mad, TQC? Should I never do that again?

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Would you rather...?

Give up eating meat and never be able to eat any kind of meat/animal flesh ever again
Give up your pets and never be able to own any pet of any sort ever again

Would you rather...?

Have to eat all of your food extremely bland, no spices, salting, seasoning of any sort for the rest of your life
Have to eat all of your food super sweet, super seasoned and super spicy for the rest of your life

Would you rather...?

Get non-fatally stabbed, and have to deal with any and all medical consequences
Stab someone non-fatally, and have to deal with any and all legal and social consequences


Im on the second to last episode of Battlestar Galactica on Netflix and have nothing lined up after it.

As much as I say I dont enjoy "Space/Sci-fi" I have REALLY
enjoyed this show and also enjoy shows like Lost, Firefly, Arrested
Development, Modern Family, Sons of Anarchy and that type...basically if
its well done and convincing I will enjoy it.

Suggestions for what I should watch next?

Does not have to be on Netflix streaming, but if it is its a plus.


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My cousin's having an Alice in Wonderland theme party this weekend. 
I'll be driving up to it and arriving mid-party, so can't do make-up/facepaint there, so will need to travel (2 hrs) with it on. 
I've decided on either the Cheshire cat - I have a striped pink jumper and t-shirt, purple striped tights/pink capris with a bit of make up, 
or the caterpillar - sparkly blue harem pants, a blue blazer and minimal makeup. 
I also have a pink waistcoat with white rabbits on so that's a cheats option. 

Which one should I go for?
Any tips/pointers for useful pages?

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TQC my 29th birthday is on Friday - can you help me make a list of (realistic) things to do before I turn 30?

#1 is traveling overseas since I've never left Australia.

What do you have on your bucket list?


1) Can anyone tell me what the hell she's packing to off all of these Minecraft creepers?

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2) Because of the natural gas and oil boom in North Dakota, unemployment is well less than 4% in that state. You could earn 100k if you can drive a truck and well over that if you know a trade skill. Walmarts are advertising $15/hr + because they literally can't find the help. If you were unemployed for a while, could you make the cultural and physical move?

3) is 2013 the end of LJ?

Help with chips question.

I want to enter a contest where the prize is a box of crisp, or potato chips for the americans. However, i am unable to come up with a good answer to the question.
Here is what they want. It´s google translated so sorry about that.

Write down your best "chips-tips" - such as how to best enjoy, what you are doing to max chip experience, a recipe for a chip dish or something else related to chips.

Can anyone help me?
I have until friday 8 pm  swedish time to get my answer in.
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Super Bowl Sunday

Any one else, other than myself, not watching?

I'm currently in Maryland visiting family, so it's going to be kind of hard to pretend the Super Bowl doesn't exist considering one of the teams that's playing. What are you going to do instead of watching the game?

Non serious: What should I do with my free time while everyone else is watching the game?

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what do you and your SO do together that lets you get out of the house and doesnt cost little/nothing?

my bf and i moved to a new city last year and hes working in a small office of 3, and as an extrovert, he's having a really hard time dealing with not being around a lot of people. it's his first job out of uni and he's not used to not having similar-aged people around him. he drives around a lot for work so when he gets home he's exhausted to step out of the house. he's feeling a bit depressed. :(
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Set Theory!

I tutor math grades 4-8 or so, and I got a question that involved the prime f of a set. I wound up having to pass it on because frantic googling only came up with abstract bits and something about inversions. Can anyone point me towards an easier-to-understand explanation of how it works? :|a

Don't know/don't care: SO MY 21ST BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP. :D What did you do/plan to do for yours?